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  1. there is evidence with otherwise healthy people with covid getting severely sick after taking ibuprophen,
  2. I never mentioned a hundred years- my post-- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- they say a million monkeys will eventually type the entire works of shakespeare. any proof of that? -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. doctors were prescribing aspirin for chicken pox in the 1980's. again doctors are not always right.
  4. more about aspirin. www.drsingh.co.za Reye's syndrome is a rare disorder that causes brain and liver damage. ... Reye's syndrome usually occurs in children who have had a recent viral infection, such as chickenpox or the flu. Taking aspirin to treat such an infection greatly increases the risk of Reye's. Both chickenpox and the flu can cause headaches
  5. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-heart-aspirin/aspirin-lowers-heart-attack-risk-but-raises-risk-of-dangerous-bleeding-idUSKCN1PG2S5 (Reuters Health) - People without heart disease who take a daily aspirin may lower their risk of a heart attack or stroke, but a new study confirms they also have an increased risk of severe internal bleeding. U.S. doctors have long advised adults who haven’t had a heart attack or stroke but are at high risk for these events to take a daily aspirin pill, an approach known as primary prevention. Even though there’s clear evidence aspirin works for this purpose, many physicians and patients have been reluctant to follow the recommendations because of the risk of rare but potentially fatal internal bleeding.
  6. I didn't say it is. but ibupophren may be harmeful for covid patients. this just like when aspirin was prescribed for chicken pox, then they found it caused reye's disease, a fatal condition. doctors don't know everything.
  7. that is my plan also, sticking with tylenol.
  8. how do you explain that aspirin was prescribed for heart problems until it was found to cause internal bleeding?
  9. you are right, it is a new disease and certain things may come to light later on, here a couple of things that were changed by the medical profession-- doctors used to prescribe aspirin for the chicken pox until it was found out to cause reye's disease which is fatal. doctors also prescribed aspirin for heart problems until it was found that it caused internal bleeding. -------------------------------------------------------------------- on this note, maybe taking aspirin for the corona flu would be a bad idea as well.
  10. anyone who says the world happened with no plan from anyone is an atheist. if you have other ideas, then say so,
  11. where is your proof there is not God. what evidence do you have?
  12. the chinese will say the covid virus has nothing to do with dogs and the slaughter of dogs during the june festival will happen.
  13. all the atheist claims are ridiculous. nothing to debate.
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