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  1. I'm not loyal to Trump. I'm against the sort of corruption that the Bidens are engaged in and has become common place and excepted...so much so that it may not even be a violation of any law...that's the problem. The swamp is rigged such that "swampy" is good. So impeach Trump...right after you get rid of the rest.
  2. The government...the politicians are lulling all the strings a laughing all the way to the bank. The government is not going to save you. It's the government that you need to be saved from.
  3. No. Hunter Biden is the perfect example of purchased access to a US politician. Trump was just trying to drain a little out of the swamp as he promised. I call BS on the "personal benefit" angle. It would benefit you and I. That's a good thing. Biden sure isn't the only case or even the most important but it's low hanging fruit. Pick it off.
  4. People today want to be pets rather than free people.They're like my dogs. Let them think you're going to take care of them and they let you lock them up any way you want.
  5. There's a thread going on now on the topic with two posters just repeating the same posts over and over again so I didn't see any sense in trying to post to it. My son served 4 years in the Marines and two tours in Iraq. He survived but it was close. During his first tour he had an LAV blown out from underneath him when they hit an IED. Does the parent sacrifice? Is it comparable to losing a child to other causes? I grew up in the Vietnam era. A lot of sacrificing went on but not much was gained. As far as I'm concerned politicians are a bunch of self serving crooks who are happy to use your children for cannon fodder to further enrich themselves. War is a racket. I grew up determined to prevent that from happening to my kids. As hard as I tried I wasn't able to prevent my son from acting like an 18 year old and he went. Sorry, most of the kids signing up for this crap do NOT understand what they're doing. Our politicians couldn't wage a decent war if not for the fact that 18 year olds are so naive...and well, stupid. I'm pretty sure that my son would tell you that he wouldn't make the same decision again. I think gold star parent have sacrificed. They've had their children conned by a government that is never held accountable. The politician wreaks havoc and then leaves office wealthy and goes off to live a life of luxury while the rest of us are left with the reality that the worms crawl in and the worms crawl out.
  6. I'm calling them confused, trained and conditioned to accept a corrupt government. Trump may have been caught going after the kind of corruption that all politicians should be going after. Would stopping the crooked Bidens help Trumps campaign? Maybe but it would help all of us. A lot of us already know they're crooks so it doesn't change anything. WE shouldn't be pumping all that aid into a corrupt country. Once again Trump has it exactly right.
  7. I don't understand how you people can tout Democrats while pretending that you have a problem with lies.
  8. Trump was just trying to drain the swamp as he promised. The Bidens are crooks but its a sort of crookedness that's been part of American politics for a very long time and Democrats (and many Republicans) are ok with that. So the Democrats fight very hard to protect the crooks because they are them. LOL Make no mistake...that Ukrainian company showered little Hunter with money for the purpose of purchasing access to the American VP Joe Biden. It might even be legal but it shouldn't be.
  9. Lots of advertising and most political adds/promises are lies. It's only illegal to lie in certain cases...and all those legal lies can be printed or otherwise published. Social media should do as they please in their own house and allow whatever posts it pleases them to allow. Congress should go fuck themselves.
  10. I don't think I've ever been to a Costco. I just checked and the closet one is almost 100 miles away. We buy such products from farm stores like Rural King or local feed mills.
  11. Many Catholics don't meet the requirements for Communion so they simply stay in their seat and don't get in line for it. I'm sure that some take part when they shouldn't and nobody knows. Biden should have known better and skipped it. Unfortunately for him, his "ineligibility" is public knowledge so when he walks up everybody know that he's trying to get away with something. That's the left though...and politicians in general. They think that the rules don't apply to them. They're to used to getting a free ride to live like rock stars at our expense.
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