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  1. Theft and fraud are already illegal, dumbass. So what the hell does this have to do with the moronic proposal for caps on interest rates, idiot? How the hell can anyone "UNDERSTAND" what the hell you are babbling about when you always cowardly run away when intelligent conservatives ask you simple questions about your moronic positions? Lol...
  2. Of course, just like pretty much every thread in which I participate. I very easily destroy every lib in sight, and then continually gloat by bumping the thread to deafening silence as all of them have cowardly run away. It is probably bad sportsmanship, but it a lot of fun. And besides, these demented fuckers deserve it for supporting policies that hurt people so badly.
  3. Are you really too damn stupid to know that illegal loan sharks have historically been some of the biggest supporters of moronic government interest rate caps, dumbass? Do you only get information from the brainwashing sessions of your beloved liberal masters? Have you never even thought about perhaps looking to other sources of information and broadening your horizons for a change? Lol...
  4. If you don't want to "get into it" with me, then why the fuck did you make the idiotic reply above to me, dumbass???
  5. No, I don't believe that either she or bernie truly understood anything about this policy initially. Have you ever heard these morons talk? AOC is an airheaded twit and bernie is a senile old cretin. I don't think they have more than a hand full of functioning brain cells between the two of them. That said, if even a dullard like splunch is somehow capable of understanding the effects of this policy, then surely one of their staff, a fellow democrat, or someone else in their sphere of influence took a few seconds to explain it to these buffoons. The fact that they still promote it signifies that they apparently don't give a shit who they hurt as long as the policy helps get them votes from the dumb masses. I hope there is a special place in hell for sick, twisted fuckers like these...
  6. How the hell will that supposedly solve the problem of you idiot libs imposing the harmful effects of your stupidity onto the rest of society by the way you vote???
  7. So, you are admitting that the main effect of this kind of moronic law is that those people who are poor credit risks and desperately need a loan are going to have to resort to much less desirable alternatives such as loan sharks? And thus you are also admitting that AOC and bernie are either fucking imbeciles and/or downright evil pieces of shit? If you do not respond, I will take that as a yes to both questions.
  8. If it is really such a good idea, then why is it that not one single idiot lib can defend this idiocy when I ask very simple questions about it?
  9. How the hell is creating massive amounts of unemployment of unskilled workers with such a moronic policy going to reduce the need for food stamps or credit card debt, you damn idiot? You really do live in your own little fantasy world, don't you? Your liberal masters have done an amazing job of brainwashing the everliving fuck out of you. Lol...