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  1. I will give you the same advice I gave this poor, pitifully stupid kid when I was in junior high school after someone called him a fag and the best response he could come up with was- "so are you!" I told him, "look, you are clearly not cut out for verbal sparring, so you should just bow out now and save yourself further embarrassment." You should probably take heed of this advice as well while you at least have some tiny shred of dignity remaining. Good luck.
  2. So now one of the most economically-illiterate retards on the forum is criticizing someone else for being ignorant of economics??? Lol... Oh Irony, thy name is scout...
  3. Well apparently you did not take your own advice and "read the other sources (you) posted", because that dumb article by krueger extensively discusses the MW, dumbass. And even if it didn't, the fact that the dumb article that you cited in this debate to support your moronic position was written by an author that has been thoroughly discredited as an outright fraud and/or a complete idiot, absolutely has "bearing" on the debate at hand, you damn imbecile. Lol...
  4. You mean like the one full of moronic drivel by that discredited idiot hack, alan krueger? Link That's difficult for advocacy groups like NELP to grapple with, so they generally choose to ignore it. Instead, NELP's executive director dismisses basic economic concepts like supply and demand as "simplistic" and "18th century." In the CNN.com op-ed, the group's policy analyst directed readers to a handful of outlying studies -- in particular, a 1994 study on the minimum wage from economists David Card and Alan Krueger. (The latter was recently nominated to chair the President's Counc
  5. Since when is Adam Smith supposedly the infallible God of all economic theory, dunce? While Adam Smith did say/write some good things, he also said a TON of very dumb things, like the garbage you just referenced. And many of the good things were just from stuff that he blatantly plagiarized. This article, by one of the most brilliant economists of all time, is an excellent critique of him- Link. The mystery is the enormous and unprecedented gap between Smith's exalted reputation and the reality of his dubious contribution to economic thought... For the problem is not simply tha
  6. No, silly boy, you are totally mistaken. You clearly haven't brushed up on your idiot lib economic theories lately, have you? You see, the first idiot lib theory of labor posits that if some workers are in debt or other financial trouble, then this does 2 magical things. The first is it telepathically sends a message to their evil employers to let them know about their worker's financial situations. The second is that it creates a magical force field around those workers that prevents them from going to work for any other employer. So now these evil, greedy employers take advan
  7. If someone posted that to me, I would absolutely love it. It would give me the opportunity to make some idiot that foolishly posted such a thing eat their words when I completely destroyed and utterly humiliated them with ease in response. I would also thoroughly enjoy continually bumping the thread to deafening silence after they cowardly ran away once I finished them off, just like what happens in pretty much every one of the threads in which I participate. But of course, giving this type of response to that "kind of post" is very easy for me, as I am extremely intelligent and
  8. What the hell are you babbling about now, moron? How would these evil, greedy employers even know what "position" their employees are in regarding their debt or savings level unless these employees tell them? And why the hell would an employee being heavily in debt supposedly allow their evil employer to somehow underpay them, assuming they somehow found out about it? Besides, I thought you damn idiot libs believed in the moronic theory that when the government pays people welfare, that this somehow gives their employers some magical power to underpay them because they no longer
  9. Well you sure seemed to act like it was a simple matter when you made the following insanely idiotic claim above- What, did you suddenly lose your expertise on what is supposedly "needed", right after you made this retarded post? Lol... And that question was extremely simple for me (and probably anyone else with a functioning brain) to comprehend. If someone asked me that question, I could answer it easily and instantly. So why couldn't you?
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