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  1. Start by toughening penalties, and then actually enforcing them.
  2. But a lot of criminals already got them illegally. The vast overwhelming majority of people on a registration list would be those that follow the law and overwhelmingly are not violent. Given the amount of those in Congress that want to ban guns, having any registration is too great a risk compared to the miniscule benefits of having one.
  3. Yes, but liberals in the northeastern are limiting individuals free speech by law. Leftist UK now raids people's homes and throws them in jail for using the wrong gender pronouns. And, if you use IQ scores on a national average state by state and adjust for percentages of minorities in every state the difference in IQ scores between the northeastern states and southern states is nearly statistically insignificant.
  4. One of the references cited in that wikipedia is wrong. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jun/11/liberals-not-conservatives-more-likely-possess-psy/ The actual results from that study were accidentally reversed. They really found that liberals were more likely to be psychotic, which I think is now backed by another study that is linked in another thread. And, since liberals are more psychotic, they are more prone to push for authoritarian government. As is evidenced by their attacks on free speech and attempts to control nearly every aspect of citizens lives.
  5. Al Qaida videos are easily accessible as well. Its also apple's to orange's. This guy being compared to a sophisticated terrorist organization is laughable
  6. I thought so. Send others into harm's way...makes things very easy right? Anyway...good luck with that. A great many of law enforcement officers will refuse to carry out such a thing.