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  1. i eat junk food when skiing anyhoo....if we're not talking about NM then kirkwood will always be my favorite.
  2. I guess I like the ski towns. Night life abounds when the lifts close.
  3. The op is rejoicing at the death of a woman? I might post his birthdate, social security number, and addy.
  4. You're still in NM? I'll be skiing Taos in two weeks. I always leave though. Such a shitty state, only low income nobodies would reside.
  5. Obama doesn't draft legislation son. Even Clinton knew well enough to grandfather currently owned assault rifles when he signed his law. Obama is a smart man. He knows what awaits any federal agents tasked with doing what you say will be done. He doesn't want that many federal employees who aren't military dead on his watch.
  6. Okay....it wasn't the first time the winner of the popular vote lost. I think it was pretty obvious what I meant to write. Did ya learn how the scotus works yet?
  7. It's a way to cope with his admitted inability to afford an electric or hybrid automobile.
  8. things liberals say to make themselves feel better...
  9. Not gonna make any of that happen posting on here, but good luck to you anyway.
  10. You got a lot of them on here like shintao and King of County who act absurdly when they find out the gender of a poster.
  11. Wasn't the first time the winner of the popular vote became president son.
  12. He will probably get off. The accusers will either decide not to testify, or they'll do so and have their credibility eviscerated.
  13. Give up your pot habit for a month and take your animal to the vet.
  14. I used bribe as a generality. Anybody on this board would exhaust their financial resources for their 16 year old son if he was facing prison time. I don't know that they bribed anybody, but they did hire an expensive attorney and promise to send the kid to a rehab facility. The trailer dweller for some reason put this on the prosecutor who wanted the kid in prison until his 30's. I'm fairly certain the displeasure over this didn't fall along political lines.
  15. How does that politicize anything. Would a democrat judge not put a black teen in prison???
  16. The prosecutor wanted 20 years in prison. The judge made the decision and has since retired, largely due to this case. He went on the run because he was filmed drinking. That's a probation violation. I'm not really sure why this is being turned political. If anybody on this board had the money to bribe judges they would.
  17. Hey man, if you can't pay for insurance eventually things will go south on you.
  18. Shinto doesn't understand oil industry salaries. Our livelihoods are more important than stopping a phenomena nobody whose problems nobody can articulate.
  19. Because we learned from spSoviet Russia equal that u equal slices of a big pie are better than equal slices of a small one.
  20. Capitalism creates new wealth. That's different than spreading it son.
  21. Is there something preventing entrepreneurial individuals from buying health coverage? It's been happening for decades.
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