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  1. I wonder if he thought about the woman he assaulted in her own home as he begged for himself. I hope so. The important thing is that he had the chance to experience what it feels like.
  2. That crime should carry sentence of death. The world is just a little bit better without that filthy mother fucker.
  3. It sounds like they are changing the definition of "lynch" to include a "minor bruise or abrasion". So one could be guilty of lynching without ever really lynching anybody. I'm telling you the whole government is made up of fucking clowns.
  4. If property isn't worth a life then one shouldn't choose to risk their life by fucking with another's property. The property is often not all that valuable but the right to that property and to not have it molested is absolutely precious and priceless.
  5. I heard an NPR piece where they presented a MLK quote/sound bite and claimed he was saying that protest didn't always have to be peaceful. They are grasping at every straw they can dream up and saying the goofiest shit trying to hurt trump. They really want you to believe that President Trump is going to shoot protesters. All sane people have had enough of the burning and looting but protesting is ok. This protesting is a little stupid but even that's ok. Burning and looting should get one shot and I hope it does. Shoot every one of those pieces of shit. Then there's the blacks. Now I suspect that the problem isn't black people so much as it is the media capitalizing on black people but did anybody ever imagine that they'd be so much trouble? I've never mistreated anybody who didn't give me direct reason but I'm about fed up with the whining. I guess they're not happy here. I'm sorry but I didn't do it and I'm sick of being punished for it. Is it too late to just send them back? Fuck them.
  6. Thanks for the reminder. It would be nice to see Trump retire Biden the same way he retired Clinton.
  7. The looting and burning makes the US look like a third world country. If this keeps up it won't be long before young children will have to pack automatic weapons for defense against the looting gangs. Tanks would be better. They might save the woman and children from having to take part in combat.
  8. Brought together? Bullshit! Simply stop the criminals who are ravaging our city streets. That's as together as we need to be.
  9. The country isn't burning. A handful of shit-hole neighborhoods are burning. President Trump did exactly what he should do. He gave sound advice to a bunch of confused, idiotic governors...who think that they're too smart to take advice...even as their citizens are being burned out.
  10. Trump is right. These governors are pussies. I'm thinking it's time to start a burning and looting club or league. There are no consequences. They could even have tournaments. It could turn into a popular professional sport. I guess Michigan would be the place to start because that bitch doesn't care how many citizens lose their businesses and life's work.
  11. It won't happen. They mostly burn down their own businesses. The lesson here is that nobody should open a business in certain parts of the city. They want to live in a shit hole and we really don't care.
  12. Nonsense. It's the democrat mayors with the problem. What we are seeing once again is the result of their fucked up world view.
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