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  1. LMAO..........."Bridgegate" is dead. Apparently, inspite of the leftist media, leftist Fed, and leftist NJ folks.....they don't have a damn thing and apparently Christie was honest and did nothing wrong. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. How are things working out in Syria? Got red line? How are things working out in Libya? Dead Ambassador and three others, country in chaos. How are things working out in Egypt? Maybe we should send them some more billions and weapons, that'll help right? Country in chaos. How are things working out in the Crimea/Ukraine? Door stop. How's that economy doing? How's that Obozocare working out? Suppose to cover the 30 million uninsured - isn't doing squadoosh other than raising prices. How's the jobs sector? It's not even breaking even with those entering the job market on a monthly basis. How's that hope and change? Laughin'
  3. Obozo will do nothing except stomp his feet. Putin's had his number since Poland, and will do what he wants with little to no consequences. Who know's, maybe Obozo should have red lined him.
  4. Putins just take advantage of the US having a door stop for a president, and the EU's dependence on Russian resources, primarily gas, oil, and cash.
  5. Yet, in the real world, it's liberal cities sinking to the bottom of the abyss......dragged down by the weight of unaffordable pension schemes.
  6. 1. Be smarter in your hiring choices 2. Quite breaking the law 3. Fire her and give a legal citizen the job 4. Quit being a sniveling apologist
  7. Gee willikers skippy, you come up with that all by your little lonesome?
  8. 3 huge cities flirting with bankruptcy Staggering under pension obligations and debt, any of these could follow Detroit into court. New York City When adjusted for population, New York owes $20 billion more for retiree health care than Detroit, or a total of $88.2 billion. On top of those obligations, the Big Apple owed pensioners $69.9 billion more than it set aside as of last year's annual report. Again, adjusted for population, that's $28 billion more than Detroit owes. Chicago The Windy City may be closer to bankruptcy than New York. Fitch Ratings recently downgraded the city three notches because of pension liabilities for its 30,000 retired workers and a struggling economy. Makes perfect sense when you consider that Chicago's four pension systems -- for police, firefighters, laborers and municipal workers -- were short by $19.5 billion at the end of 2012. That does not include the ailing pension fund for Chicago teachers, which had its own $8 billion shortfall at the end of the last fiscal year. Los Angeles When former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan gazed into his crystal ball in 2010, he told the Wall Street Journal, "Los Angeles is facing a terminal fiscal crisis: Between now and 2014 the city will likely declare bankruptcy." The tremendous growth in payouts for retirement benefits over the years certainly lends merit to his prophecy. According to Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, pension costs in L.A. increased from 8.5 percent of total city expenditures in 1999 to 15.4 percent for fiscal 2012. Stanford's study also estimated that each of the city's three independent pension funds is unfunded by billions of dollars: the city of Los Angeles Fire and Police Pension System is $9.25 billion unfunded; the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System is $11.32 billion unfunded; and the city of Los Angeles Water and Power Employees Retirement System is $6.59 billion unfunded. http://money.msn.com/investing/post--3-huge-cities-flirting-with-bankruptcy
  9. Weak presidents invite bad things from enemies and bad guys. Just look around the world, we're incredibly weak thanks to the numbnuts in DC. Maybe Obie can through a pink line out there and double-dog-dare him to cross it.
  10. He did. When was the last time you or your kids had a nuke bomb drill and climbed under a desk? Weak presidents embolden enemies and bad guys. We haven't been this weak since Carter.
  11. If anything is to be accomplished there, it will have to be in partnership with the EU.....with some countries such as Germany being not to interested. The US going at it alone will do nothing. Putin's had Obozo's number since he sold out Poland at the start of his residency.
  12. It would be nice, but the citizens have lost control of the government. The government no longer works for the benefit of the citizens, the citizens work for the benefit of the government. It's all ass backwards.
  13. I hit the quote button to respond to someone, and it won't quote. What am I missing? Thanks...................
  14. When the cost of doing business goes up, so does the cost to the end users. Just another ACA benny.
  15. Wildfire....... Not oil, ironically...............concrete is his primary business.
  16. Didn't he do it at the national level? And the lefty rags are celebrating 13 states almost 6 years into this fiasco. Speaks volumes.
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