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  1. So far, he has done much better than the community organizer.
  2. Care to match wits, dumbalina?
  3. She could eat an apple through a chain link fence.
  4. DJT has a long way to go to move into the lead in the incompetency arena. Soetoro and Carter have huge leads.
  5. Another masturbatory moment for the loinfo snowflake regime................snicker. "unnamed sources" Guffaw
  6. What Democrats Have Been Reduced To

    And you are to stupid to understand why your ass was obliterated in November. snickers at stupid
  7. Asshats have fantasy
  8. SPD: The "Roots" Of Teabaggery

    Accept the fact that your agenda was kicked to the curb and dirt stomped.
  9. Too bad, so sad, you are in lala land.
  10. No need to pay attention to the non contributors. Have a happy Fu moment.
  11. Damn buckwheat, try and stay in the same game
  12. Otay, buckwheat. Hard evidence is needed.