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  1. That's funny. I had to look up "paddle shifters" to see what they are. What a cluster fuck...just when you think they can't make cars any more idiotic.
  2. I repeat, they don't know what the average global temperature was in 1880 and they sure don't know what it was thousands of years ago. So go ahead and show us how little you know about measurement systems.
  3. They should just change the law so cops can shoot people like that in the face. Get rid of the stupid tasers. The jerk was a wanted criminal and then he picks a fight with the cops...shoot him in the face, realize that the world is just a little bit better and let it go at that. In the man time every cop in the country should just walk off then job because they've been hung out to dry.
  4. I don't understand the rioting and the only thing that seems to explain it is that they're animals. Their opinions don't count and they don't get to make demands.
  5. It wasn't luck. It's what I chose. Very touching, you guys being so worried about me. LOL
  6. Biden's legacy...sponsor of the super spreader event of the millennia. They don't call him Covid Joe for nothing!
  7. The taco bell thing was a reference from the movie where I thought you got the "murder death kill" phrase from. My wife graciously cooks most of my food...though I kill some of it. Well she raised and killed a bunch of it to. None of it was FDA approved. I'm near certain that you would starve around here. LOL
  8. "Murder Death Kill"...Demolition man. I almost never eat at Taco Bell...the wife hates it.
  9. Wow. I hate democrats and I hate progressivism.. I hate Joe Biden...and I hate it when some of you give credence to the "stupid uneducated redneck" stereotype. In grownup "conservative" land you get the vaccine or not and it's your business. But then little common pussies like Common want to call people names for their choice. And you'll back him? Your worse than a progressive.
  10. I don't have time to read the whole thread but I'm as white as the driven snow but...more than once the alarm went off in my store and the cops stormed in with guns drawn and were slow to put them away. I used to legally hunt on a farm (with permission) that was near a "forest preserve" and the cops used to always hassle me...usually with guns drawn. Do you know what I did differently to avoid getting shot? I didn't pick a fight with the assholes who were pointing guns at me. Who here is stupid fuck enough to not know that it's illegal to drive a car with
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