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  1. You know what, you’re right. The Clinton Foundation indeed didn’t close but rather just lost the majority of funding after her loss. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/clinton-foundation-donations/ I stand corrected.
  2. I’ll be forgiven for not getting too exercised about some vacant hotel rooms when nobody batted an eye over a foundation that took in untold millions only to shut down after a lost election...????
  3. Trump has caused some on the left to completely come unglued...no question about it. In fairness, I’m pretty sure Paul Ryan, Cruz, Rubio....even Romney would have a similar effect.
  4. Perhaps the Democrats will offer a reasonable alternative. Talk of “environmental racism” isn’t giving me hope.
  5. I think the Dems were caught flat footed when Trump unexpectedly released the transcript.
  6. That would explain the desire to conceal the identity. This one is slowly unraveling.
  7. Maybe it would be better to get the DNC to quit screwing over the electorate? just throwing some ideas out there.
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