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  1. A perfect troll response.....empty and insane.
  2. BeALoser is a troll! An anti-science, anti-rationality, anti-logic TROLL!!! I have pity on those who still imagine that they can engage him in any semblance of rational debate. He is the undisputed King of Crackpot Conspiracy Theories.....and he will come up with one for any occassion. He is the perfect Trump supporter.....gullible, ignorant, misinformed (brainwashed), bigoted, and severely delusional.
  3. Your deranged belief in that crackpot conspiracy theory says that you are a very gullible, very retarded wacko, InsaneSam!. But then, everybody on this forum has always known that fact about you.
  4. Case in point. BlunderFuck's mind, what little there is of it, will surely snap when Hillary wins by a landslide tonight.
  5. They have been living almost entirely within the alt.right/Breitbart/FauxNews media bubble where the reality-challenged people live, and where everybody thinks that Trump is the Great White Hope come to save them....who will make America "great" like it used to be (in their fantasies)....a place where you can proudly display your racism, sexism, bigotry and hatred of everybody different from you...and openly carry AK47s and concealed handguns with you at all times - just in case. Now reality is bitch-slapping them really hard and some of them are cracking up and retreating into their priva
  6. Here's a good representation of what we'll be seeing on Election Night as the flatulent flaming fascist gasbag reaches the inevitable conclusion to his campaign of hate and fear and racism and misogyny....
  7. Actually Trump's current position as we approach Election Day very much resembles this.... *** On the evening of Nov. 8th, the flatulent flaming fascist gasbag will be doing this..... *** By Nov. 10th, scavengers will be picking over the bones of his campaign.....
  8. As Spock would say: "Fascinating"....also very sad and still rather hilarious..... Inside Donald Trumps Last Stand: An Anxious Nominee Seeks Assurance The New York Times By MAGGIE HABERMAN, ASHLEY PARKER, JEREMY W. PETERS and MICHAEL BARBARO NOV. 6, 2016
  9. Nice collection of rightwingnut lies.......too bad you're so fucking stupid that you believe them.
  10. In the real world.... The pathetic righwingnut retards are always grasping at straws but this bit of reality denial takes the cake. Did Obama label the attack on our consulate in Benghazi an "act of terror" as Romoney and the rightwing echo chamber of retards wants to deny? Yes, he did, on two occasions, on Sept 11th and Sept 13th, as the transcripts prove. Was the government also still investigating the attack and trying to determine if this attack was in some way connected to the widespread rioting and demonstrations over the offensive anti-Muslim video that had been occurring all over the
  11. Hey, OldCrackhead, just because President Obama attended your Special Olympics, just to give the kids some encouragement, does not mean that he necessarily noticed you puffing away in last place in the '10 meter walk' event, you know. Stop being so egotistical.
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