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  1. Smoking Should be banned from the United States, Smokers should be shot. It would be different If they were harming just themselves, but when I am. forced to breathe there second hand cancer smoke which is more toxic than the shit they suck into there Tar lungs and it fucks with my Breathing and allergies they are no longer harming just themselves. Sorry not sorry to my friends who smoke. I would support a federal mandate to Ban Smoking from America. I would also support prison time for those who choose to violate the Ban. Parents who smoke around their kids should also be charged with child a
  2. There is no comparison between Islam and Christianity. As A Christian I can and Have accepted Christ as my personal loard and savior. At the same time I have swore allegiance to The United States of America and it's constitution. If you are a muslim you can not do this. As a muslim the only thing you can do is swear allegiance to Allah and His Prophet.
  3. Yes I am the epitome of what an American Conservative is. It's not like we are capable of independent thought, nope we all think exactly alike. Oh wait I am sorry I was actually describing your average Democrat voter.
  4. No I don't, I don't fucking care why the niggers aren't voting republican. In fact I don't think they should be able to vote at all. Lynch em all and let God sort out the good ones. If you think I give a fuck why niggers do any of the things they do, you do not know me very well.
  5. Far as I am concerned he can hang right beside her. in fact We hang Obummer on the left, Hillary in the middle, and Donald on the right. We do this on the south lawn, and leave the bodies to rot in the hot son for all the world to see. I have to give you kudos on your siggy. It makes me chuckle every time I see it.
  6. So What! So were the Egyptian pyramids and the vast majority of the worlds infrastructure pre-1900's. If she does not like her current accommodations, I am sure My fellow Americans and myself are willing to put her up in accommodations more suiting to her. Lets say a 6'0 by 3'0 cage in a zoo with the rest of the apes.
  7. Instead of facing personal attacks, Hillary needs to face a Hangman's noose for he treasonous actions against this Nation.
  8. Hands up don't shoot? More like Pull your pants up and don't loot. Of Course they can. They are use to taking what isn't theirs, and redistributing it into their own greasy greedy paws.
  9. Yes I am a bastion of the conservative movement All my fellow Conservatives think just like me. No there is no independent thought, we all think a like, and if we don't we are mega shuned. Oh wait never mind that is the Democratic Party I am describing.
  10. That is a lovely picture of a nigger in the warzone formerly known as Chicago. Now all we need is a white cop to goodify it. Would you fuckinfg please stop comparing me to Trump and his supporters. I fucking hate trump. In fact I just might hate trump more than I hate a nigger. Probably not, but it is possible.
  11. Sigh if only niggers were as trainable as this bonobo, but alas they are not. The only cure for a [African-American slur] is to put it down.
  12. I do not understand why people expect us to cater to minorities. Isn't it the Job of the Democratic Party to do that? There is room for all in the Grand Ole Party, if you wanna join join, just don't expect us o kiss your ass and cater to you to get you to join.
  13. God hates Religion. Here is a good video describing the difference between Christianity and religion:
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