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  1. after 4 months of telling their county was being stolen from them. telling them to fight like hell. etc. etc. a motivational speech for a riot.
  2. is there a safe spot for cons? what a kiss up place that would be. liberals stink, you are right. so forth and so forth.
  3. --------- https://www.uchicagomedicine.org/forefront/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/do-i-need-a-vaccine-if-i-had-covid With some viruses, such as chicken pox, being infected with the virus itself grants stronger immune protection than the chicken pox vaccine; however, in those cases, you then have to deal with all the complications of having the virus. When it comes to COVID-19, it’s really hard to know whether being exposed to the virus is more protective of future infection than the vaccine, simply because we don’t know the SARS-CoV-2 virus well enough yet. With natural immunity, which is the protection we get after being infected with a virus, the immune response can be variable. For example: the number of antibodies your body produces may depend on how much of the virus you’re exposed to. And there is likely beneficial variation in the types of antibodies being produced. The vaccinations currently available in the U.S. have been shown to effectively stimulate antibodies against the virus’ spike protein. New vaccines are being created that make antibodies to other parts of the virus as well. Both immunity from natural infection and vaccination stimulate a T-cell response that will hopefully provide you with protection from the virus for a longer time. While it’s possible some people may have a higher antibody response after a natural infection than they would after vaccination, we’re still learning about this new virus, and we don’t know how protective natural immunity really is, especially when there is such a continuum of different types of infections. We don’t have clear data on how antibody responses from a mild infection compare to a severe infection, or how protective those antibody responses are. On the other hand, we do know that the vaccine is very protective. In most people, getting vaccinated generates a lot of antibodies. So far, the vaccines appear to be incredibly effective, especially when it comes to
  4. republicans should vote for every candidate trump does not endorse.
  5. all religious violence stems from the old testament. God supposedly said to kill all the non jews and they did, I am not anti semantic, but this is written in the old testament which the the muslims read as well. Christ said this way of thinking was wrong and God would never tell someone to kill anyone for any reason.
  6. I have no idea why trump feels he has to give medical advise in the first place. what next? is he going to be an expert on car mechanics and how to install plumbing properly?
  7. Common questions Do people who have recovered from the coronavirus disease develop immunity? While individuals who have recovered from SARS-CoV-2 infection might develop some protective immunity, the duration and extent of such immunity are not known.
  8. it sounds to me like you want the want the whole world to turn gay.
  9. ------------------- Not Without Risks It can help prevent a heart attack or clot-related stroke by interfering with how the blood clots. But the same properties that make aspirin work as a blood thinner to stop it from clotting may also cause unwanted side effects, including bleeding into the brain or stomach.Feb 22, 2016
  10. it thins the blood. this is old news. I knew someone who all of a sudden got terrible nose bleeds. once they stopped taking low dose aspirin the nose bleeds stopped.
  11. the 'scum' of 1700's were battling oppression from the king of england not battling for an american president who hates the constitution of the united states.
  12. if you are comparing those thugs on 1-6 to the revolutionary heroes of the 1700's, then you truly are a moron.
  13. here is someone who is waiting patiently for his drug pusher to come by to give him his daily fix------
  14. you are afraid england will rule america again??? you are as dumb as a pile of rocks.
  15. you must be a first grade drop out. I already said they were subjects of the king sheesh, are you stupid.
  16. in your world england did not rule over america. so I really don't care what you think. because you live in an alternate form of reality.
  17. trump lost and what is more he knows he lost. but as long as he has stupid, dumb supporters he will cause as many problems as he can.
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