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  1. Wah..wah..whine..sour grapes..bitch..bullshit..repeat endlessly.....as another stealth T'Rump licker melts down.....
  2. And here's a despicable stealth T'Rump licker now......trying to push some debunked anti-Hillary propaganda memes.
  3. Hillary belongs in The White House.... T'Rump belongs in The Big House.... And you belong in The Nut House with the other wackos....
  4. At this point in time, with the Trumpskyites vigorously defending T'Rump's sexual assults and predation and multiple crimes against women, the correct term for them has moved beyond the mildness of "deplorable" to the reality of utterly DESPICABLE......wouldn't you agree? Looking at these T'Rump lickers and wanna-be 'brown shirts', is there anything that you could possibly disagree with in this list... despicable - adjective deserving hatred and contempt. "a despicable crime" synonyms: contemptible, loathsome, hateful, detestable, reprehensible, abhorrent, abominable, awful, heinous
  5. The "Moment of Truth" should indeed be classic.....and pretty fucking hilarious.
  6. That is correct. No, you didn't, shithead. You posted that claim long after the time limit for editing posts, so my original post is still there with the words correctly spelled. Why do you lie like that? What did I just say, numbnuts? "Bill had fun with willing ladies and propositioned a few who said no, but he had no "victims""..... You are again doing that vile rightwingnut thing of trying to equate someone asking for sex and being rebuffed with T'Rump forcibly fondling women's breasts, grabbing their pussies and forcing his tongue down their throat. As I said before.
  7. See the pivot!......the troll can't defend Trump's assults so it tries to shift the debate onto rightwingnut talking points and propaganda memes.
  8. Well, I know that it is just a propaganda strategy on the troll's part to try to equate T'Rump and Bill......but the fact remains that a lot of these rightwingnuts ARE LITERALLY too stupid and morally corrupt to see the difference between Bill Clinton having some affairs involving consensual sex and willing partners.....and Trump's decades long history of non-consensual sexual assult on unwilling women. Trump's actions had real victims, many of whom are now coming forward with their stories after years or decades of fear and shame......Bill had fun with willing ladies and propositioned a
  9. And ol' Zero is still confused as to who exactly is running for President.....hint - it ain't Bill.... Also obviously still confused about who just confessed to sexual assult and to being a sexual,predator....
  10. This 'Third Presidential Debate' will almost certainly be very much like the last act of a bullfight.....when the bull has become tired, confused and befuddled by the quick moves of the skilled Matador, and injured and stung by the barbs under his skin..... .....until he is lost in a red haze of hatred and anger,,,,but he can still be pricked and prodded into lashing out in bouts of bellowing mindless fury and futile charges at the skillfully swirling red cape.... .....until finally the Matador, standing in front of the raging bull between the horns, once again distracts the bull with th
  11. "grab them by the pussy" doesn't do it for you, eh? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL....we'll see what the women of this country think about that one.....
  12. And there another despicable rightwingnut who is too morally corrupt to grasp the difference between consensual sex and sexual assult. Typical.
  13. T'Rump, having unwittingly confessed, in what was probably the most most public and well known confession in history, to being a vile serial sexual predator and to criminally assaulting women...for decades as it turns out...truly belongs in The Big House............. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ......NOT THE WHITE HOUSE!!!! Who knows??? It just might end up that this odious despicable criminal sexual predator (with strong fascist, dictatorial tendencies) actually finds himself winding up in The Big House instead of The White House for crimes to which he has basicall
  14. I thought this was good.....more evidence of T'Rump's real character as more and more women who he has assulted or molested in some way or other over the decades come forward now that it is safe to do so and he can no longer retaliate, and there is safety in numbers. It just might wind up that this odious despicable criminal sexual predator winds up in the Big House instead of the White House.
  15. Are you color blind, naive-nutjob? T'Rump is clearly NOT "white".......he is bright orange..... And whatever color he might be under the fake tan or whatever the hell that is, it has nothing whatsoever to do with all the myriad reasons so many Americans have for hating T'Rump at this point.....so your comment just sounds insane on so many levels. Better crawl back into the bunker, you poor despicable dupe.
  16. And another one comes forward..... Former Apprentice Contestant Says Trump Assaulted Her In A Hotel Room 10/14/2016
  17. Nope! This slip will haunt you forever, nauseating-retard. You are a despicable woman hating piece of moldy cat shit!
  18. That is so utterly lame! There is talking about having great sex, sexual encounters with willing partners, and the pleasing attributes of pretty women (or handsome men) -- these things ordinary people of either gender sometimes might talk about -- .....on the other hand......there is talking about sexual assult, talking about how you force yourself on unwilling women while trusting that your money, power, and fame will protect you, talking about how you'd like to date your daughter, etc., etc........the difference between these two kinds of supposed "locker room talk" is so completely obvio
  19. It's been kind of amusing to watch ol' BarelyFunctioning descend, over the last few weeks, from your ordinary rightwingnut sort of crackpot-crazy into full-on TOTAL BATSHIT-CRAZY DELUSIONAL INSANITY..........this post of his is another strong piece of evidence.....
  20. There....see....you managed it again! Just pointing out what you are doing.....all the time.....your posts are vacuous robotic drivel.....are you really a rightwingnut-bot down at RNC headquarters, programmed to spam the latest 'Party Line' and expensive, hand-crafted propaganda memes?
  21. The only thing on "automatic" here is you, nauseating-retard.....you degraded disgusting despicable T'Rump licking misogynistic women hater who advocates killing rape victims!
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