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  1. We're being played for chumps by the politicians. As I said in another thread, healthcare is just another racket where the politicians make big bucks.
  2. I watched the video. I didn't see anybody get whipped. More fake news. I did see a Haitian complaining that he isn't being greeted with enough free shit. He should take the hint and go back. The real story here is the mess that Biden has made of the border. Build the fucking wall.
  3. Birds of a feather...Just about every creature on the face of the planet tends to hang with those that are like themselves.
  4. I didn't say that they don't pay taxes. They don't pay Social Security or Medicare. I would assume that this is based on some sort or religious objection?
  5. I guess it would depend on the church and the religion huh? The Amish get out of Social Security and Medicare payroll deductions. They have a religious argument against electricity in the home and driving a car.
  6. I already listed a bunch of those but we should add Ricky Skaggs.
  7. Trump wasn't there and congress, which included a bunch of democrats, voted for it all. How is it you manage to let Pelosi, Biden and the rest off the hook? Not to worry though because our current government is going to bring the world's troubles here to us so we won't have to go to the Middle East or Central America to get a taste.
  8. The "establishment" intends to make damned sure that no outside has the balls to interfere with business the way Trump did for a long time to come. So how did all of our career politicians become so wealthy? LOL more and more this government more closely resembles a crime syndicate than any sort of legitimate government. Venezuela here we come.
  9. Are all those soon to be stay at home moms sending thank you notes to Taliban Joe Biden.
  10. Who do you think you're talking to? I'm over 60 years old, work an hourly job and have at various times in my life been dirt fucking poor. I still managed to have an ID when I needed...well there were times when I was younger and driving on a ticket that I was denied drinks in a tavern. Our license branch is only open two days a week but one of those days is until 6 pm. In other surrounding more populous areas the license branches are open more. All of us poor white people are still expected to have an ID and a valid driver's license to drive. Losing their license for driving without insurance? You're really breaking my heart here. What you're telling me is that the problem is their behavior. Don't drive without insurance but you can always get a state ID that isn't a driver's license.
  11. The ID is to help prevent fraud...why the hell would you need evidence of fraud? A lack of fraud is evidence that security measures are working not that you should get rid of the security. I mean...holy FUCK! Go ahead and tell people that up is down, dark is light and they can't believe what they see as the obvious and see if you don't lose their trust. Instead of screwing up a system that has almost worked for a very long time why teach the idiots how to get an ID? What the hell is wrong with black people that they can't get an ID? I don't care what the idiot judges say it isn't racist as long as the requirements are the same for everybody. That's how you lose trust...by arguing against common sense. We know they're full of shit.
  12. They illegally expanded voting by mail (changed the system without authority, testing or validation). When the rules aren't followed the election is invalid. They aren't even denying it. They're just telling us that they don't have to follow the rules.
  13. You will suck on it when our electoral process continues to lose the confidence of the people. With each day that passes there is more and more reason to distrust this government. Venezuela here we come.
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