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  1. solarcell

    In Case You Missed It,

    no, it was to follow rule of law and not let a idiot majority ruin it for everyone else.
  2. solarcell

    Come On Baby, Do the OCO-motion

    evaded all points.
  3. solarcell

    Come On Baby, Do the OCO-motion

    did they report "good people on all sides"? did they report " illegals are rapists and murderers"?
  4. solarcell

    Come On Baby, Do the OCO-motion

    no more than your msm
  5. the lame stream media. they twist his words to create division.
  6. solarcell

    Come On Baby, Do the OCO-motion

    yeah, maybe the left will quit manufacturing division by cherry picking his words.
  7. The left blames everything on Trump when it's them that are causing it all. They say he's racist because they say he said all immigrants are rapists and murderers when he just said a lot of them were, but they have to stir the masses with his racism thus creating all the division themselves. They also forget that he said "on both sides" so it seems that he was siding with the supremacists. Creating more division. They collude with Russia to railroad him for collusion? Now, they read one line in a manifesto and blame it on the NRA when the sicko was coming from all directions. The left is definitely a plague.
  8. So, what's the point, the EARTH will survive. You want to get rid of people when they are doing it themselves. Or, do you just want everyone else to die but you?
  9. Trump isn't tearing the country apart. The left is with TDS.
  10. No, like "I don't carry the nuclear codes, they're in that briefcase right over there".
  11. I cant wait to hear him goof in debates
  12. first politician in history to lie to voters! ha! lol. he has kept, or at least tried to , keepas many of his promises to the electorate as any other President. You just don't like them.