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    challenging perceptions. opposing order and the status quo. smacking down arrogant hating pretend christians, hanging upside down from the barn rafters.

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  1. u mesn the guy who might hsve had a thug like trayvon?
  2. fpr letting liberals live? I am not a thug like liberal parents raise.
  3. evidence is not proof u sick sociopath. try again u had means u had motive u had opportunity i already outlined this. and by your OWN words. ppl like you ALWAYS tell on yourself. u want ppl to know how clever u think u r. but it didn't work. you bragged u got jamie suspended. u tried to get her suspended again. in s court if law, you would be found guilty beyond a rrasonable doubt. lucy suspended someone else because-as he said- he has your back try again failure.
  4. u don't need any proof of wrongdoing?? U r always screeching for proof. its obvipus WHY you don't need proof. becsuse u tried to set up twisted to get her suspended to pacify your manic rage for revenge YOU admitted to. motive, means, and opportunity. u have them all. and your demonstrated chronic lying and demonstrated desire to inflict pain on others and your sociopathic-aptly demonstrated-sick mind. and u got ppu suspended because lucy has your back no man. u r supposed to accept izzys deception and lies as truth! She had opportunity-she's a mod she had motive-she is all frothy to get revenge on twisted-she said so (like a phucking moron) And she has means-she admitted to being computer savvy.
  5. figurative speech..like you accusing another poster of your sexual fantasies...u know...raping dead children u sick sociopathic drunk? u have no proof of anything...excrpt the constant proof u offer that u r a bullying sociopsthic sadistic drunk. everyone knows u did this act for which an innocent man wad suspended. remember...lucifrrshammrr has your back. instead of you getting rightfully suspended, he spared u and inflicted it on ppu. U r so paranoid. calm down. maybe you SHOULD hit that bottle again. then u won't be so scared about what twisted is doing since u failed to get her suspended u sick sadistic sociopath
  6. telling the truth isn't name calling. you ARE. a beetch. he KNOWS he was suspended in your place
  7. "Listens"? To typed words? Put the bottle down. u have had enough pk...first u try to shift blame frpm u to twisted, and now to me? or are you all paranoid again thinking i am her. Put the bottle down sociopathic bullyinh sadist. you already got one innocent poster suspended because of your revengr seeking
  8. actually, i think u would make a pretty good mod. but then almost anyone would be better than luci or izzy
  9. u were the scape goat. luci couldn't suspend izzy, becsuse he has her back. so he had to suspend someone.
  10. But see, the reason libs claim its a democracy, is they are trying to be the majority? Then instruct their minions on how to vote. libs are just a very vocal minority though. the control key elementd like the various mediums, so their positions get air time, positive spin (PRO CHOICE...indicating freedom and a positive, vs ANTI ABPRTION! a negative conotation, even though we are ALL pro choice...
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