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  1. He was a lousy president and I don't see anything resembling a great man there either...but the $4/gallon gas won't hurt if you properly inflate your tires. What a jamoke.
  2. McConnell is a professional politician. He's the same sort of piece of shit crook as Biden and Pelosi and I'm sure he'll make a fortune as a result of the spending just like they will.
  3. They're wrong again. It's not the "things" that I value so much. What I value is the sanctity of my home and the safety and security of my family. Indeed I do value it more, far more, than someone else's life. There should be absolutely no mistake about it. I care absolutely NOTHING for the life of one who violates my home.
  4. A death tax isn't about anything other than the government confiscating wealth just because they can. We need to defund this government by about 75%. All we're doing is financing an extravagant lifestyle for a bunch of useless assholes.
  5. I hope so but I suspect the tears were real. When the democrat theater is finished with him they'll brush him aside and he'll be shunned by everyone else. I don't think he'll be able to take it. Understandably the poor fucker won't even be able to look in the mirror and that'll be it. How do you think he'll do it?
  6. So you want to get into the nation building business?...or just shower the corrupt government of those countries with our money? All we have to do is secure our border. It's that simple. President Trump had this all handled and then along comes China Joe.
  7. So you think I used the wrong term? Maybe so. I'm trying not to get down in the gutter with you guys...you know what they say about wrestling with a pig? I guess it's best to just ignore him. simple enough.
  8. It does. I think it's about time to just do away with the Olympics altogether...at least for the USA.
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