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  1. The number of ways that carbon dating can be skewed could fill pages with bullet points. And scientists know this.
  2. I'm not defending any set of scriptures. I am saying there is as much or more evidence for their claims as for any other origin theory.
  3. Jesus went to court. There was a trial. The court and the named judge are known to have existed. Many of the personages mentioned in scriptures demonstrably existed. The ruins of many of the ancient cities mentioned have been found. The exodus indeed occurred, as did the egyptian captivity. Science cannot even explain the construction of the pyramids, much less definitively prove the age of the earth.
  4. I know that you know you can post on mt no-clone site. Every accommodation has been made.
  5. Absolutely - but those applying the pressure do not care if it dies.
  6. Your faith is commendable. "More reliable than ever" is an extremely low bar, given its many weaknesses. The claim that the earth is billions of years old hanging on carbon dating extrapolations is the business of faith, not science.
  7. Cry me a river - maybe the retards should take a hint from THAT. The sport started with Kentucky boot leggers.
  8. I'm not trying to prove anyone's thesis - just debunking his that science has more evidence than religion when it comes to our origins. I simply doesn't. There are more ways to screw up carbon dating than there are to leave your lover - and carbon dating is the bulwark of their "evidence."
  9. MOST backs. Whites need to think for themselves, not run ask a black man. That's fucking racist - worse, it's 1970s NOT racist, which makes it fucking cringy
  10. They're testimony. That's evidence. You cannot prove the earth is billions of years old - you simply have faith because your prophets told you so. Their extra authority over other folks' prophets is nothing more than bias on your part - their stories have more holes than swiss cheese, son.
  11. How about treating his as the overnight expert on a subject because of his race? Should I ask my Japanese friend for karate instruction, or my cCinese friend for ancient Chinese secrets - or his opinions on eating dog meat? The stupidity resides in the fact that two different black folks will give you two different answers BECAUSE THEY ARE PEOPLE. Being black does not make you an official representative of other back people.
  12. Scientists do not comment on matters metaphysical. There is no contradiction or argument between religion and science, because they p[erate in different domains of philosophy. And yes, testimony is evidence - it is the buld of all evidence in most criminal and civil trials.
  13. Yeah, dumb like a hornet. Wait. I mean a fox. No - a hornet. HE'S NOT DUMB YOU FUCKER! HE'S DIFFERENTLY SMART!
  14. Psst. Hey, dipshit. Ever heard of the bible? The Koran? The Hindu Vedas? The prophets? All of these testify to a Creator. Testimony is evidence, you ignorant swine. How can you POSSIBLY be this stupid, yet have letters? And you have faith the earth is billions of years old. No actual proof - just faith, because others whom you presume are smarter than you and more capable than you have assured you that in their wisdom they have deduced that which they cannot prove but can only argue, Wise men saying things do not make those things true, as wise men are often proved fools. Indeed, any truly wise man will assure you that he is a fool who knows nothing. Those who most profess to know are the least secure with the vast not knowing which is the human condition. Your school boy sneers on behalf of the wise are false echos of what never happened. Intelligent people keep an open mind - such as the fellow who argues that perhaps God used evolution to create humanity. The argument is wise because it does not presume to close any door - and the wisest word within the argument is "perhaps." Perhaps you should habituate yourself to using that word more often, shunning certainty and presumption as do the wise. Perhaps you should refrain from ignorantly dismissing thousands of years of evidence as casually as an illiterate savage burns a library. Anyone uneducated enough to believe that science even COMMENTS on the existence of God, much less denies it, has a sophomoric understanding of the discipline - the same unschooled simple-mindedness which allowed Al Gore to make absolute cultists of you folks with a film possessed of little more intellectual integrity than Reefer Madness or Billy Jack. It is not the purpose of science to answer questions in the domain of the metaphysical. Science measures the natural world and leaves the world of the metaphysical to other branches of philosophy.
  15. The carotid artery isn't on the side of the neck, and there are two. Snicker.
  16. THERE ya go - that right there. CERTAINLY no more probable than a Creator - and with less evidence.
  17. And there you go with the homophobia again. Have I not tried to keep this civil, fruit cake?
  18. An everlasting gobstopping nut kicking machine is the proper prescription for the gender and climate impaired cult followers.
  19. It never was. Been there done that in norcal and at hedo in jamaica a couple of times. No kids.
  20. No, but their pedophiles are the wurst, because they engage in brotherly love.
  21. No trade no play - firm rule amongst these types. You're childless, you said. Did you score an orphan for the trip?
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