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  1. 😮... tell him I say 'hi!!!'......and 'happy birthday' 😉
  2. It’s heard to take crying about children seriously from someone who supports a woman’s right to Give birth then make the baby comfortable until the decision is made to exterminate the or not.
  3. Ex presidential candidate Swalwell said that? Well dang....
  4. “Mr. Durham noted the inspector general’s authority was limited to information within the Justice Department, while his investigation culled evidence from “other persons and entities both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.” Sounds like Durham’s investigation is a bit more expansive...
  5. If one doubt Joe, just the examples of Trump weapon using the IRS and spying on Americans is enough to completely prove his point.
  6. He wants to throw away tens of millions because he has it to waste? ...ok....
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