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  1. What military or municipality uses a semi-auto for an assault weapon? I think that being "semi"-auto is probably a disqualifying feature.
  2. Yes this storm is almost as big as the ones we had back in the 1930's. It has to be global warming...that's what caused the storms of the 30's, LOL. And the nerve of trump to not do anything to stop it.
  3. The people I know who own AR-15 type rifles buy them because they like them. Some hunt with them, some target shoot with them and some just own them. None of those people plan on picking a fight with anybody. The gun isn't the problem.
  4. That's just it but they will continue to try to survive. They will use their own land as best they know how in the ongoing effort to feed their families. You already killed the environment to build the city that you live in...and you live pretty good. Other folks around the world are just trying to have a little bit of what you have.
  5. Can they afford the vaccinations? If it's a question of availability, they should get the shots before they storm the border. Isn't it something? They bust in, expect to be taken care of and then complain that the free shit isn't good enough.Fuck them!
  6. I don't think you should be allowed to kill your next door neighbor but that doesn't mean that I want to support him. Likewise, I don't think you should be allowed to kill your children but that doesn't mean that I want to support them.
  7. 55 percent of Americans are pussies who scare easily. "Gun control" only makes criminals safer.
  8. Isn't it primarily natural gas that's taking the place of coal? As time goes on and new technologies come into play the relative cost effectiveness of the various alternatives change. I don't think anybody is against that. The reason we still use fossil fuels is that they work the best and cost the least. If that changes we'll use something else. What we don't want is to be forced to use something that doesn't work for crap because the government wants us to and fines us into it.
  9. I'm way ahead of them. I get by with a shade tree and some open windows. In my old age I've started to use a small room air conditioner when it gets too uncomfortable. During the cold months ...which is the largest portion of the year, the thermostat is set around 70.
  10. The OP shouldn't be allowed anywhere near school kids.
  11. I wouldn't hurt someone over a can of beer...unless it was MY can of beer. What makes it valuable is the "my" part. It doesn't matter what's being stolen. The violation is the same regardless of monetary value.
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