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  1. no, she's a government leach.(like all of them) she probably hasn't flown commercial in a jillion years and sure not going to spend her money now
  2. you should go for it, as well as the rest of the liberal pukes...screw the land owner or shall I say "rich'.
  3. and I thought pelosium was the most dense material.
  4. Hence, we are doomed. They(the non productive) will continue voting for the party that promises more and it will snow ball. Cloward Piven worked for the demise of America as we know it. Thanks Obama. America will turn into a toilet with much deterioration until another uprising and bloodshed.
  5. You gotta quit getting handouts at some point also.
  6. No, no, no. They're so overjoyed with life as it is, they want to spread it around the world. Since lying around a crying about the economy doesn't get them anywhere there, they at least might get paid for it here.
  7. It's all tied together; Global warming created Trump, Trump fuels Climate change, Climate change causes harmonic disruption throughout Universe..
  8. normal, in a manner of sense.
  9. what's the matter, can't stand the truth or did I expose your gameplan?
  10. then you'd cry discrimination when employers fired all the immigrants.
  11. surprised she doesnt have pass gas to know what's in it.
  12. nope, just chasing votes............from democrats or other RINOs
  13. heard that two years ago.