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  1. I would concede both sides use hyperbole to make their points. Paul Ryan pushing grandma off a cliff comes to mind.
  2. Him shutting it down is preferable? I would think he would get praise for being reasonable.
  3. One could certainly make that case. It’s for that reason I believe we are getting ready to see house Dems and trump lock horns about releasing documents. Trump will likely claim executive privilege and perhaps even ignore subpoenas....all with prior precedence.
  4. That’s basically what the right said about Hillary. Two separate systems of justice, I think it was framed.
  5. Seems like Flynn was satisfied to leave the plea where is was to put it all behind him. I also suppose the judge wasn’t willing to push a contempt issue either.
  6. I worry MOST about Muller because he represents a government that is appearing more and more repressive and an enemy of the people it is supposed to protect.
  7. I don’t know if he lied, got a detail wrong, etc. I do know that Muller seems to be wanting to hide something about the transaction. To your point, Flynn COULD have made a deal to avoid the financial ruin of fighting the government to clear his name. Mall speculation, of course.
  8. What does Flynn’s plea of guilty for lying have to do with reasons other people will sometimes plea guilty to things they didn’t do?
  9. I’m sure we agree that people plea to many things in order to get reduced sentences, avoid costs, etc.
  10. https://www.newsmax.com/politics/mccain-subpoenas-obama-emails/2013/06/18/id/510535/ Subpoena away...
  11. How does a country have a financial stake in the healthcare of a country without having any say in how one physically takes care of themselves? I ask this because of a book I’m reading on the crisis of Type 2 diabetes and the costs associated.in my opinion, that is the most diffuse balancing act.