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  1. That's what they're trying to get us to believe anyway.
  2. That's a good question. Somebody obviously does care what others think of it and what they call it because there seems to be a hell of a campaign to "normalize" it. I don't care what people do in private. It's what they do in public that can be a problem.
  3. I would shotgun it...secure the border, kick out illegals and prosecute employers who hire illegally. You can't have a whore without a john...or a john without a whore.
  4. Does it make sense to even call it "sex". I don't think so.
  5. Yep free...the don't yearn to be free. They yearn to get free stuff.
  6. There's still plenty of littering and illegal dumping but neither was ever in style. Where do you get this stuff?
  7. Sure give up individual liberty and live in a way demanded by the real smart people ...just in case, right? Just become a pet of the government because we're told it's the safer thing to do? No thanks. Let the Climate change as long as it doesn't get any colder.
  8. I hear those detained illegals are upset because the free stuff they're getting from us isn't good enough. I hear that one women who let her child die is even sueing us. Deportation by catapult...good idea.
  9. Some of us had high hopes for Ryan in the beginning but he turned out to be just another establishment jerk/crook. It was good of him to leave.
  10. Not any government. All of "the debt" is given to us by the government.
  11. Our constitution did address it...but then the crooks added the 16th Amendment to give themselves free access to our earnings.
  12. If these politicians had a problem with the deal they should have said so years ago when it happened. They're just putting on a show.
  13. Nobody was going after Acosta or complaining about the deal until just the other day. They're all full of shit.
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