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  1. I can't. But I've heard they get pissed when you confuse them.
  2. That's not the entirety of what he said. You're a psychotic fraud. He said go back and fix the problems there, then come back and tell us how you did it. You're implying he said go back, and never come back at all. You're lying.
  3. Only the foolish people that actually believe there was anything racist in his statement would support this, and wouldn't vote Republican either way.
  4. I mean...I consider the Japanese to be pretty racist lol. And they have weird porn.
  5. There is nothing racist about what he said. Not one bit at all. He did not mention race or color, sissy liberals did. Seems to me that your side are the racists in this situation.
  6. I didnt mean all. Far from it. Or not even most. But enough to rethink allowing such large numbers in, absolutely. Just not worth it. We've got our own problems to deal with.
  7. Her platform sucks. There is very little in it that has any American values.
  8. We are already more diverse than we have ever been, and that increases yearly regardless. And, nowadays these refugees and immigrants do not make an attempt to assimilate. They do not accept American values, morals, and law. In fact, they abhor and fight against them in many cases. They are no longer making us great, but instead helping to further tear us apart. And btw, Warren is a moron and a fraud.
  9. I dont see a problem with this. Unknown man just waiting? He could be waiting to jump someone.
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