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  1. Thanks. Sometimes humiliating these pitifully stupid little cretins just gets too damn easy... Neither, just a fan.
  2. Since you idiot libs are the ones that are advocating the evil and incredibly cruel policies like moronic MW laws, why are you calling me the "Antichrist", dumbass? Oh yeah, you are just following the idiot liberal playbook to the letter- Link. I have noticed a pattern with these idiot libs. Whenever they are getting their asses handed to them in a debate and they have nothing else left, they will invariably resort to one of their primary fallback attacks. One of these is even though they can't argue that their idea is good, they just like to pretend like they supposedly have the moral high ground and with no evidence whatsoever, will falsely accuse their conservative opponent of being some kind of heartless bastard that wants all the poor people to starve to death or some other idiocy. In other words, they think that if they can try to portray conservatives as somehow being against the poor, then that absolves them of actually having to disprove any arguments they make. It is really quite transparent and pathetic, actually.... Lol...
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