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    Sign Language, reading, New York Times crossword puzzle, round pencils with good erasers...I'm interested in the 'why' of things, and the 'how' of things.
    I like resolution rather than conflict, but I don't mind conflict if there is a purpose.

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  1. Sup, sweetheart :D

  2. where have you been?... I miss you!

  3. I support this endeavor! Thank you for taking a stand for something that should be a non-negotiable fact: we are all created equal.
  4. Vows/oaths are a public declaration of intent. We like our leaders/partners to acknowledge that they are aware of their responsibility. It's no more or less than that.
  5. I, for one, could NOT care less about homosexuality. Christian, Jew, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist--I'm going to be who I am, no matter what religion has to say about it. It's ridiculous to me that this is still a topic in 2013.
  6. I am only accountable for my actions. Hold me accountable for what I do/don't do.
  7. In the LO, you will be able to discuss this topic without the pure shit that you'll have in the thread in the NHB. Several of us want to have a room that is seriously moderated so we CAN have civil discourse. It isn't going to happen.
  8. Can't figure out why the 'Hawks have decided to play football... I'm a life-long Green Bay Packers fan, but I did find myself cheering for the Seahawks this afternoon.
  9. I've had him on ignore for ages...it smells better in here
  10. Happy Holidays Gaily. Hope you're well.

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