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  1. Things aren't well in Virginia. And they're about to get worse.
  2. Granted immunity? Are you truly this idiotic? Diplomatic immunity is granted between nations worldwide. Automatically. Trump has nothing to do with that. That goes back decades. It may be BS, but it has nothing to do with trump.
  3. Wow. You lefties are reading a lot into this that just isnt there. Again.
  4. I've heard a lot of the mosins are different from each other from a lack of proper standardized mass production. You can get a great one, or one that's not so great. No idea if that's true. I've never shot one.
  5. Warren is a poster child for greed. Her calling anyone else out on it is hilarious. Second, if the woman had her way she'd destroy our economy with the crap she says.
  6. He's at least on record for banning the sale or transfer. It's almost a sure bet that he would back confiscation as well. That's what Democrats really want as a whole.
  7. Lmao. That guy would get an absolute beatdown if he got into the face of a 6 year old girl.
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