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  1. Hang all of them. After you hang a few, people will run for their lives at the sound of breaking glass. They wouldn't dare enter to take anything or do any further damage. It all starts with stretching some necks.
  2. I suppose you think that would bother me? Hang whoever does it. But I've seen the videos too and I don't the looters I saw were a bunch of right wingers. No matter, get them hung and then we can debate it.
  3. The law doesn't shoot them because it isn't a capital offense. Unfortunately the liberal court too often just turns them loose. They need some serious punishment. On the other hand when private citizens are protecting themselves and their property it's best just to shoot the mother fuckers. Look at it this way...when the looters have all been shot to death there will be no more looting and the world will be a better and safer place.
  4. It's "election interference" by the MSM. I have no idea what the Russians supposedly did but I see the MSM hard at work rigging our elections every day. Eventually we'll have to deal with them.
  5. Usually epidemiologists aren't experts in constitutional law or economics. While they may come in handy as advisors we can't turn the decision making over to them. Biden should know this but he assumes that you're an idiot and continues to spew his bullshit. We all heard Biden say...Well if you just tell people to wear the mask...LOL we've been wearing them and the virus is still here. What's his next great idea? Oh I forgot..."unity" What does that even mean? Unity in what? He's been an idiot his entire career and now he's a senile idiot.
  6. All these years and Biden hasn't done anything for seniors yet. Maybe he thinks that driving up the cost of fuel will help them? Biden is a swamp rat. He and all the other swamp rats need to go.
  7. What do you mean by "lead the country? and who's uncertain about what? You need somebody to hold your hand? Any preaching by Biden is nothing more than bullshit buzz words.
  8. This is a nation where people can choose their own page. The president is "leader" of the executive branch and the military. I don't know about you but I'm not a member of either one.
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