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  1. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    SSI is not the same as Social Security Disability. SSI is Supplemental Security Income I believe, and it is for those who do not earn over a certain amount in their lifetime, or per month while receiving the benefit.
  2. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    Do you know what SSI is?
  3. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    I can translate it. He is an arch-conservative who hates Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
  4. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    Those who paid for their entitlements.
  5. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    So I got you to concede that you want to rob us.
  6. He actually needs to do something to aid the longevity of those programs. Of course he won't do that. As I said his STATED plans for Medicare are CUTS.
  7. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    I have no problem admitting why I hate Trump. He is trying to rob people of the entitlements that they and their families paid for. And he lies like breathing. And he is running a massive deficit now, that Obama had mostly fixed. So the fact that it sounds like he is a criminal is naturally going to remain a focal point.
  8. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    I think you are angry about Individual 1.
  9. He's offering states block grants if they cut Medicaid as they wish. And he has already thrown people off the rolls with work requirements. And then there are his stated plans for the two programs- all cuts.
  10. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    Should I have called him Individual 1 or Individual 2?
  11. WillFranklin

    "...and The Horse You Rode In On"

    You already did and I remember one of them said the word SPAM a bunch of times over and over in fact.
  12. WillFranklin

    "...and The Horse You Rode In On"

    That is a bullshit lie. I never abused my powers, that's why teacher reverses your efforts to undermine my ability to do my job.
  13. WillFranklin

    Desperate Shills

    Cohen's first I believe. I remember the implication in the story. And then Mueller left it to Congress to impeach and prosecute the crimes.
  14. WillFranklin

    "...and The Horse You Rode In On"

    Just ask teacher if he sent this one recently. There are several. Even though he does not send me back one every time he acts on a request that I send by text. In fact, just ask teacher if he texts me. Proving you are a liar is what I do best here so here is a picture of a text, and yes it is on an old style phone, further proof that people text from these phones.
  15. WillFranklin

    The Medicaid And Medicare Alarm Thread

    (The fight for Medicare in America)