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  1. You losers can blame trump all you want. There was no stopping this. The only thing that could have been done to have a slightly lower number of deaths is replenishing the national stockpile. Which was depleted and never replenished back when Obama was president. The world's best chance to drastically reduce the number of deaths died when china decided to cover it up at its onset. If you're being honest, China would be taking most of your blame, then the trump admin would deserve some, and then the Obama admin. But of those 3, china by far owns most of the blame.
  2. Who would reasonably think it's time for a revolution? Global economies in tatters, ours has been especially hit hard. Meanwhile, China lied about this virus and covered it up as much as possible while they were stepping up imports of medical supplies and reducing exports of medical supplies. Now, they're making power plays worldwide. Gobbling up assets from other countries as collateral for loans to "help" those countries fight this virus. Sure...a revolution would mean the end of the U.S. And decades of widespread world conflict as China spreads its influence and control all over.
  3. That's because DeSantis is a joke. One of the worst governors in the country.
  4. This pandemic thing might be the greatest thing for Democrats. If there is no debates, Biden cant put his foot in his mouth.
  5. And that doesnt change the fact that she is a fool. Tbh though, they pretty much all are. But I despise socialists so she catches the brunt of my insults.
  6. How do you support that complete fool?
  7. Theres really no satisfying you people. Hell, most of you will still say the federal government isnt doing enough. Well guess what? Doing more would cost more money. Then you'll turn around and bash the spending? You lefties literally make no logical sense whatsoever.
  8. Doesnt sound like any science denial to me. Just a small government diehard. She doesnt think the government should give such an order.
  9. Go to a different forum if you want a pat on the back for hating Trump. Are you denying what China did to suppress any info on this coming out? Are you denying that the WHO simply parroted whatever China told them to? Why defend an authoritarian country, and their apparent international mouthpiece?
  10. No one is trying to change the subject, moron. You have to look at why the action was taken. And I notice you didnt actually even provide a link. I had to look it up myself. You know damn well that the why is part of the conversation. If you wanted a simple pat on the back for trump bashing, then you posted in the wrong forum. Take your BS to some safe space, kid.
  11. Not at all. He certainly deserves his share of the blame. But you people are acting like he deserves all of it, and that's not even close to reality. The brunt of this falls on China, and the WHO for repeating what China was saying despite numerous pieces of evidence pointing to the exact opposite.
  12. No, we are talking about why we are going to stop funding them. Are you denying Chinese and WHO actions that may have caused this to blow up larger than it would have? Your TDS is a serious problem. You should get help for that.
  13. Sorry, but even Fauci has said the chinese and WHO misinformation affected our own response. They obviously need a complete overhaul and many people over there need the boot, and possible prison time. Until then, they dont deserve another damn penny from us.
  14. Good. The WHO was in on the coverup with China, and even Fauci has said their lies and misinformation affected our own response.
  15. You do know that if you go too far, you will get absolutely slaughtered in elections. There are still plenty of moderate democrat voters that despise far left policy as much as they despise far right policy.
  16. After what pelosi and house dems just attempted she thinks she has the right to criticize anyone else for their responses to this crisis? Pelosi is trash. That's plain to see. So is the majority of Congress.
  17. Bernie is not a democrat. Fully half of the democratic party arent democrats. They should have never let the leftist whackjobs in.
  18. Bah. Today's left has no respect for freedom of speech. They're a joke.
  19. Lmao. Dude says it's not true, then says we fight this corruption every day. Admitting that it actually is true.
  20. Sure. Every system has its problems. But in a nation as large and diverse as ours, the EC is important.
  21. Having a child is too expensive. Rising costs just to be able to take of yourself and wages not keeping up enough to afford adequate housing are among these reasons.
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