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  1. No way trump legitimately lost this election, no fkn way. Demonrat leaders want to divide this country, there is a deep state that exists. THEY NEED FOUND AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE.YOU RETARD DEMORATS IN HERE ARE DUMBER THAN DIRT, YOU RETARDS ARE JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME FOR BEING STUPID BEYOND RECOGNITION.
  2. He distributes child porn to all his Demonic friends.
  3. Democrats committed massive election fraud in every state, and Trump still won most of them.
  4. They rigged the fkn election! Trump would get thousands at every rally he did,Joe biden would get a couple retards in prieus`s at his,this is a fkn disaster.
  5. There is no way bags loaded of biden votes could have been planted, no one knew mail unsolicited ballots sent out by the thousands were in circulation. They only had months to rig the election, no way that could happen.
  6. Remember when they found votes in a car driving around . Hillary flat out rigged the election against Bernie...caught red handed, but they stopped doing that against their opponents...right Demorats? fkn crooks!
  7. I see you never answered the question about the "Covid" ...GO FIGURE!
  8. You mean when president Trump stopped the Democrat funded virus on Americans for another coup attempt, that makes president Trump Xenophobic? You are a fool.
  9. Another failed coup attempt is all it was, at the cost of the American worker.
  10. Why did Sleepy Joe call President Trump xenophobic?
  11. Whats the survival rate of "covid" again? Whats the survival rate of the flu?look in the mirror retard.
  12. LOL, Its the flu, its a coup, thats what it is. You people are soo fkn stupid its appalling.
  13. They were wrong, and if Americans voted the way we should vote, ON ELECTION DAY WITH VERIFIABLE I.D. We wouldnt have to put up with all this fkn bullshit you Demonrats put us through.
  14. After they had lived and died their, They would actually know more than you, a arm chair retard fool.
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