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  1. Actually it is hump day. Not that it matters when you are retired.
  2. We are in Canada now and these folks are bigger sheep than progs. We are supposed to be in a two week quarentine (snicker) and supposedly they will send the RCMP to check up and make sure we are being good little sheep. Not too worried about that because we are 14 miles due east of BFE.
  3. I am actually at the cottage in Napanee, Ontario like I am every single summer since retirement.
  4. The prosecution rests in this trial of the stupid. The hoax is proven.
  5. Have you ever noticed that your opinion is worth less than a small order of fries?
  6. Long, long ago in a faraway galaxy I was drafted to go to lovely SE Asia. I chose to go USN (Semper Fortis) rather than be tits deep in a rice paddy. The best that I remember fags, queers, cocksuckers tended to fall down ladders on a frequent basis. I remember one on the Oriskany that tripped and fell from the flight deck to the hanger deck.
  7. You will be waiting forever. They are big on asspull statements but have no facts in their bag of propaganda.
  8. Looks like Denmark needs more US niggers to fuck everything up.
  9. Oh, come on now. One got fucked because he was already at the top, the ho fucked her way up. Get in the real world, nanner puddin.
  10. I am not worried, the hard left could fuck up an anvil with a rubber hammer.
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