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  1. I want to make it clear that as a member of this "team" I am not to be trolled in Debate. So I take it to the unwashed masses.
  2. I want to teach you guys about real Debate. So sorry I won't quit as moderator. But no posting in Debate for me right now. So long as I don't POST in Debate I am not at their mercy since they allow trolling.
  3. Then the message would be "Sorry guys I am too low on the totem pole to stop the trolling by conservatives."
  4. I am thinking of how to phrase this to the unwashed masses. "Not Posting In Debate Room Because It Sucks Due To Trolling" is my TEAM PLAYER thread title for NHB, right @Chuck! ???
  5. A thread is in order to explain why I am no longer willing to post in the Debate forum that I assist in moderating.
  6. I was trolled. That is not allowed. It was to distract the conversation and deny me the privilege of simply proceeding using the only presented example. Hell no I won't post there.
  7. Using your comments to distract and deny one member the privilege of referring to the only presented example in the discussion is trolling. It is nonsense as well. That could not be more clear. You want him to troll.
  8. Nonsense. I interact with more detail with the other posters than you do tenfold. And I have the sense to know a troll and their trolling. You want to allow it in Debate.
  9. I will now announce my decision verbatim.
  10. So there we have it. I moderate Debate. I just don't post in Debate until my superiors figure out what Debate is. They have no experience. I have to simply teach them slowly as moderator so I do not suffer at their hand.
  11. By your stated definition I was. It was presented as if I had no right to refer to the only example presented to me by my opponent, which is upsetting, and only meant to derail the conversation. So if that is what you want to allow conservative trolls to do then have at it without me posting in your bullshit room.. I will moderate it. But I won't dare post in that bullshit room.
  12. I should not be trolled for referring to the only example presented to me by my opponent. If that is your idea of Clean Debate then I want no part of that. I breathed some life into that room today. I am not willing to do that tomorrow.
  13. But people already know this site is basically 75% conservative trolls.
  14. But if you insist I will start a thread in Debate called "Ignore kking's special troll named Duck615" ... and even pin it if you like....
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