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  1. There is so much corruption in high places worldwide it sickens me.
  2. The Eastern Regional Bowling champion, Kenny Shoulars, is openly gay, quite a man that I admire regardless, and he told me that.
  3. When people who aren't religious celebrities do things it just is not publicized. I am not atheist. I am more deist. Hard to describe me. I think we don't know much about the real truth.
  4. I am not the only one any more that is pointing to it and scowling.
  5. I will stand by this 2020 choice and call it the partial rebuttal of my young and dumb OP of this thread.
  6. You are a newbie, really. Imagine what I have seen here in over ten years. Do you think I am so quickly affected now?
  7. I say religion should not be a factor when spending my money. Your team had the Hyde Amendment.
  8. This is for Wilmington updated daily. I could walk to Mystik it is so close. https://www.wect.com/traffic/gas-prices/ 2.240 Costco 5351 Gingerwood Dr Wilmington Nov 21, 8:43 PM 2.240 Sam's Club 412 S College Road Wilmington Nov 21, 1:19 PM 2.250 Murphy USA 5221 Sigmon Rd Wilmington Nov 21, 2:47 PM 2.260 Mystik 6402 Market St Wilmington Nov 22, 6:02 AM 2.270 Circle K 6648 Gordon Rd Wilmington Nov 22, 8:19 AM 2.270 Speedway 6769 Gordon Rd Wilmington Nov 22, 6:02 AM 2.270 Speedway 7413 Market St Wilmington Nov 22, 6:02 AM 2.270 Harris Teeter 212 Porters Neck Rd Wilmington Nov 21, 9:15 PM 2.280 Go Gas 2424 N College Rd Wilmington Nov 22, 8:16 AM 2.280 Circle K 2400 N College Rd Wilmington Nov 22, 8:15 AM Provided by GasBuddy.com
  9. Right it is $2.29 so I was kind of wrong by one cent there. Gogas has it for $2.29 in Wilmington NC and outside though. I am not ocean front.
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