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  1. Whatever. Yet another retard to add to my ignore list. If you love something, you want to make it even better. Keeping something exactly the same in permanent stasis is not love, it is infatuation.
  2. The ruling has nothing to do with churches or marriage. It says that Congress cannot pass a law refusing to recognize couples as married. So, if a state has decided to allow same-sex couples to marry, the federal government must now recognize those couples, the same as any other couple. Is there a reason you're so proudly proclaiming your ignorance of the most basic elements of this ruling?
  3. So... someone who loves their spouse would never schedule an intervention to do something about their spouse's drug addiction?
  4. Liberal hypocrisy? Did you read the dissenting opinions on the case? More like conservative hypocrisy. The four judges who dissented were engaged in radical judicial activism, attempting to uphold conservative principles over the rule of law. Scalia was perhaps the worst of the lot, because the substance of his dissent invalidated his own position on overturning the Voting Rights Act just the day prior.
  5. One of my 'favourites' was when I was hospitalized for a day because I'd gotten so sick I needed an IV and a few other things (couldn't keep down water, and had become dangerously dehydrated as a result) and was so out of it I forgot to present -both- of my medical cards. This shouldn't have been an issue, but the hospital waited over a month to send a bill to the one insurance carrier they did have on record, and by the time I was informed that the carrier was only covering part of it, it was too late to submit to the other carrier, which had a limit on how long you could wait. I had both cards on my person the whole time, but couldn't even remember having checked into the hospital because I was delirious at the time, and at no point before, during, or after being released from the hospital did anyone bother to come check that all my information was correct. (It wasn't correct, I had somehow given them a wrong telephone number, and they somehow spelled my name wrong, even though it's spelled correctly on every form of ID I carry, including my medical cards.)
  6. It's not just private healthcare. All insurance works like this. Back in the late 90s, an ice storm brought a massive tree down on top of my parents' house, crushing the main beam and ruining two bedrooms, a bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, and the den. The house had been valued at over half a million dollars, and because of the ice storm, the house had suffered flooding damage thanks to the gigantic hole in the roof. The insurance agent showed up and tried to cut a check for $30k. Now, we had the best coverage money could buy, which stipulated full replacement on any and all losses. Not just value, REPLACEMENT, and they tried to cut a check for an amount that ended up being less than a fifth of the final costs to rebuild the house. And just to recover that much required us not just getting our lawyer involved constantly throughout the whole process, but hiring a building contractor to come every day and watch what the insurance company's chosen contractor did, so that they wouldn't cut corners. (They tried to cut corners on everything, even paint, and were stopped every time because of my mother being an incorrigible packrat who had kept samples of every paint, every tile, every carpet, every EVERYTHING ever used in the house.) End result? We still missed a few corners they cut, and so full replacement value wasn't obtained, but at a cost to us of about $10k, we recovered about $120k more than they were willing to reimburse us. And we're a wealthy upper-middle class family with a family/business lawyer who will answer our calls at two in the morning. I hate to even think of the nightmare people at the lower end of the income spectrum must go through.
  7. You know, back in high school I thought I had it all I drove a red convertible I was vice president of my senior class I was head cheerleader I was the prom queen I even dated the star quarterback of the football team After graduation, I went out to college Everything seemed so perfect Then she walked into my life. I saw her at the candy store She really caught my eye (ooh-wah-ooh) Short hair and a flannel skirt She looked kinda like a guy (ooh-wah-ooh) She asked me for a date that night I said "yes" 'cause it felt so right Hand in hand walkin' in the rain We ended up on lovers' lane We are girls who like girls We are girls who like girls We are girls who like girls 1 2 3 4 Leave your panties at the door! You know, my girlfriend is a gym teacher at a technical school (Cool! Tell me more!) We're together every day We'll never say goodbye (ooh-wah-ooh) We play together on the softball team And we work out at the Y (ooh-wah-ooh) We don't care what people think We're in love and tickled pink We sleep together at her place I've grown accustomed to her face We are girls who like girls We are girls who like girls We are girls who like girls 5 6 7 8 Kissing girls is really great! But people talk behind our backs (Really? What do they say?) They're always making nasty cracks (Nasty! Nasty cracks!) But they just don't understand (Nasty! Really nasty cracks!) Some girls don't want a man That's because we are happy that we are Girls who like girls (We are) Girls who like girls (We are) Girls who like girls Rah! Rah! Sis-boom-bah! Won't you please take off your bra? Girls who like girls (We are) Girls who like girls (We are) Girls who like girls G-I-R-L-S Girls are what we like the best! Girls!
  8. http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/01/28/16739587-boy-scouts-close-to-ending-ban-on-gay-members-leaders Success?
  9. I didn't advocate actually doing so, I only pointed out that they have every right to do so, should they choose. Ultimately though, courts are usually able to discern fact from fiction, so there would be a slight limitation on government's ability to play it loose. Also, there's plenty of very simple reforms that could be made to news that would leave little to no room for abuse, like banning the use of serial killers' names, so as to minimize the celebrity status of such criminals.
  10. It would be entirely within the FCC's right and purview to require that any channel wishing to call itself 'news' must engage only in the dissemination of fact, must clearly and unequivocally state during prime business hours if they have unwittingly told a lie, and pay fines of $1 million per incident for willfully lying to the public.
  11. Guns aren't even an issue. 2014 was decided back in 2010, when House districts were redrawn. The districts in which you will find significant numbers of single-issue voters who will vote Republican because of gun control are either 90% Democrat, and won't flip for anything, or strongly leaning Republican anyway.
  12. Oh, I certainly agree, but I don't want in on the part of the process where a single election potentially means that everyone suffocates/starves/etc.
  13. I'll be interested when our first off-world colony is entirely self-sufficient, able to produce it's own oxygen, food, expansion components, etc.
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