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  1. Try to understand this: Even if, IF, there was a quid pro quo, I and probably the majority of people that don't feel this is impeachable, think that DJT had every legal right to investigate/ask for an investigation into the 2016 election, Burisma including Joe Biden because of apparent criminal activity when he demanded the Ukrainian prosecutor get fired for investigating Burisma. If the DNC hires out a phony dossier, the FBI uses it(knowing it's not accurate), other agencies engage in the Russian collusion farce, then using this gambit is completely hypocritical. That's the way I feel and I'm sure many, many more do also, so you have an uphill battle to convince 20 Republicans to change their minds. I feel DJT has to expose Obana's "fundamentally changed America" because his idea of a fundamental change was to weaponize alphabet agencies to ensure the continuance of leftism.
  2. I didn't mean be vile and rude, just be a man and not plead around, be sure of yourself while making love. Didn't mean it in a "criminal' way.
  3. Real men eat what they want. Treat women(everybody) with respect in public. Ruthless violate them in private.
  4. I'm so glad you clarified that, would have never figured out what you meant.
  5. If I were AChalupa, I'd be wanting that Army protection that slimeball requested. "May 4, 2016: DNC contractor Alexandra Chalupa writes email to bosses at party headquarters derailing her work to get dirt on Trump and Manafort from Ukraine." Witnesses against Democrats have a way of having "accidents".
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