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  1. Our trade policies have been hurting a lot of people for decades and now, that somebody finally tries to do something about it, we hear complaining. In 1992, the plant I worked in moved to Mexico...in 1999 the plant I worked in moved to Mexico and in 2005 the plant I worked in moved to Mexico. That was all ok though, LOL
  2. Two men playing house is not marriage...well, not real marriage.
  3. The fact that you would have done it doesn't make it legal or sensible...and I don't watch Fox News.
  4. The democrat house is where the criminals are hang No he didn't.
  5. We were all hoping that somebody could find the emails. Still the above quote seems to be speculating that the press would pay for it. That seems reasonable.
  6. Hillary and the DNC were so sloppy with everything they did that a nine year old could have hacked them. Trump could buy the best computer scientists on the planet. Why need the Russians. The collusion delusion a democrat fantasy.
  7. We may have witnessed the last peaceful transition of power. The only thing that's been going on for the last 2 years is that the "insiders" (especially the democrats) refuse to accept the results of the election. We elected somebody who isn't a member of the club and they won't allow that. So democrats, do you think that we'll let the results stand if one of these nutty dems (like maybe this Buttgigger guy) gets elected?
  8. doesn't seem to have anything to do with politics.
  9. It's really hard to follow what you're trying to say. I'm not talking about anything within my mind. They live much as we live...only they get to go out poaching on the weekend while it's illegal for the rest of us. And they're doing their poaching with modern weapons and methods. They're not using primitive tools and methods as they did hundreds of years ago.
  10. That seems a little off topic. I'm against abortions but I don't want to be extorted over it. I think it's wrong for you to kill your kids but you do what you think is best. I don't care much for any "establishment within this government.
  11. I'm not sure you have the history exactly right but the question is "what are they now?" If their citizens of the US then all the same laws should apply. If they belong to another nation and are living under a treaty, then they shouldn't get the other benefits of being a citizen.
  12. Not quit. I think abortion is wrong like I think killing your next door neighbor is wrong. That doesn't mean that I want to support your neighbor. Women should be able to have all the contraceptives their little black hearts desire as long as they or their men are going to pay the tab. Complete freedom. They can do anything they want as long as it's on their own dime.