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  1. I agree that the meeting should not have happened nor should they have lied about it. I've not heard any subsequent reporting about who this lady was, why she tried to approach the campaign or whatever happened to her. The entire thing is somewhat random but staged for a reason.
  2. I am familiar with the meeting to get dirt on Hillary. Was the meeting ill-advised. Certainly. Illegal? I'm thinking not. I don't think anyone has even claimed as much, credibly. That being said, we DO suspect the Russians weaving propaganda. "Newly declassified footnotes from a government report, first obtained by CBS News, show that despite multiple warnings about Russian targeting and the potential for disinformation, the FBI relied on the controversial Steele dossier to secure surveillance warrants for a Trump campaign aide before and after the 2016 election.
  3. 1. If the communications were nefarious, why did the FBI have to lie to get FISA warrants? 2. If Trump lied to the FBI, why didn't they charge him? 3. Why didn't the FBI use the contents of Trump's tax returns to gain FISA warrants...legitimately? 4. Why did the FBI have to lean on Russian propaganda (Steele dossier)?
  4. My logical thinking tells me that if the Trump campaign was up to something nefarious, the FBI wouldn't have to obfuscate, conceal or fabricate to get the Trump administration. https://theintercept.com/2019/12/12/the-inspector-generals-report-on-2016-fb-i-spying-reveals-a-scandal-of-historic-magnitude-not-only-for-the-fbi-but-also-the-u-s-media/
  5. Our friend retreated to an alternate set of ideas.
  6. I have somewhat thought the same thing in the past ...like when Trump said his campaign was being spied on. I thought, “common now...that’s a bridge too far Donald. Spying? What idiot would possibly authorize such a thing. You’re living in an alternative... ....what’s that??? Wait....what....??”
  7. If Trump is to blame for those idiots in the streets and the Democrat government that run those cities, I guess there’s nothing Trump CANT be blamed for.
  8. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. I don’t use social media platforms so I don’t have any idea how Russia would manipulate a user. Do they do it through ads? Posts???
  9. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/why-the-biden-rule-doesnt-apply-in-2020-11600545795
  10. In Trump’s defense, the Dems have a long history of making stuff up.
  11. Indeed. To ha e her wish realized, she should have retired when obama was President.
  12. Probably. But he still needs a teleprompter. Gonna have to find a way to work that in...
  13. We all remember the Clinton campaign getting debate questions ahead of time so it’s reasonable to think that could happen again. So he might do debate with CNN moderating....through Zoom where he can have a teleprompter and cut the feed, if necessary.
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