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  1. You're kidding, right? You don't recall Milo events being cancelled? The pussies you've raised are advocating for and using violence to silence people. Be a man and admit that your kind fucked up, or become less relevant than you already are on this forum.
  2. and a smart-ass answers such questions
  3. No, the pussies are those on your side actively using violence to silence those that disagree. Man up and own that, bitch.
  4. Jesus woman. I post in multiple threads. And you've not posted a thing for me to run away from. It's also not my style.
  5. Not that I'm aware of. Don't think any of them are in VA. That's where my family has been for generations. None are out of state for more than a couple years. Always come back.
  6. You don't need a gun to be violent. Just ask the antifa folks.
  7. Don't blame me for your cowardice. Blame yourself, and then fix it.
  8. You've yet to be relevant, hun. Someone your age should have developed some wisdom and intelligence by now.
  9. You didn't answer either question. You made shit up about self defense, when the question clearly mentioned illegal violence. And you outright refused to acknowledge what I asked. Flee, Isabel. Flee. You're slipping. You don't even have a way to endlessly spin on this one.
  10. And you're less relevant than JT.
  11. You most certainly did not. You made some BS up about self defense when the question that was asked clearly didn't mention it. Only mentioned illegal violence. And you didn't answer my own question either. You're intellectually dishonest and intellectually a coward. Run back to the other forum you left for, Isabel. Everything you post is about as relevant as what JT posts.
  12. Sounds like a pussy. No wonder you advocate this article. You've a lot in common with the writer.
  13. Now you're making zero sense. Nothing in response to north Vietnam blocking roads so no one could move south. Now you're comparing Vietnam to an American Civil War during which there was no active foreign intervention. How are you all so fucking clueless? It's like taking candy from a baby.
  14. You can't, or won't, answer. That's pretty telling, Isabel. It's a simple question.
  15. We have all seen how violent you leftists get. Especially after Trump was elected. No Nazi's were needed for any of that. Please, explain to us the reasoning behind liberal college students wanting to silence any speech that goes against what they believe. I'll be waiting for that. LOL