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  1. You probably already know this, but idiot libs apparently don't give a flying shit about unskilled workers or how much they may suffer from moronic MW laws. I believe that many of them support these laws because they foolishly believe that they will hurt the "greedy" business owners, and if the lowest-skilled workers (especially the black ones) also get hurt in the process, then (as the despicable retard @XavierOnassis said above) that is just "tough shit." It is really quite scary how much pure evil exists in the hearts of most idiot libs...
  2. Well, as I predicted, it looks like slideman has cowardly run away, just like he always does. I guess "empirical evidence gleaned from the real world" is really not very important to idiot libs whenever it doesn't align with what their liberal masters told them when they were brainwashing the fuck out of these weak-minded sheep. You know, slideman should really change his username to slidepansy, because this would be a much more accurate depiction. A real man would not always cowardly run for the hills every time he gets challenged...
  3. So your ability to read is as poor as your ability to think and reason. Interesting. And do you think there is no "empirical evidence gleaned from the real world" that also shows negative effects of moronic MW laws, moron? Then what about what happened in American Samoa when they imposed a particularly large MW in relation to the median wages- Link? In 2007, the United States government imposed a new federal minimum wage on American Samoa and the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI.) While this increase was well intended—a response to the islanders'
  4. It is statements like the one made above by pitifully stupid retards like slideman and dontlooknow that make me very pessimistic and sad regarding the prospects for the future of our country. A very shallow thinker with poor cognitive reasoning capability will look at some statistic (such as unemployment rates) before and after a policy is enacted and if that statistic has not clearly gotten worse, they will foolishly conclude that the policy must have not had a detrimental effect, or even a positive effect, on that statistic. A person with at least a moderate amount of intellige
  5. But that is not what you said in your post above, moron. I don't see the word "perception", or any word similar to it, anywhere in your dumb statement. If I am really a "dumbfuck", then it should be extremely easy for one of you idiot libs to finally prove me wrong for a change, instead of always dodging simple questions and cowardly running away while I endlessly bump the threads in which I participate to deafening silence. So what the fuck are you waiting for, shit-for-brains? Good luck.
  6. Wait a second, are you actually claiming that whenever the majority of voters somewhere agree on some policy, that this proves that this policy is therefore a "superior" policy, dunce?
  7. Since @XavierOnassis has cowardly run away like a sniveling little pansy as usual, do any other idiot libs want to give my amazingly simple questions a try? Good luck.
  8. The facts say otherwise to what??? What the hell are you babbling about? What has supposedly happened in the last four years that disproves a single thing I have ever posted, nimrod? Damn, you really are quite stupid, aren't you?
  9. Even if that is true, it does not refute a single thing that I have ever claimed regarding moronic MW laws, dumbass. So why the hell would I bother to try to disprove something that is completely meaningless and irrelevant, numbskull?
  10. If you want to foolishly try to debate moronic MW laws by citing studies, you will lose, and lose very badly. Just let me know if you really want to go this route, and I will deluge you with a virtual MOUNTAIN of real world studies that clearly show that the LAWS of basic economic theory do indeed hold true in the real world. Otherwise, you can try your hand at disproving the actual arguments I have made, dimwit. Perhaps you can be the very first to ever do so. Good luck.
  11. Even if that is true, it does not refute a single thing that I have ever claimed regarding moronic MW laws, dumbass. So why the hell would I bother to try to disprove something that is completely meaningless and irrelevant, numbskull?
  12. Then it should be extremely easy for you to provide a link to where I supposedly said this. So let's see it, shit-for-brains. Good luck. If I supposedly have "no clue what I am talking about", then it should be extremely easy for you to be the very first idiot lib to ever prove me wrong on this subject. So what the fuck are you waiting for, moron? Good luck.
  13. I wonder if you would have the guts to tell the poor people who, as a result of moronic MW laws, end up needlessly suffering chronic unemployment and thus an inability to get on-the-job training/experience to improve their lot in life, that it is just "tough shit" that they are suffering so badly? I sincerely hope that there is a special place in hell for sick, twisted, evil sacks of shit like you...
  14. So you are admitting that moronic MW laws are effectively a redistribution of wealth from consumers to workers (at least the ones lucky enough to stay employed), regardless of the wealth of either party? So you could potentially have cases of redistributing wealth from poorer consumers to richer workers? Why the hell would you idiot libs advocate for this type of scheme as opposed to one that only redistributes wealth from richer people to poorer people, moron? Even if everyone supposedly "deserves" these things, why the hell do you idiot libs want to arbitrarily assign
  15. I will give you the same advice I gave this poor, pitifully stupid kid when I was in junior high school after someone called him a fag and the best response he could come up with was- "so are you!" I told him, "look, you are clearly not cut out for verbal sparring, so you should just bow out now and save yourself further embarrassment." You should probably take heed of this advice as well while you at least have some tiny shred of dignity remaining. Good luck.
  16. So now one of the most economically-illiterate retards on the forum is criticizing someone else for being ignorant of economics??? Lol... Oh Irony, thy name is scout...
  17. Well apparently you did not take your own advice and "read the other sources (you) posted", because that dumb article by krueger extensively discusses the MW, dumbass. And even if it didn't, the fact that the dumb article that you cited in this debate to support your moronic position was written by an author that has been thoroughly discredited as an outright fraud and/or a complete idiot, absolutely has "bearing" on the debate at hand, you damn imbecile. Lol...
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