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  1. Let's not throw the word skilled around loosely..... Plenty of labor once we get the Fema camps up and running
  2. So a bunch of criminal Pakistani IT guys were running around in the DNC and congress? Bet this is not isolated
  3. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fires Imran Awan, IT staffer, following fraud arrest By - Associated Press - Wednesday, July 26, 2017
  4. Aggies won't put up with this shit.... Alot of aggies died fighting nazis
  5. With lebeshans..... One would first have to determine which pitches and which catches.... But what if one is a tranny? Damn life gets confusing these days
  6. This story has legs What kind of dirt did they have on Debbie not to get fired?
  7. Having just evacuated my father in law out of Canada during a medical emergency (they wasted him to go home for surgery) I can agree. Just the ambulance for the 158km ride was $500 Canadian lol (our cab ride was $110 for my wife and I) in Houston the ride would have been $1000us+$13 a mile call it 2300...just for the ambulance. They didn't take insurance at the er either... They took visa and amex
  8. 3 days for counter battery artillery suppression. Got to keep a lid on the biological and chemical stuff. Bet you there is a uptick in b52 deployments to Guam about now. This would be a big time, time on target coordination event... Bet China might go for Taiwan.... Might even be their end game
  9. We can unilaterally sanction any company that does business in the US that does business with Korea..... That will jerk the China chain Neutron weapons..... Look them up. You'll love it. Should have used them 60 years ago
  10. Why has the DNC not released the server to investigators? http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2017/jul/5/dnc-email-server-most-wanted-evidence-for-russia-i/
  11. McDonald's fired 2500 and put in automatic kiosk..... Their stock went up. How is that 15 an hour going
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