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  1. I think this morning Trump said "Nobody is harder for Russia than him". But, that may be just another slip of his tongue.
  2. He's securing Russian help for the (R)s this November.
  3. No, Trump just likes sucking Russian cock.
  4. What's for sale? The domain name? List it on Go-daddy, some sucker will buy it. This place was overrun by paid conservative posters back in 2008. Then, Republicrats took over and the place lost it's passion and it's original thinkers. I don't think there are any liberals here anymore. It's not a very welcoming place.
  5. I have a great campaign slogan for Democrats to ride to victory - "Drain The Swamp".
  6. Here is one of the most valuable online resources for liberal minded and progressive persons. Open-mindedness and a willingness to rethink what we believe to be true is a primary quality of a liberal mind. Rethink your personal moral, ethical, social and political dogma. Take Michael Sandel's Harvard University course: Justice It's free. Restart Your Mind. One of the Most Popular Courses in Harvard’s History. What's the Right Thing To Do?Is torture ever justified? Would you steal a drug that your child needs to survive? Is it sometimes wrong to tell the truth? How much is one human life worth? Watch the videos to hear Harvard professor Michael Sandel talk about justice, equality, democracy, and citizenship. http://www.justiceharvard.org/watch/
  7. When we want to know the meaning of a word, there used to be a good book we once used for guidance. Not the bible, the dictionary. Do they still print them? I will suggest considering the purist and least manipulated definition of the word. In short, open minded and generous. In other words, not being greedy and thereby favoring equality in all things and the willingness to make such changes even when it requires personal sacrifice. It is from these qualities and values, liberal social and political policies are (supposed to) emerge.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, Conservatives are indeed entitled to their own facts: I wrote this today in response to Chris Mathews report on Benghazi last night on Hardball (2-24-14). I used to post a lot in this forum years ago and thought some here may enjoy it. However, I won't be sticking around for debate. Understanding the totality and implications of philosophical arguments eludes me, much as it does for those with much greater minds than my own. Therefore, I won't pretend to present all the arguments and counter-arguments to what I am about to say. However, the Republican Benghazi position and most similar political arguments are seemingly, at their core, mostly about cognitive relativism versus philosophical realism. Realists tend to believe in the existence and knowability of an objective reality independent of subjective perceptions and beliefs. It is an extension of the subjective mind into the physical world. For the realist, truth is objective and provable with observation and experimentation, while the subjective is exclusively construed by the individual mind and simply represents value judgments. Furthermore, the realist understands that what they believe now is only an approximation of objective reality; and that every new observation and experiment brings them closer to understanding that objective reality. This methodology is most often refered to as science. We can only confirm or deny something based upon this methodology. Beyond subjective opinion and faith, the scientific method is the only truth servicing tool we possess. Contrarily, relativism presents that truth is always relative to a particular standpoint or individual, and no one standpoint has greater or lesser value than another. Therefore, It contends the existence of multiple truths; perhaps even as many truths as there are subjective minds. In other words, relativists tend to believe they construct their own reality. As a result, they tend to value tradition and subjective faith over emperical experimental/observational evidence, datum, and science. When a relativist discovers what is true for them, they seem to be satisfied and tend to look no further. Therefore, observational and experimental evidence become irrelevant, and exposure to it will almost always be ineffective in changing their subjective view. As a result, relativists/conservatives do not tend to easily learn, grow, develop or change; rather, they tend to become stuck in the subjective reality of their own creation. Relativists are able to avoid cognitive dissonance by exclusively seeking truth that is consistent with their other established beliefs. Therefore, truth is only relative to their subjective established belief system and they naturally tend to value ideological validation over the pursuit of the objective.Moreover, for the relativist, knowledge and truth are mostly social constructs. They are almost exclusively determined by culture and politics and primarily serve the interests of the existing power structures. Therefore, the relativist tends to be intellectually passive and to value faith over reason. Their views seem to be shaped by the subjective and self-serving rather than the rational; and their truth tends to be closely associated with value based interests such as wealth, status, and power. Relativism is subjectively self-serving. It tends to validate oneself and protect one's ego. Those that describe themselves as Liberals seem to tend to sit on the side of realism; while those that consider themselves Conservative seem to trend toward relativist thinking. In Ayn Rand’s The Virtue of Selfishness, Rand contends rational self-interest is the greatest moral standard and selflessness is the worst immorality. Although we need to be careful as to avoid misconstruing Rand's Moral Objectivism as it relates to her conceptionalization of rational self-interest with Philosophical Objectivism that holds that facts exist regardless of whether a conscious being is there to know them; it is easy to understand why the conservative minded relativists are so attracted to her ideology. Feel free to repost elsewhere. Chris G.
  9. At the SOTA Boener is darker skinned than Obama.
  10. Jah, so many of us or at On the l eft. they have some good people and all the best from the LF. Plus they have real moderators but you would be a fantastic addition. BTW I also have a blog Demshearus.com

  11. Thanks I really did learn from you. I am not sure you post here anymore but I will give it a shot.

    I can be reached at Mark@wesellstlouis.com

  12. Hope to read you soon.

  13. O That went right over my head. I must be an idiot. Although I only possess reasonable knowledge regarding some of histories greatest literature, I only possess limited knowledge of pop culture and 50 cent lyrics. I guess i need to examine my priorities and how I spend my time. O
  14. O Absolutely. Government, law and even logic become unnecessary when we embrace the great integrity. To do harm or commit a selfish act would never even be a consideration. O
  15. O Talk about coincidence. The RNC voting to rename the Democratic party the Democrat socialist party is a prime example. Manipulative psychopaths creating their fantasy world with perception shaping and creative language. Another divide created and communication made even more difficult. They reinforce the pathology. O
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