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  1. GOP Fascist corporatism is Destroying Free Market Capitalism...your posting only prove your anti-liberalism is a sign of criminal insanity and fascismm...blow yourself up and save the USA...
  2. most debt leveraged in history...GOP planning MORE defaults and Bankruptcies to boost the Fascist Corporatism that has removed FREE Market Capitalism, with the fascist corporatist rubbish you just posted... There’s more than 60% chance of a global recession within the next 18 months, economist sayshttp://www.liberalforum.org/index.php?/topic/206015-stock-market-today-feelin-da-pain/page-44&do=findComment&comment=1059922654 Recession 2017? These Things Never Happen Unless The Economy Is In Declinehttp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-02-09/recession-2017-things-are-happening-usually-never-happen-unless-economy-starting-dec Banks are holding direct deposits starting in July...
  3. Recession and Depression are the plans of Global Fascism. U.S. and Global Free Market Capitalism, is under siege by Illegal Fascist Corporatism EVERY Party Fascist, has been Securitizing their Investment Losses with U.S. Taxes, pocketing the most profits in history and ballooning U.s. Deficits into Recession and Depression DESTRUCTION... Bring Our Troops Home, Protect and Defend the American People
  4. "We (Trump University) have an ‘A’ from the Better Business Bureau." — PolitiFact National on Sunday, February 28th, 2016
  5. "The Iraq Invasion was an unnecessary, preventable war of choice that has robbed resources and diverted attention from the more critical missions against al Qaeda in a hopeless quest for absolute security" ~U.S. Army Report on Iraq 2004 Neo cons borrowed $9 Billion quarterly ((from themselves with guaranteed payback under the Securiotization Act of 2002)), to build that shiny new army ISIS now uses to PROTRACT WAR for the Bush/Cheney/GOP Soviets
  6. Far Right Wing Extremists rule the GOP and the USA...NOT Conservatives or Liberals...
  7. Bran dead Trump Sociopath with nothing relevant or Constitutional to add...in short...THE REASON the USA has fallen so far...Far Right Wing Nationalism is for the Criminal Insane... ((waits for the loonies to call me a leftist))
  8. "Sociopaths for Trump!!...Sociopaths for Trump!!"...
  9. 62% of ALL registered voters blame the far right wing GOP for the government shut downs BECAUSE they call for it ((along with impmpeachment)) almost daily.
  10. Only because the USA Far Right Wing has been cutting food stamps from 12 million U.S. poor, elderly and disabled annually, forcing them all into default to USA Party Banks and Insurance, so they can garnish their wages and benefits, evict and foreclose. They decreased food stamps from $64.00 per month to $4.00 three years ago, big deal. We need to keep track of how many Americans DIE and how many riots and uprisings we have, due to these Fascist Austerity Cuts, while the Party Socialists steal. plunder and pilfer more wages and benefits and put that $$$ into Party Pockets ((see the Third Reich)) http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/ They are doing the same with Fair Housing at 30% of income. God judges nations that treat their poor, elderly and disabled the way the USA Far Right Wing and all other Far Right Wing Global Tyrants have done, to CAUSE this global uprising while blaming islam for it.
  11. What is the Conservative Platform? Eradicate the Poor, Elderly, Disabled and Veterans Bankrupt business' for takeover of pensions through excessive borrowing from Party Banks Force American Workers into default and slavery to Party Banks and Insurance Outsourcing Privatization Scandal Continue Spying on the American Citizen (violation of 4th ammendment) More Party Insurance with no meaningful coverages, more benefit cuts and more premium increases More De=Regulation to increase economic and social sanctions States Rights with ZERO Human Rights More Excessive Contract Terms and Conditions MORE Excessive Search and Seizures (violation of 4th ammendment) Continuing to fund, train and arm global militants (ISIS is al qeada and using army the far right wing funded at $9 billion annually) to protract war and line the pockets of the USA Far Right Wing War Mongers Shut down the government to increase hardship upon the citizens to increase terrorist threats More Election Fraud and Voter Suppression Continued Destruction of the Magna Carta, U.S. Constitution and the Inalienable Right More Evictions and Foreclosures (violation of the 4th ammendment) More Default Derivatives (violation of 14th ammendment) The Implementaion of Far Right Wing State Religion Homophobia Racism Polution More Homelessness Higher Utility Rates MORE Garnishments of Wages and Benefits More Soviet Style Testing, instead of Education More anti-union crimes Anti-Liberalism Anti-Immigration A Closed U.S.A. Judicial System with SECRET COURTS and PARTY JUDGEMENTS against the citizenry More Party Welfare More Propaganda, Mis-information and disinformation Premptive Protracted Wars of Choice Undermining of the Presidency Undermining of the Public Trust Protection and Securitization of Party Investments to create MORE RISK on everyone else More Income and personal Inequality A U.S.A. Far Right Wing Tyrannical and Oppressive Totalitariat A U.S.A. Civil War against a Militarized Law Enforcement, based on Party Ideologies Theft of Social Security Telling Americans "if you don't like it, move to North Korea" Eradicate MORE Poor, Elderly, Disabled and Veterans "the enemies of the president are wrong, they simply hate the president because god has sent him to save the great society from the evils of liberalism and terrorism"...Goebbels 1943/Rove 2004 "the Iraq Invasion was an unnecessary preventable war of choice that has robbed resources and diverted attention from the more critical missions against al qeada in a hopeless quest for absolute security" U.S. Army Report on Iraq 2004
  12. I hope this New Unificiation does not get their asses kicked by all those weapons those Global Nation Builders have been spending since 1994? $9 billion per year since 2002...through 2017...all classified by Bush and Pelosi...How much more can the Cheney Saudis Borrow from YOU? It is ALL in your name Americans. (($58 Billion Un-Accounted for)) Let the Jordanian Wars begin, all the will of Isis...I mean al-qeada...I mean the Global National socialists, creating more new and imaginary "funding", while cutting food for the poor, elderly and disabled. Fund the Ukranian Wars too... The Brotherhood of Fascism Demands it... How many more militants must the Tyrants Fund and Train? How many more innocents must be sacrificed? Who shall the political fanatics target next? When shall the United States Military Defend the Citizenry? Make sure The Boehner/Bush Cheney/Rove and McConnell GOP Insurance is Paid Up? ((they may close our government again, when the uprisings occur and to allow the terrorists to attack...again)) When the Fascists enact terrorism, they rely upon "The Powers of the Blood", Jordanians must not make any mistakes, the Global Nation builders have been planning this for some time. Shalom.
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