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  1. Stupid. He said some of them are rapists and murders. The leftist took it and ran saying Mexicans are rapists and murderers. The leftist media and sheep like you prolong the race war....it's the only way you think you can win.
  2. no, they're the ones that go ape sh!t wild on anybody associated to Trump. They donate but don't want crazy idiotic morons attacking them for who they support.
  3. who said ignore? don't publicize the goons. Someone will want their 15 minutes of fame in their gloomy depression.
  4. yeah, it'll probably be the Chinese helping DT this time.
  5. tell em to keep it off the news. cures 2 problems; quit traumatizing kids and keep copy cat killers from the idea.
  6. Yet that is what leftist are determined to do. Drive big business out of business so the populace will have to revert to supplying their own.
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