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  1. if biden does get subpoenaed, he should testify, then the republicans have nothing to complain about and have bolton testify.
  2. “Public opinion on allowing new evidence and compelling witness testimony in the Senate trial breaks sharply along partisan lines. But it is interesting that solid majorities in every partisan group would like to see Trump and members of his administration at least asked to appear,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.
  3. the republican party is finished. they chose trump over country. allegiance to a thug over their oaths. they are finished, and they did it to themselves.
  4. the senate are the criminals who are stealing their salaries from the american tax payers.
  5. bolton's testimony would reveal to the world without a shadow of a doubt what a thug trump is. and that is why trump and the senate are working non stop to make sure bolton will not testify.
  6. the corrupt ones are sitting around the senate these days, collecting huge salaries for protecting the biggest criminal who ever lived in the white house. there should be a stop payment on their salaries for their derelictions of duties.
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