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  1. they have that- they also want their flag over every state capital.
  2. I agree, the rainbow is the most beautiful thing ever. it has nothing to do at all with the lgbt+***##??? community. i want the plus sign + back as well.
  3. exactly why people are tired of the gay thing, they have taken over everything. not that I recommend burning flags, but if the gays continue to push their agenda they can expect to see some sort of retaliation.
  4. i bet you like it- post your comments! ps it was made in the 60's, about as close to a hitchcock film as possible.
  5. mirage with gregory peck was a really good movie. in glorious black and white.
  6. because it uses the bible as a land deed for the jews and it gives the pallestians second class status for one thing and also some christian religions are using this to start armegeddon by angering the muslims countries. pence believes armegeddon is part of God's plan, brownback is involved too
  7. i consider zionism to be a separate issue from judaism and yes zionism can be very dangerous to the future of this world.
  8. i never said anything like that. how would your pastor explain this? matthew 5-- 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven -------------------------------------------------------------------------- and also you might want to know is that Christ's most shining example of mankind was not a jew, but a lowly samaritan?
  9. i see Man hasn't changed, just the names of his victims. Expulsion of Jews from Leicester[edit] Further information: History of the Jews in England (1066–1290) § Increasing persecution, 13th century As Earl of Leicester, Montfort expelled the small Jewish community from the city in 1231, banishing them "in my time or in the time of any of my heirs to the end of the world". He justified his action as being "for the good of my soul, and for the souls of my ancestors and successors".[9][10][11] His parents had shown a similar hostility to Jews in France, where his father was known for his devout Christianity, and his mother had given the Jews of Toulouse a choice of conversion, expulsion or death.[12][13][14] Robert Grosseteste, then Archdeacon of Leicester, may have encouraged the expulsion, although he believed that the Jews' lives should be spared.[15][16][17][18] Expelling the Jews enhanced Montfort's popularity in his new domains because it removed the practice of usury (widely associated with Jews).[19] Leicester's Jews were allowed to move to the eastern suburbs, which were controlled by Montfort's great-aunt Margaret, Countess of Winchester, who had taken advice from Grosseteste.[15][20] ------------------------------------------------------------------- any man that preaches hate is not doing so in accordance with Christ but of his own free will. and any follows such a person is not following Christ.
  10. my point christians were wrong to persecute the jews and they are wrong to side against the muslims. america's partiality towards israel on the basis that it is what Christ wants is wrong. a lot of problems in the middle east is because of america's partiality to israel, especially in the past two years.
  11. earring that stretch the lobes are really awful.
  12. it is not just the muslims who were targeted by christians but jews as well. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ By 1300, the friars and local priests were using the Passion Plays at Easter time, which depicted Jews, in contemporary dress, killing Christ, to teach the general populace to hate and murder Jews. It was at this point that persecution and exile became endemic. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Europe there is lot more i can post about this subject.
  13. a true christian would know that Christ said to love everyone.
  14. I was going to say for america and trump not to show partiality to israel. that would be a good start for peace in the middle east. trump has been making things worse there and it looks like he is just getting started.
  15. the people in charge has been using Christ as a reason to hate the muslims to get to this point. they are not true christians and they don't even care.
  16. chaos would be no gravity, no sun, a vacuum, or just rocks flying everywhere for millions of miles,
  17. you have blind faith too, there is no proof there is no creator.
  18. the people who call themselves americans are really english, german, french etc.
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