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  1. Letter to Republicans: Marriage was fucked long before this ruling. 70% of men aged 20-34 are unmarried and have never been married. 50% of marriages end in divorce. The problems with marriage existed long before mainstream gay acceptance. Take a moment to reflect on that. -NW
  2. There was a father, named Thomas Ball that immolated himself in front of a courthouse in 2011. He describes exactly in a suicide/manifesto/declaration of war why I think the prison system is tearing at the seems with overpopulation: -NW
  3. It's because it drips with logical fallacies. It's a good thing you can't accept them. -NW
  4. "Stuck in the wrong body" isn't, how should I put this? The critical argument. Now I'm not going to answer all those questions directly, as most of them don't apply (I do not believe in a god). I used to be in the 'wrong body' camp but hormone therapy changed all that along with a whole other mess of psychological problems. It's funny, a shot in the leg makes me feel better than I have in the entirety of the rest of my life. It's quite interesting but I digress, Now I'm not going to speak for all transgender folks as I don't know their individual experiences so I'll just speak for
  5. I would decentralize banking, reduce the size of Government by 70% or more, and let the free market figure out the rest. I would also dispense of federal laws involving affirmative action to all groups. I'd leave the States to impliment any laws they saw fit within the confines of the US Constitution. This is really a question that requires a youtube video. I am a libertarian to the point of lunacy, I'm not NatSoc for several reasons but the major one is because legislating morality is an obvious failure in my opinion. You are free to disagree of course. -NW
  6. Nonsense, without American and other global support the UK would most certainly would have been effectively defeated. Germany had interrupted all supply lines the UK had set up most notably it's oil supply lines. Without that oil supply you cannot run a modernized army and eventually agricultural production would come to a halt. Without fuel tanks, planes, etc are worthless and without food soliders and citizenry cannot fight. The UK is an island nation and without outside resources it cannot survive. A fact both the UK and IJ were painfully aware of. Not to mention virtually all of th
  7. I am literally one of the first Millennials (age 33 born Jan 15, 1982). I didn't really become interested politically until 2003ish, so early 20's. I don't remember fuck all about Clinton Administration much less Bush Sr, and Reagan. Hell I can't remember much before the start of the Iraq War. The Iraq War was the catalyst that got me paying attention to politics and political issues. I never voted for the Big Eared Commie. I didn't vote in 2000, or 2004; voted for Barr in 2008, and wrote-in Ron Paul in 2012. And that's how it goes. -NW
  8. Now that more than half of Millennials are adults out of college (currently aged 13-33), expect a huge shift in the way the generation votes. They can't be bought with college money any longer and unemployment still addles the generation. Hope and change didn't bring jobs. If a Republican emerges that can stay out of the quagmire of social conservatism they could see huge gains from this electorate. -NW
  9. >White girl with rich daddy grew up to be a thundercunt. Nothing to see here folks, move along. -NW
  10. Uh the video said the HUMANITIES have been invaded not the sciences. Please don't confuse the two, it makes you look foolish. Like your historically failed ideas based on or from the bosom of Marxism another set of failed ideas? -NW
  11. Is there anything the private market would be better than government at providing? If so, what? -NW
  12. You are wasting your breath. Those on the far-left are not interested in proven methods of success that do not involve government butt-fucking everyone. -NW
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