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  1. You know soul more and more lately I've been doing a lot of thinking and more and more I'm starting to think that maybe I owe you an apology for harping on things you do that are different from everybody else the more I think about it I realize you're right and that we all have our thing you know what you said above there's many ways to go about something mine in this thread and yours and your way you know we all have our thing that is probably different than anybody else well some of us have something different and unique and I guess that makes us unique I have my thing that everybody else wouldn't agree with and you have your thing and that's what makes us all Unique Individuals I guess oh oh also I am in 100% agree movement with you about AOC Cortez she definitely is a lunatic and more than that I just hope to God nobody ever takes what you seriously and passes any of her in insane ideas as laws but what you said of her cradle-to-grave mentality she is from that school and at the top of the class...SHE is an HONOR student, in the "fart hard- left- , Government-Control of EVERYTHING" Socialism- version of the Democrap Party.... THE THING, along with other embarrassing Anti- Americanisms, that causes me to have NO PRIDE, and NO RESPECT AT ALL, for the DEMOCRAP PARTY....which USED to BE a GREAT AMERICAN ICON, and is NOW an EMBARRASSMENT, a Disgusting, Communism- Lite, SAD commentary on the LAZINESS and the shameful LOSS, of AMERICAN PRIDE, AMERICAN DRIVE, AMERICAN FORTITUDE, and the ability to "Pull yourself up by your Bootstraps" , in favor of "PLEASE, Mommy and Daddy Government!!...PLEASE take CARE of me, PLEASE wipe my coolie- hole, when there's poopy in it, even long after I'm a baby, and KEEP Feeding me, and holding my HAND, MOMMY AND DADDY GOVERNMENT, until I'm ready to DIE, and THEN, please pay for my burial or better yet my cremation because it's cheaper and it will be more land conscious- and give the piece of land that I would have use for my burial plot to government to use as they see fit! !anyway do your thing brother
  2. No, king, they are both White/Causasian....But Kaysey has that coffee-con-leche light brown skin that makes me think she has spanish / Puerto Rican blood... But as MUCH asI LOVE every INCH of her skin, it's color, and ESPECIALLY the inches of it that are STRETCHED over her Gluteus Maximus muscles(I'm an ASS-Man for SURE, and SHE has a GREAT ONE) I LOVE EVEN MORE, Kaysey's INCREDIBLE TALENT.... kING, those 2 girls made my dream/fantasy come true - I finally had the threesome I always wanted! Anyway, Kaysey, as BEAUTIFUL as her Ass IS, has an even BETTER QUALITY... King, she has that INCREDIBLE TALENT, I was telling you about - the one with her head Revolving, and her Tongue revolving AROUND a certain Incredibly sensitive area on me !!... ALL , WHILE she is using her AMAZING, beautiful talent, that could probably draw a "Golf Ball thru a Garden Hose" !!.... ALL THREE THINGS GOING ON AT THE SAME TIME!....TRULY AMAZING!... The FIRST time I was with her, after she "treated me like a King"I asked her if she would consider MARRYING ME, Haahahahahaha!! I know some around here, the sensitive Gay Liberal men, and many females, would consider me a "pig", or a "dog", and truthfully, I don't mind, those descriptions... Becaue what THEY call "pig" or "dog", I CALL BEING VERY HONEST. We aren't next-door neighbors, here....I don't KNOW these people, THEY DON'T KNOW ME, we will VERY LIKELY NEVER MEET.... SO WHY CAN'T I BE TOTALLY HONEST, about what I like, what I like to DO, and what girls I associate with, LIKE.... BTW, most females, I've found, unless they are EXTREMELY Self-conscious or ashamed of something, REALLY ENJOY me going down on them.... Which HAPPENS to be MY GREAT Talent!! Not to BRAG, but I'vce had MORE THAN ONE girl, tell me it was the MOST INCREDIBLE, HOT Sexual Experience of their life..... Lying to me?...Faking??.... I don't TRHINK SO....I've been around the block ENOUGH, TO KNOW, the TIGHTENENING OF STOMACH MUSCLES, THE SWELLING OF CERTAIN PARTS, THE SHAKING, AND THE AMOUNT OF LUBRICATION,not to MENTION the incredible moans and pleas, to KNOW when it's REAL, thank you very much.... In SHORT, I am a Generous Lover, I don't just TAKE pleasure...I GIVE IT, IN BUSHELFULS, Haahahahahahahaaaa!! And THAT, FOLKS, is my "FRIDAY BLOG", my gift of a LITTLE PEEK, into the Private Boudoir, of the Amazing Swiftsword !! (Just like the "Amazing Spiderman"!..... Just call me "The Amazing TongueMan"......Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaha!
  3. No, it's not Tinder, or anything like that..... Jeez, I have ENOUGH juggling, just with the ones in my town! Tinder, I'd probably be dead!...Haha...! You've been patient, king, so let me see what pictures I can pull up out of my archives.... Oh, wait, yeah, did I tell you about Kaysey and Amber?
  4. No, king, I also put this on a media page, for ALL my female freinds, and THAT'S who it's for, HERE, also..... ALL females, and ANYONE who likes poetry! Y'know, a little CULTURE in your life, never hurt anybody, Haahahaha!
  5. One day, I was telling a charming young lady on here, how I am a LOT MORE, than just a high- libido, carnally-talented, partriotic man, with the Right ideas to straighten out this Nation! I said, "I am also a Romantic, the kind you rarely see any more, and along with Music, I love Art, Science/ Physics, Astronomy, Archeology, and other diciplines. Even Poetry!! Ok, here's one for the romantics - One of THE most charming, picturesque poems I know.... When you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep; How many loved your moments of glad grace, And loved your beauty with love false or true, But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you, And loved the sorrows of your changing face; And bending down beside the glowing bars, Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled And paced upon the mountains overhead And hid his face amid a crowd of stars... When You are Old WB Yeats....the Greatest Poet
  6. Nah, I don't think I WANT any better luck, for next summer vacation, Phreaky Jealous Phoenix!.... If I had any BETTER LUCK next year, it might FALL OFF !..... It's ALREADY almost WORN DOWN, to 9 inches!!! Haha!
  7. Nah, I don't think I WANT any better luck for next summer vacation, Phreaky Jealous Phoenix! If I had any BETTER LUCK next year, it might FALL OFF !..... It's ALREADY almost worn DOWN, to. 9 inches!!! Haha!
  8. P.S. - Six - I think I had her over my house, one weekend! I'd remember that crack ANYWHERE!
  9. King, you are just like me..... Six Shooter, you are just like me !! Haaahahahahaa!
  10. To All Those, who enter into a Political or Social Chat site, and, instead of trying to converse, communicate, or relate an intelligent or important issue or point, they can ONLY, with their limited intelligence, ATTACK ANOTHER on the site, who is FAR MORE Intellectually Advanced than they - hence, the jealousy and anger.........to them, I say : https://ibb.co/G0kpM8g <a href="https://ibb.co/G0kpM8g"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/37WdFjt/20190817-091649-Film4.jpg" alt="20190817-091649-Film4" border="0"></a> <a href="https://ibb.co/0ZsRffV"><img src="https://i.ibb.co/5vKg55x/20190817-092214-Film3.jpg" alt="20190817-092214-Film3" border="0"></a> I MUST CORRECT, Tricky Dick......... Those in question CAN "Lick my D**k....! Haha!!
  12. Ok, you win.... I give up. you're just going to keep spouting bulcrap that doesn't make any sense, strings words that don't go together that make absolutely no sense with incorrect pronouns no punctuation and BASICALLY, 10 lb of BULLSHIIT in a 5lb bag. AND nobody can understand what you're saying because YOU don't even know what you're saying don't know how to express yourself properly, use the wrong words you don't know anything about punctuation or pronouns or how to write even if you did have a coherent thought.... WORDS LIKE ANCESTRALLY, DECOMPOSITION,SELF EVIDENT, AND ALL THE OTHER IDIOTIC, IRRELEVANT, AND IMPROPER-USE WORDS YOU LOVE💘, HAVE LOST THEIR IMPACT, THE FIRST 87 TIMES YOU USED THEM YOU FOOL ! so you win. Happy now, goofy? P.S. - I tried, but it did no good. so I'm just going to go back to ignoring you. HERE'S PROOF OF MY POINT. DO YOU WALK AROUND IN YOUR LIFE, TALKING TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY, IN THE SAME STYLE AS YOU WRITE, ON HERE?. .. GROW UP. NO ONE'S IMPRESSED, ONLY ANNOYED.
  13. You JUST DON'T GET IT,, do you, sole? You just spouted MORE gobbledygook, and didn't ADDRESS the POINT that I MADE! Once AGAIN, I'll TRY to be more clear. YOU come on here, and string all these MISMATCHED non-sequiturs, these INCONSISTENT, DISJOINTED, incongruous, and CONTRADICTORY WORDS, and you string them together, when I don't think YOU know what half of them MEAN!.... ESPECIALLY the ones about Quantum Theory or Physics.... It's OBVIOUS you have no knowledge of these things, because of the way you USE them, and you MIX those words, with your repeated sociological terms that you got from somewhere(?), like "self-evident" and triangulation and "natural displacement" which, REALLY don't make sense- you just KEEP throwing those IN, and they don't make sense- and ALL I'm saying to you, is, you're perfectly free to babble and spew gobbledygook all day LONG..! you're perfectly free to DO that- it's AMERICA, free country, but DON'T think that anybody is going to answer you, because they can't UNDERSTAND something that you don't even know what you're talkin about yourself ! OKAY?.....So, don't jump down my throat, I'm trying to be nice to you, and say, in a nice way, IF you want people to RESPOND to you, you HAVE to start TALKING in the human LANGUAGE, that the REST of us DO! That makes SENSE, that's not just disjointed incongruous phrases, thrown together.....Peace out, sole.......
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