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  1. Fuck this forum! ..only dumb libturds left anyways! Waste of time! AND this forum lags like hell!
  2. ..at least you won't waste your time posting videos!
  3. ...you should go back to those Iranians and ask them for job!!... AGAIN!
  4. ...until I realize you have to "EXPLAIN" why you use a certain word or term?? WTF?
  5. There could've been 10 million more votes! He still WON! By the way... that's how the American system works, you illiterate fool!
  6. Just as I thought!! Not ONE libturd comment!... fuckin pathetic!
  7. NO message!! NO enthusiasm!! ... it's only the Russians!!! Just a warning libturds... even DEMOCRATS are getting tired of this! Spoke to Democrat today! He's also leaving the party like the governor!... and MORE will follow!
  8. Hmmm... an investigating team which consists out of Democrats? Mueller who is a one of Comey's best friends? Oh, and by the way, I'm not gay, you imbecile!
  9. After it was pointed out to me that you are an actual Democrat, I think it'll be great to debate several issues! ...hope these libturd fools can learn from that! Hoefully we can start a new thread so that conservatives and the ONLY, smart, Democrat can discuss today's issues!
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