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  1. no, jtzilla's comment is why i rest my case. it is laughable to hear republicans call liberals racist when republicans make statements like this, - libs hate nlggers which is one of jtzlla's quotes. if you can't see the irony, then you are pretty dense.
  2. JTZilla Welfare People Suck! Senior Member 32,383 posts Gender:Male Location:Houston Area Report post Posted May 4 libs hate nlggers
  3. libs hate nlggers - jtzilla I rest my case.
  4. an eleven year old would be able to have an abortion because the pregnancy would threaten her life.
  5. confuse the other person- a way to win arguments for some on this board, i have been there.
  6. I just like patrick mahones. he has inspired a whole city. I never cared much for football until he started playing.
  7. it is ok to be proud to be white has long as one doesn't think he is superior to other races.
  8. coming from such an animal abuser like yourself, I really don't care.
  9. so then you support dogs being beaten to death? wow! I am totally shocked.
  10. you didn't ask an actual question, but let me ask you. i am going to suppose you don't like dogs beaten with baseball bats (neither do I) but how is cutting up babies or poisoning them any different from beating dogs with baseball bats? both acts are cruel and inhumane. does one have to be religious to object to dogs being beaten?