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  1. I'm reading This Town by Mark Leibovich. It's pretty good so far Anyone else read it?
  2. Hi. How's everything? :)

  3. Ok sorry I haven't been on after all..... got hooked on a stupid online game for awhile, lol. Anyway I should be on more often now :)

  4. Welcome back...hope all is well. The regular progressives on here have pretty much either lost their minds or specialize in name-calling so not much has changed

  5. Well I hope to be on regularly now :)

  6. I like your new tag line :)

    Yeah I'm back again, finally. Gonna try to be on here regularly now. :)

  7. Where have you been?

  8. Hey, have you read "Why Pay?" I like your topic on the climate summit. :)

  9. Welcome back, Gold Lily

  10. Glad to see you back...progressivism is crumbling. Time to pick their bones clean


  11. Hey, chuck! What's new? I'm so glad they finally added a way for LF members to leave messages for each other!! :) I've been wishing they'd do that for a long time. Course I haven't been on in forever either. Good to be back. Hope life is good for you.

  12. What I wonder about is how much the libs will freak out when they finally realize how much that big fraud B.O. has betrayed them. They are the ones best at protests and such, after all. Us cons aren't as use to such things. Should be interesting when it all hits the fan!! At least the country is finally starting to wake up, slowly. Do you ever listen/read 2 Beck? Any friend of Nef1...

  13. Hey, nef., what's new? Glad to see you're still on here. I haven't been on in forever, just got a new computer-back to keep up the fight (ie. trying to enlighten these poor backwards progressives) Now that's any oxymoron for you-liberals:progressives! :) lol That kinda progress just makes one say "if it ain't broke..."!!! Hope life is treati...

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