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  1. Why won't you comment on your topic??
  2. Where is your comment? You posted a Guardian article. ...and? I need to care about the opinion of a leftwing columnist?
  3. Common now...let's not get the weekend started on the wrong foot.
  4. That's how I feel on this board but I stay humble and remind myself it's cheap entertainment.
  5. Unfortunately, Americans are addicted to cheap, throwaway goods. Gone are the days of the TV repair or shoe repairman. It's a shame for American manufacturing. Equally, it's a shame China steals intellectual property from the US which has equal value.
  6. 'Another big Ivanka Trump holding, a trust that includes her personal business selling handbags, shoes and accessories, generated at least $1 million in revenue in 2018, down from at least $5 million the year before. Ivanka Trump announced in July of last year that she planned to close her fashion company to focus on her work as a White House adviser for her father. ' It looks like several of their holdings are down as she has stepped away from the business to work as an unpaid advisor. I'll keep an eye on the story but it appears they are actually losing money, not cashing in.
  7. From the article, it appears they would make their wealth independently of who is in the White House.
  8. Your work is ahead of you to prove it. Better yet, get word to the DNC of this bombshell information and have them blast the talking points out to the 30 or so Dem candidates spread out on the campaign trail. It would be a nice break from MSNBC and CNN's continued conspiracy theories.
  9. Everybody else is talking about the media whining? Well, if the shoe fits...
  10. No. Did my post sound familiar? Maybe FOX is plagiarizing me.
  11. “What’s worse, Trump, or his followers’ eagerness to join him in lies?” Wow, what a great question. Media outlets what whine incessantly are above and beyond the absolute worst.
  12. neue regel

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    You went from zero to grumpy in what must be close to record time!
  13. neue regel

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    You'd be better off in the Lib Only room.
  14. neue regel

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    You say the same about a great many people. Your words are hollow.
  15. neue regel

    Why Pelosi is Wrong on Impeachment

    Pelosi knows an impeachment inquiry forces Democrats to play their hand. Clearly, she doesn’t feel confident with the cards she’s holding so she’s content to bluff as long as she can.