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  1. isis was not defeated then and more than a threat that trump pretended did not exist and he knew it. the withdrawal is fitting very well with putin's plans. that is more than a coincidence.
  2. the ball wasn't touched at all by the patriot- should have been a touchdown for the chiefs. the chiefs would have won and never had to go into overtime.
  3. those kids were a bunch of spoiled brats who think they are superior to anyone else.
  4. they made fire using flint- they survived in this huge country without any horses, you try to do that-with no horses, cars, planes or trains.
  5. what did you mean that is israel is a us ally then? that is common knowledge and isael gets preferential treatment by the us. the us would never strand them against their enemies and take away their guns.
  6. I said the kurds were us allies and trump didn't care about them. then you said israel was a us ally, implying they were in danger from the kurds.
  7. so? israel is in no danger from the kurds.
  8. some kurds are christian
  9. they approve of the slaughter of the the kurds, us allies. there is no hope for them or trump
  10. you have nothing to back you up- you said the military does not care about the kurds- I proved you wrong. the military hates people who claim to be miiltary but are not.
  11. what are you, some kind of lie machine?
  12. no syrian kurd wants to go into turkey-- but you keep harpin g about the kurds. I have just proven that you are a liar and not military
  13. the president's move was stupid.
  14. the more you post, the more stupid you prove yourself to be now you claim the pentagon has an ulterior motive other than fighting isis in syria.