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  1. Yea, right. they'd probably still be shooting at each other every one killing the guy next to him because he had a gun and was shooting. Half the people in the place would have been shot if a bunch of idiots would have started shooting at each other thinkin g they were killing the bad guy. What idiots.
  2. Without 10 years of republican rule, we wouldn't have an unemployement or exconomic problem and Obama wouldn't need a "scam". Truth is, we've already been scammed, he's just the scapegoat.
  3. Does anyone besides me remember how quickly the Thompson hearings into china money going to the DNC came to a close when pictures of Haley Barber, head of the RNC at the time showed him in China collecting money for republicans? For two weeks, Senate hearings on campaign finance focused on misdeeds by Democrats. But last week tables turned and Republicans had to defend themselves against assertions that their party had accepted an illegal donation of foreign money. Haley Barbour, the Republican Party chairman for the 1994 and 1996 elections, said he had no idea that the money came from abroad. And though he now knows it came from Hong Kong, he said, it was legal because it went to a non-profit offshoot, not the party. July 27, 1997 http://www.nytimes.com/keyword/haley-barbour
  4. Wonder how the republicans can claim to have dragged Clinton kicking and screaming into a balanced budget when the charts show deficits dropping through all his term? Nothing changed when republicans took control of congress. And what do you suppose happened to their deficit reducing magic dust when Clinton left office? One would think if the republicans balanced the budget fighting Clinton, having a president of their party would make it much easier. I suppose they must have used up all their balancing budget dust on Clinton and had none left for Bush.
  5. I want to know what happened to his black helicopters he was going to use on his invasion of America. 99% of the accusations hurled at Clinton was just made up crap and as phoney as the "birther" schitt.
  6. Isn't letting a religious organization disregard laws and letting them force their religious beliefs on others violate the establishment clause? How can special privilages be given religion and it not be "making of any law respecting an establishment of religion"?
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