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  1. Hmmm. That kid must be from Flint, originally. Or something.
  2. Wow. And l agree with what Hillary said in the debate yesterday - do you really think this would have happened in an all white community? I don't think so! lol. Maybe an all Hispanic community, yes. Maybe an Asian/Indian-ish type community, but OMG, don't even tell me that this would have happened in a white community. I'm gonna go watch "Erin Brockovich" now - I heard it's pretty good.
  3. Yeah. That's the only reason, though. If Jeb Bush hadn't cheated and helped his brother win Florida, then I think he'd make a fabulous president. We'd all be as well off as we were under his brother and his dad.
  4. We're not against "healthcare", we're against "healthcare for all". Because you fit into the "all" category and we don't want you to be healthy. If you're healthy, then you need to be fed, you need housing, transportation, tickets to the playoff games, gas money, etc. We think it's cheaper for you to be sick as a dog, frankly.
  5. Speaking of the death penalty, Bernie Sanders is against it. He doesn't think the government should be part of the killing, and he thinks that innocent people are killed. Hillary, by contrast, does believe in the death penalty, but thinks the system is broken and needs to be fixed. I lean towards this viewpoint. I want the government to be part of the killing, but only when the system is fixed and no innocent people are killed. Sure, some people would need to be killed while the system is being fixed, but under Hillary, it most certainly would be fixed, and pronto. At least that's what I believe to be true.
  6. You mean and have the wealthy pay for these programs? Wealthy as in "Bernie Sanders", or "Hillary Clinton"? Why aren't they already paying for these programs? Why is a federal law required to raise the minimum wage in Los Angeles, for example? Why not just pass a city ordinance or a state law? The federal government doesn't know how to spend a person's money better than the person who earned it. And just to think that they are so arrogant as to think so, really pisses me off.
  7. Wouldn't it be cool if Bob Dylan bought Flint, Michigan a whole new water system? I think that would be nice of him because he's in a position where he could easily afford to do it. And then we wouldn't hear anything more about Flint Michigan, except that the negroes there are going to be stupid because of the water and that we should expect some stupid negroes coming out of Flint.
  8. I tend to listen to Barbara Bush. She's hot too. I've always thought that about her.
  9. I hope he wears his go-go boots for his victory speech. And then does a little dance of some kind.
  10. So let me get this straight: Bob Dylan is responsible for Flint's water problem?
  11. Oh I think you'd be surprised at what would fly with normal Americans. Like, for example, Bernie Sanders, who wants to provide free college and free health care and free day care and free higher minimum wage and free paid leave and free black lives matter, wants to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for it. That's a fact. And normal Americans, millions of them, want him to be the president of the United States.
  12. Funny you should suggest something like this because a guy as wealthy as Bernie Sanders, with his U.S. senator salary and benefits, his pensions from various public office positions and his superior (and free) cadillac health care insurance, is one of the very few privileged folks who could afford a servant to call for a bottle of oxygen, a bottle of Coke, a bottle of Vicodin and a bottle of gin, or w/e. His opponent could afford to call Bernie and summon a bottle of oxygen. But I'm gonna vote for one of these two, because they're gonna stick it to the millionaires and billionaires. Dumb fuck.
  13. Who would be dumb enough to vote Republican, and vote away their clean water? Would people in Durango Colorado or Farmington New Mexico? I hope not! Dumb idiot schmucks.
  14. He's finished because he just doesn't have the "stuff" to be president. And I'm not sure he understands that. He's a good, decent guy but he's just not up to the task of POTUS.

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