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  1. In general - I will support anyone's choice to be whatever they want to be unless it involves child molestation...abuse...etc. I just don't want to be "forced" to do anything that I don't want to do or have in my own state. As the saying goes - "to each their own" and in the homosexual same sex marriage ordeal - yay for states that want it - but don't force "every" state to allow it...know what I mean? Night.
  2. I gotta sleep. I'm hitting the wall in consciousness here. Talk at you tomorrow. Have a good night.
  3. Actually no. If anything, it's the reason I dislike gays in general - even though some of my closest friends are homosexual (they are all male though). A lesbian just makes my gut flop. I'd just assume they all be put to death or exiled from this country.
  4. In case you haven't noticed - I am one that doesn't give a rats ass what everyone else "thinks." I like it. It's why I put it up there. Many people on this forum know me in real life. They are my "real" friends - not just aquaintances on a forum. And every single one has an opinion about me that I value. Anyone else - can piss up a rope.
  5. The first one - was established after the fact that I'd taken the rap for my 1st husband's forgeries of my checks, but because I'd already did the prison time and was on parole, there was no way to reverse it. I received an imposition of sentence for that because lawyers were able to examine things closer. The second and third - yes. The second was involving street racing and the third was involviing my being attacked by a prison work release administrator. They wanted to charge me with escape but couldn't because I'd been assaulted and was fleeing for safety. All in all - I ended up doing 6.5 years in prison for all three.
  6. Three felonies. 1.) Bad Checks 2.) Leaving the Scene of an Injury Accident and 3.) Attempted Escape All state violations of the law. No federal ones. Yes, South Dakota is a hardcore red state.
  7. The lawsuit that Isabel often spins the details on and refers to can be found here: http://docs.justia.com/cases/federal/district-courts/south-dakota/sddce/3:2007cv03040/42602/72 New inmates to any facility within the State of South Dakota were subject to have medications taken away by nurses and nurses were granted the power to refuse an inmate coming in on prescribed medications to see a medical doctor to get the prescriptions renewed. One example: a woman came in (older woman) on nitro for her heart. The nurses threw her medicine away and her heart ended up "exploding," for lack of better terminology. Another example: Women coming in with mental illnesses that require hardcore medications like Haldol (which was prescribed to me after my x husband refused to let me see my children per a court order agreement) are taken off their prescribed medications cold turkey. Although I suffered no "physical" side affects from being taken off cold turkey, others did. One woman went into convulsions which affected a pre-existing heart condition that put her into cardiac arrest. My lawsuit - which I won - made it illegal for nurses to tamper with meds and ignore future doctor appointments for new inmates coming in on prescribed medications. Inmates were legally granted the right to be seen by a medical professional that has the license to alter/change/withdraw prescribed medications. This...is what Isabel tries to hold over my head as an insult. I filed the lawsuit on toilet paper with a rubber pencil from the SHU (segregated housing unit) otherwise known as "the hole." I did all the paperwork myself until my case was taken up pro bono by an attorney. The lawsuit quickly turned into a class action and after a 4 year battle - we finally won. I consider this a deed that I've done for the State and for people - inmates...not an insult as Isabel tries to paint it. In some of the instances yes - considering the circumstances, which are all in that link that I gave you. It's far too much info to be posting here. You'll just have to read it if you want to know. I might add - I never asked for monetary damages - not from the initial complaint nor in the end and didn't receive any. I wanted only.. that the policy be changed.
  8. I wasn't able to vote until 1999. I was in prison and on parole until I was 27. The only election I've been eligible to vote in was Obama's terms. I supported Chuck Baldwin, first. In the most recent Presidential Election, I supported Herman Cain. I did not vote in either final Election because I did not agree with any of the Candidates nor did I feel any of them suited for the office of President of the United States of America. If you wish for the juicy on my personal life since birth: http://jamiejobanned word.wordpress.com/category/prelude/
  9. Nope. I'd like to see the Bush's tried for treason and put to death.
  10. Calm down T. Any of my children would destroy you in an intelligence test.
  11. Did you have anything of substance to add, or are you just here to add to the list of reasons why liberals shouldn't be allowed to vote?
  12. Would you like the number for my local secret service? The guy you wanna talk to is named Lee. Saginaw Michigan. If you'd like - I can also link an uploaded conversation I had with him in the past 3 months.
  13. That's twice that I know of..of these heretic liberals targeting you...on this board for no apparent reason:
  14. I don't understand why lucifershammer and Isabel (through their magnanimous investigation) banned you for 3 days claiming you were the one that hacked my account and posted pornographic material (when I have Isabel's IP and her proxy as well as the proxy used to hack my account) after you merely reported all the spam porn as a violation of the rules.
  15. lol. Impeachment right before elections? Are you out of your mind? I want the mthrfkr arrested, tried for treason and put to death.
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