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  1. Donald Trump would make the Medicare that we already paid for shift to the private insurance practices that shift more costs to the patient. It says so on page 44 of his FY2020 budget which is attached. https://www.whitehouse.gov/.../2019/03/budget-fy2020.pdf
  2. Eleven quarters of Trump GDP about to close. Will they average 2.6% like Obama's last eleven? Trump needs 2.3% this quarter, projected to be less.
  3. We know what you are doing. You are taking -2.5% GDP from 2009 and blaming Obama for it. We aren't fooled. Tell us why your Trump rocket fuel for the economy can't top 2.6% the first eleven quarters for an average when Obama did it for his last eleven quarters.
  4. Stocks are mixed. Nobody is surprised. I think people are counting on Democrats to mop up the mess soon.
  5. Trump only has 11 quarters completed next week dumbass. They won't make the 2.6% average of Obama's last eleven quarters. You hate fair comparisons. You want to take -2.5% from 2009 and average that in and create a garbage statistic against Obama. We don't fall for that. We have me to clear up your obfuscation.
  6. We do not consider the person's slant who files the complaint, nor is the slant of the alleged offender a factor. Just the rules.
  7. Technically we do not allow bad words at all as there is a swear filter. Realistically thread titles are as far as we are able to enforce, and even that is time-consuming as you can imagine. We would rather be participating with you, the "unwashed masses"... right @teacher ?
  8. Reports should be filed if there is a rule infraction observed, no matter who is involved, else we cannot be blamed for inaction.
  9. Nudity is not allowed in the thread at all. Curse words are tolerated despite the swear filter, but only in the thread, not in the thread title, as we are searchable and want our titles clean.
  10. Well I can only hide what I see or what is reported. If you don't report, we may not see everything.
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