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  1. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    Why do you keep acting like the distinction that I and other intelligent conservatives are making between when taxes are and are not theft is just something completely arbitrary or irrelevant, dolt? It is not like we quibbling over the government spending money on fighter jets versus tanks or something with essentially meaningless differences. As I very, very, very clearly explained to you above- if money is simply taken from someone by force just to hand it over to someone else, then this is nothing more than outright theft and it is therefore immoral and wrong. Period. This is clearly not in the same category as money taken from someone to provide a service that benefits them as well, such as military protection or roads. Again- this should be simple enough even for a dull-witted child to comprehend, so what the hell is wrong with you that you can’t seem to grasp it??? If you don’t like being ridiculed for you stupidity and ignorance, then the solution is quite simple- quit making stupid & ignorant posts. Problem solved. Good luck. Just because “society” has agreed that something should be legal, it does not magically make it moral, dimwit. For most of recording human history, your precious “society” thought slavery was just fine and dandy, for example. So using your moronic reasoning, would you argue that slavery was a moral and good thing during all those years? Come on now, you are not going to backtrack on your idiotic argument of “society” being the unquestioned moral arbiter, are you? I can’t wait to see how you try to spin your way out of this one, assuming you don’t just cowardly run away like most idiot libs usually do… Good luck. So you are admitting you don’t know of any solutions other than the stupid, immoral, and frequently COUNTERPRODUCTIVE ones your liberal masters have programmed into you? Here are a few easy ones for starters- 1. All unnecessary government regulations and red tape that prevent people from starting their own businesses should be completely abolished. Take moronic occupational licensing laws, for one example of many. In some states, you have to have a license to do something as mundane as arranging flowers for Pete’s sake. These kinds of regulations trap many poor people from escaping their poverty, and you idiot libs apparently don’t give a flying shit. 2. Since you are an idiot lib, you have probably never so much as opened a basic economics book, but here is a passage out of an excellent one on how to help the poor workers naturally get higher wages to become better off- Economics In One Lesson All this is not to argue that there is no way of raising wages. It is merely to point out that the apparently easy method of raising them by government fiat is the wrong way and the worst way. This is perhaps as good a place as any to point out that what distinguishes many reformers from those who cannot accept their proposals is not their greater philanthropy, but their greater impatience. The question is not whether we wish to see everybody as well off as possible. Among men of good will such an aim can be taken for granted. The real question concerns the proper means of achieving it. And in trying to answer this we must never lose sight of a few elementary truisms. We cannot distribute more wealth than is created. We cannot in the long run pay labor as a whole more than it produces. The best way to raise wages, therefore, is to raise marginal labor productivity. This can be done by many methods: by an increase in capital accumulation — i.e., by an increase in the machines with which the workers are aided; by new inventions and improvements; by more efficient management on the part of employers; by more industriousness and efficiency on the part of workers; by better education and training. The more the individual worker produces, the more he increases the wealth of the whole community. The more he produces, the more his services are worth to consumers, and hence to employers. And the more he is worth to employers, the more he will be paid. Real wages come out of production, not out of government decrees. So government policy should be directed, not to imposing more burdensome requirements on employers, but to following policies that encourage profits, that encourage employers to expand, to invest in newer and better machines to increase the productivity of workers — in brief, to encourage capital accumulation, instead of discouraging it—and to increase both employment and wage rates. 3. For the people that working to get out of poverty is simply not an option, such as the severely disabled or orphans, the obvious and best solution is something that is known as “private charity.” I don’t know how the hell an adult living in the US today has never heard of this, but this is where people VOLUNTARILY, i.e. without a gun to their heads, help other people in need, and it is typically far, far, far more effective and efficient than any horrifically wasteful & evil government social program could ever dream of being. I could go on, but the general point is that there are countless ways to help the poor that don’t require putting a gun to anyone’s head to steal from them, dipshit. And do you know why your liberal masters never mention any of these other ideas? I know the answer full well, but I am curious if you are bright enough to catch onto why they are deliberately misleading you? Wow, your liberal masters have done one hell of a job in brainwashing the everliving fuck out of you. Do you just blindly swallow anything and everything they feed you, without question, like a good little weak-minded sheep? Lol… Why the hell do you think they would be the ones to pay for your dumb little schemes? Is that something else your masters told you? That may be who you wish would pay for it, but it is not who will actually pay it. How do you think that would even work? You think that say, all the McDonald's restaurant owners will just call up the evil CEO every week after you get your moronic living wage laws and ask him to send them a personal check to cover their increased payroll and he will just be happy to oblige? Lol… And even if you somehow came up with a way to divert the evil CEO’s pay to the workers, it typically wouldn’t even begin to be enough money to be a drop in the bucket to the increased costs from your moronic living wage laws. Even if you convinced the evil CEO of McDonalds to work for ZERO and spread all that money to the other workers, it wouldn’t even come to an extra nickel/hr, dunce. So where will you get the other $7+ per hour needed to get everyone to your precious $15/hr, idiot? Now, do you want to try my simple question again, but perhaps without showing how unbelievably stupid you are this time? Good luck. Even if true, what the hell does that have to do with the topic at hand? What's next, are you going to start citing the price of tea in China, moron? No, as I posted above- there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for either of those stupid, immoral, and frequently COUNTERPRODUCTIVE policies, dumbass.
  2. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    Yes, it most certainly is, moron. Just because I can also choose to be the recipient of stolen goods does not magically mean it is no longer theft, dimwit. And I never said a damn thing about wanting my money back, twit. I was just very clearly explaining to you the difference between normal taxation and theft, as you apparently were too damn retarded to understand it by yourself. Which is why I clearly stated- "While the act of forcing someone to buy a service may have questionable morality." I said this because it does- but it is still a lesser evil than outright theft. So because someone doesn't "complain" about theft of their property, it makes the theft of other people's property okay, nimrod? Why the hell are these the only 2 conceivable options for helping the poor in your feeble little mind, dunce? Is that because this is what your liberal masters told you when they were brainwashing the everliving fuck out of you and you just blindly swallowed it like a good little week-minded sheep? Or, we could do the moral and correct thing and completely abolish all forms of welfare. Problem solved. Or, we could do the moral and correct thing and completely abolish all forms of welfare. Problem solved. So if you idiot libs get your precious living wage laws, where the hell do you think all the extra money any workers who are lucky enough to stay employed is going to come from in the long term? You think some magical fairy from the gumdrop forest is going to swoop in on her purple flying unicorn and sprinkle all the good little workers with cash? Lol... Well sit the fuck back and watch me, dumbass. I will be glad to easily destroy and humiliate you just like I have every other idiot lib that was foolish enough to try me. Go ahead, search my previous posts and see how the majority of the threads in which I participate usually turn out- Link.
  3. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    This is what passes for winning a debate in your tiny little empty head? Lol... Again- if I am really a "dumbass", then is should be extremely easy for one of you idiot libs to finally prove me wrong for a change instead of always cowardly running away while I continually bump just about any thread in which I participate to deafening silence. So what the fuck are you all waiting for? Good luck.
  4. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    Where did I say that it was? Apparently you did not take heed of my previous recommendation for you to look into adult literacy classes in your area so you could learn simple reading comprehension. You know, like most children learn by the time they graduate from elementary school. Lol...
  5. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    I very, very clearly explained the fallacy of this to you in another thread, dumbass- Link. What, were you too damn stupid to get it the first time, dunce? Lol...
  6. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    Then is should be extremely easy for one of you idiot libs to finally prove me wrong for a change instead of always cowardly running away while I continually bump just about any thread in which I participate to deafening silence. So what the fuck are you all waiting for? Good luck.
  7. Nighthawk

    Socialism is immoral

    I really don't get why this is so hard for you dimwitted idiots to comprehend. Are you truly too damn retarded to see the difference between taxing someone and giving them a service in return for their money, such as military protection for example, and simply taking their money in order to hand it over to someone else? While the act of forcing someone to buy a service may have questionable morality, at least the person gets something in return. But the latter of these 2 things is very clearly outright theft and is therefore clearly wrong & immoral. Period. Seriously, this should be simple enough for even a dull-witted child to understand. So why the hell can't you morons grasp it???