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  1. Our whole system for the elderly including Medicare is losing by comparison for that very reason, it has been riddled with private insurance for decades. Obviously you lost this debate.
  2. The single payer nations are efficient,. our privatized system is not. Our system, for the elderly is already privatized, and fails miserably by comparison. And you can't answer two questions.
  3. Our system is the only one ALREADY dependent on private in the comparison, and is the only one failing in the comparison. You never answered the questions. You are unqualified.
  4. Our country is the only leading nation failing at delivering health care. Our country is the only leading one that is almost totally privatized in health insurance. None of you have answered.
  5. You both failed. Answer the question. That is not what I said. Now answer the question.
  6. Look at the graph again. The elderly are the true test of the respective systems. They USE it. The system that bilks them fails. There is only one system that is private. And there is only one system that is failing at efficiency. Which nation is it?
  7. Private bilks their cash cow the elderly for your favorite tit suckers, the profiteers here in America. They don't suffer from that affliction in those other nations on the graph, you idiot.
  8. Wrong. Being single payer like the winners on that graph is how to get rid of the tit suckers. Your favorite brand of tit sucker, loser.
  9. All private does is drain the dollars away to the unanswered question contents. You want to make it worse for your favorite wealthy white tit suckers. That's why it shows we are already bilking seniors with private compared to single payer nations:
  10. Lie amongst yourselves. I will give you a topic. The unanswered question:
  11. You have to be able to write a book. You can only write lies in spurts.
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