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  1. I think it's funny the Dems do the dividing and you moo cows follow the bell cow.
  2. you got that disgust right. The Dems are the dividers. For instance; Trump says some of the immigrants are rapist and murders....The dems holler....Mexicans are rapists and murderers. Trump said some and the demoncrats twist it to say all. Trump says there are probably good people on both sides(referring to the demonstrations/marches) and the dems say he sides with White Supremacists He sided with no one, but the Dems say he said there are good people in the whites only, no mention about both sides. The Dems are the dividers.
  3. na, they just post it on twitter or facebook where it can be seen world wide.
  4. Maybe he can be the mayor of Chicago now.
  5. corroboration. media reports of parts of the dossier
  6. basically because you fail to understand. The FBI leaked the information(false) to the media, then used the media reports of the false information as proof of evidence. catch 22.
  7. not chicago. i do fine working 40.
  8. that's one reason I'm not a member. Let the bloodletting be finished and Leper thrown out and many many thousand new members may rise and donate money to fight the Leftists that it'll make you cry that this happened.
  9. we all know. and the "red states" have many "blue" people. You take those blue people and re-home then in blue states and red states won't need so much of your idiotic free money. moron. red states are FORCED by blue states to take care of the "blue' people by Federal law. Red states are not 100% red people.
  10. free money.............oxymoron, moron.
  11. if he does, I might decide to join. Him and his gang are one reason I haven't.