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  1. I have a cousin who makes big bucks working for Walmart but she's not unskilled. It's the "supply and demand" thing. Unskilled workers aren't worth much. Unfortunately there are lots of skilled people who are no longer in demand because the government chased so many companies out of the country. Then they go to Walmart. They don't need welfare from Walmart. They need the government to stop taxing and regulating everybody out of business.
  2. Our trade situation is a mess. It has been a mess for many years. I don't know what will fix it but this is the first time I've seen anybody even try. Most of the farms that people would think of as a "family farm" have been for a long time. Were you folks complaining when they were forced to sell out? The manufacturing jobs that we've been bleeding for the last 30 years has only been given lip service. Take a stab at explaining to us what put an end to those family farms. It wasn't tariffs.
  3. I understand that it's a rough time for you but you should get some help with that attitude before it gets you into trouble. Have a nice night.
  4. That's where this "Russian interference" nonsense comes from...they just can't accept Clinton's loss.
  5. Comey was fired because he was a politically biased POS. He should have been fired back in 2016 but Obama wasn't going to fire him because they were all covering protecting Clinton.
  6. Is the recommended peace prize for the shooting or taking guns away and making them easier targets?
  7. This has been almost as much fun a election night. Watching heads explode on ABC and NBC a while ago was really a special treat. Peaking in here mere moments later and seeing threads using their exact ridiculous words is something of a tickle too. wind them up and watch them go. Really though...I understand. For two years you've been told that this was going to nail Trump and you hate Trump. They got your hopes way up only to have them come crashing down. It must be almost as bad as when they told you that all the poles had Hillary as a clear winner...and then...well we know how that turned out. And now it happens again. Well, I said that I understand. I didn't say that I'm not laughing my butt off. Have a nice night.
  8. Yes, I want to see Obama and Clinton (and their henchmen) held accountable for trying to fix the election.
  9. Allegedly Russians posted some crap on social media...so what? Oh, they also allegedly helped us catch the DNC cheating, right? As long as they didn't charge for the service. LOL So the report concluded that there was no evidence of collusion but we're supposed to believe that there was obstruction of an investigation into a nonexistent crime? Mueller went crazy on this thing for two years. There was no obstruction.
  10. And they failed to convict Clinton in the Senate. Clinton was a degenerate but that's not illegal.
  11. And I'm pretty sure that you're a bank robber...I just can't prove it beyond a reasonable doubt at the moment. LOL
  12. Remember that innocent until proven guilty thing? He doesn't need to be exonerated. They've had two years and every tool and all sorts of leeway and they failed to pin anything at all on him. It's time to apologize for wasting everyone's time and money and go back to work.
  13. I still don't think that most of you understand what these most farms are. There is lots of land being farmed but it's farmed by very few people compared to years back. The cost of land, taxes and the cost of equipment has pretty much done away with the "family farm" as most would know it and that change has been going on for decades.
  14. The first problem I see here is that there is such a thing as "African American Studies" in a university. What kind of work does that prepare one to do? That's why so many kids can't pay back their student loans.