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  1. Because faith and paper are worth the blood.
  2. Bush placed multiple guarantees to the Sunni minority that has provided the manpower to ISIS(you had it backwards). Sunnis in Iraq were terrified of democracy and the moment we withdrew completely exactly what they feared happened. While Obama is not responsible for Syria, Iraq is almost entirely on him. Oversight in Iraq should have continued for at least another decade.
  3. A whole lot can change in the hours it takes to fly across Iraq, and typically reengagement of targets won't happen due to the fuel restrictions of flying that far out to a target. It also entirely rules out the economical aircraft designed to engage the targets we're dealing with. Believe it or not, but unless it's a direct hit a 500lb bomb probably won't destroy a tank, even if it's an outdated Soviet model(although the crew might be bleeding from their ears and eyes and/or dead, but they were designed to be operated by conscripts to begin with). The Iraqi Government created ISIS, and to a great degree so did Obama by removing our oversight of their government. All we are doing without direct military intervention is propping up the problem.
  4. Ultimately I feel as if it was the result of the breakdown of citizenship and the dilution of culture. Rome was built upon logistics and citizenship which defended it's borders, and as Rome prospered it became common for Roman citizens to slice off their thumbs to avoid military service. This resulted in most soldiers being immigrants, who did not feel an allegiance to Rome, and resulted in the failure of Rome to meet it's enemies. That and the gradual decline of it's technological superiority in military arms and tactics and ability to adopt to meet new threats. Imagine how much bloodier Iraq would have been if we never felt the need to introduce armor to vehicles to counter small arms and IEDs.
  5. At absolute best a drone can pull a grid that's 30 meters off the actual target, and bombing runs, to include laser guided weapons, are incredibly ineffective in urban terrain. Boots on the ground put a missile into your bedroom but spares your wife and child in the next room, but war from afar results in incredible civilian casualties with very little results. If we had dropped the same amount of bombs on Japan that we dropped on Vietnam WW2 would have been over in a month, yet somehow the Vietnamese just kept coming. Yes, when they try to fight at our level they certainly lose, but the path Obama has chosen to take leaves our best attack aircraft on the sidelines and is EXTREMELY expensive.
  6. First and foremost these goals have very few enemies outside of the Democratic Party, because as a member of a labor union, I can testify that there's nothing middle class wage earners want than to deport every single illegal immigrant in this country, because they are entirely responsible for domestic wage suppression and the destruction of millions of middle class jobs. The only people opposed to mass deportation are Democrats, and usually liberals. There's also this little known fact that community college is completely free to begin with. While I can't speak for all States, California waives fees for low income students, and combined with local, state, and Federal grants for students, I came out $4,000 a year in cash while attending community college. Perhaps instead of making community college "free" we should focus on funding and/or expanding programs that are relevant to local communities. Aerospace and manufacturing are huge in my area, and every newspaper and job search website always had dozens of new job listings for entry level machinists and other advanced manufacturing positions. My community college offered several programs, but instead of the 2 years it claimed the program took, I took classes for 4 YEARS before giving up on completing it. Half the required classes were never offered during that period, and the main courses filled up in minutes of registration opening up. I know for a fact that hundreds of college courses in California take multiple semesters to get into, and a "free" education just means that it'll be that much more difficult to complete a degree, and millions of young Americans will fail due to massive class sizes and poor preparation. I know for a fact that I will never ever write a 10 page research paper on some bullshit book about hitchhiking, homosexuality, and doing drugs, which is why I'll never have a college degree, but I can tell you for a fact that in 4 years I'll be making $100,000 a year and retiring at 50 with 3 pensions for the rest of my life(and no I'm not a public employee and taxpayers aren't footing the bill). How many college graduates can say that with certainty?
  7. You realize that even under gold standards inflation, to include hyperinflation occurred, and in many instances gold proved to be an incredibly unreliable medium of exchange that destroyed economic viability.
  8. My entire wardrobe, with the sole exception of clothing issued by my employer, is made in the United States. Pants, work pants, shirts, jackets, sweaters, socks, underwear, wallets, and boots, and a good portion of it by the blind and other disabled Americans. Come to think of it, just about everything in my home is made in the United States, with electronics being the only major foreign component. Since I am a Republican, and you claimed Republicans hate American workers and manufacturing, I apparently just proved you wrong.
  9. The economic value of what we produce, which I would assume is the primary and standard figure for all economic activitity. Would you prefer to own the business with the highest number of consumers, or the highest profit margins?
  10. How is creating a single payer system going to do anything to solve the problem? The example I stated above about my exwife was for Workman's Comp, and I am sure that there are endless cases of fraud abound for Medicare and even private insurance. Where I live police catch people all the time setting up fake car accidents in an attempt to defraud their health/auto insurance companies. Even if you eliminated the profit portion of health care, it wouldn't change the fact that hospitals will continue to charge ridiculous prices and deny health care treatment to individuals in an attempt to make even more money. Unless I'm dying I refuse to go to a hospital, because every time I do doctors always seem to have an immediate diagnois for whatever my problem might be, or even worse refuse to accept that I have a preexisting condition and happen to know exactly what they need to do to treat it. Tricare(my insurance provider) didn't shoot me up with pain killers and tell me to go home after I informed the ER doctor that I had a serious infection that could kill me within days, that was a "nonprofit Catholic hospital" and a doctor who obviously figured it was in her employer's best interest for me to have a 2 week stay at the hospital and 4 weeks of home care than a night in the ER hooked up to an IV. Hospitals, regardless if they're nonprofit, will still continue to be businesses, and as businesses will need to compete for top talent. If you were a doctor would you rather work in a hospital with the latest and greatest in technology, or the one with decade old equipment? As a consumer would you want yourself or a loved one in a hospital room where ceiling tiles were missing and the paint was peeling?
  11. So you think that Obama is going to hell for being a successful black man?
  12. I don't think you're understanding the actual problem with our system. Insurance companies by definition are a mechanism to control costs. If you're in an accident and your car needs repairs, your insurance company is the one making sure the mechanic isn't charging ridiculous rates to get those repairs done, and likewise health insurance companies apply downward pressure on the charges a hospital can place on you for various services. Hospitals, not insurance companies, ARE THE PROBLEM. You have doctors with massive student loans and 10 years of their lives committed to their profession before they START making money, combined with countless opportunities for very large kickbacks for referring you to specialists and prescribing medications. My exwife used to work for a PT clinic as a biller, and brought up the fact that they were making over a MILLION dollars a year in direct payments to referring doctors. Shortly thereafter she was fired, and with that put into perspective, how much profit do you think was being made to justify over a million dollars a year in "advertisement" expenses? We could cut our health care expenses IN HALF in a year with one very simple reform, and that's requiring hospitals to itemize your bill. Once people realize exactly what their insurance companies are paying for, they'll start taking steps to reduce their costs, but no matter how big the risk pool is health care costs will never go down if the focus is on insurance.
  13. Actually I'm pretty sure it was Wall Street, because the major banks bankrolled his campaign, and they happen to own all the major health insurance companies now getting massive Federal payouts. Yay for corporate fascism! Good to see liberals finally coming out of the closet about their hatred for working Americans, the rule of law, and republicanism in general.
  14. You don't think it benefits private insurance companies, and essentially denies Americans affordable health care, by allowing insurance companies to charge ridiculous premiums AND deductibles? How much health care services to you use in a given year? What do you think the national average is? The ACA did ABSOLUTELY nothing to make health care affordable, because hospitals can still charge WHATEVER they want, you have no idea what the price is, you can't make returns, and your insurance company has no way of proving if services provided to you were necessary. A couple years ago I had a permanent IV put in at a hospital after a sinus infection came back(so the second stay inside a month), but the doctor had it removed before I was discharged because he didn't think I needed additional home care. The hospital STILL TRIED to charge my insurance for a $10,000 procedure. Insurance companies are not the problem, a hospital system with ZERO accountability and ZERO recourse for consumers is the problem, and the free market could fix it inside of a year.
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