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  1. I fund this site where you post your drivel. I am considering funding October and keeping it alive.
  2. What a ridiculously high estimate. What we do now costs more than that estimate and it lines the pockets of profiteers.
  3. Like they were done with you by last year? LOL!
  4. No Democratic plan leaves a citizen without coverage.
  5. GOOD! Maybe we can get health care solved instead of this piecemeal half-baked Obama/Biden bullshit.
  6. Your party promises to take healthcare away from citizens. That already cost ya 2018. Dolt.
  7. Citizens want to know if they will be covered. All of the Democratic plans cover them. The Republican plan leaves many citizens without coverage. Undocumented immigrants pay for your Medicaid and Medicare with their payroll taxes and yet are not entitled to those benefits, generally.
  8. You are running away now. So I will repeat why you lost in 2018.
  9. Republicans are throwing citizens under the bus in their legislation and proposals, which end their health coverage.
  10. That depends on whose plan wins. Biden makes them pay for it on the exchange with no subsidies. Anyway, what about the citizens that will be losing coverage if Republicans have their way?
  11. We are going to present changes, and if we win, the country will head in the opposite direction of Trump, much to the relief of the majority of the citizenry. If we are lucky, none of us will ever have to be concerned with health coverage again. That's change worth fighting for! What are you fighting for?
  12. I just use government numbers to make points. But then the one I just made was not an exact numbers thing. You see, "change" is a powerful tool when running against an incumbent. It can be particularly powerful against an incumbent that never polled above 50% in a reputable poll.
  13. Your desperation is showing. So I will continue. We also have all of the voters who simply want change from what we are.... experiencing. LOL.
  14. All of these people concerned about health care and the budget deficit are our hopes too. And the people concerned about the environment, whether or not they agree with all of the global warming talk, are our hopes too.
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