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  1. Demorat corruption, takes time to see how many ballots they need to stuff.
  2. This guy and his friends know nothing about it.
  3. There are 18 states where voters do not need any sort of ID in order to cast a vote. Here is the list:
  4. Did Biden "Win " any states that require voter ID?
  5. Your gonna die, blame Biden for funding it.
  6. Puposely, Demonrats do whatever it takes to get power, they are all 100% corrupt.
  7. And you know thats gonna happen...fkn Demonrat criminals, Im sick and tired of them.
  8. In the real world this should have been a trump landslide. 4 years of nothing but lies and distortion from the left on 90% of the media coverage. 1 coup attempt after another,a fake and phony impeachment,changing of the voting laws in swing states, fake polls showing Biden winning landslide,1 of Americas greatest generals JAILED on fake and phony charges,media deleting and covering up the truth about how criminal Joe Biden and the Demorat party is. Demorats have ruined this country, they are going to burn in the hell they created.
  9. But he is the first president to being attacked by the anti American Demonrat party, the impeachment coup attempt is a disgrace to America and humanity. UFAIL!
  10. They wont accept it, they are filthy communist.
  11. Only because Demonrats have been caught NUMEROUS times doing it.
  12. Demonrats are cheating, the truth has been out for years, Demonrats know it,but they are filthy humans in every way.Notice they cant and wont even try to refute the truth about them.
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