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  1. Certainly several went to jail for lying (inaccurate?) statements given during the investigation. One for tax problems dating back several years. None for conspiracy with Russia.
  2. I certainly do. Hanging chads and everything. I remember the NYTimes having to swallow their pride and claim, according to their recounts, Bush still won. Good times.
  3. To be fair, Democrats blame the 2016 election on Russia with no evidence...everyone has their own cross to bear.
  4. It is premature to say Hillary damaged no one. What we know for certain....she expended quite a bit of effort to hide whatever she was doing.
  5. I don’t disagree. I’ve just seen some people recently credit Obama for good news....well after those events.
  6. The only way they could lose MORE credibility would be if they had gotten on the Russian hoax bandwagon.
  7. Let me be the first to congratulate to the previous administration IF the stock market rebounds. Otherwise, it’s Trump’s economy.
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