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  1. I sure as hell will not tell him a lie, He won this election by landslide and it is being illegally taken away from him. FUCK ALL DEMORATS!
  2. I sure hope you are not in a place that has a roof on it,climate control, or windows. That device you are using to communicate your nonsense sure is a wasteful thing.Why do you allow yourself to be fed? That is another complete waste. Beside the fact you are dumber than dirt, you are also self destructive.
  3. Trump is giving it all to save this country from itself, the Demons are not going to stop before he is buried. It will be to late before the demonrats and others finally figure out just how wrong they were.
  4. Muslim brotherhood and Islamic terrorist are childs play compared to the death and destruction Soros has caused to this country. He is a terrorist and needs to be identified as such.
  5. Xo is a Nazi propagandist, probably paid to post his anti American crap.
  6. Yes it is, wtf of these mail in ballots , Ballots sent out unsolicited, Counting ballots for weeks after the election,not allowing poll watchers to verify the votes. This is a coup attempt. Nothing more. We need to go to every one of these corrupt "Voting places " that are rigging the election and put these criminals into prison.We will wait to assign a new president after we the people have verified this election. Democrats are a disgrace.
  7. The Corona Virus was funded and released onto us from Democrat operatives . Democrats purposely kept their states shut down to try and destroy the Trump economy. Democrats impeached our President for what they actually did. Democrats funded thugs to riot in the streets and destroy innocent lives and property. Democrats called for Defunding the police. Democrats have been cheating the elections for years. Democrats have bastardized the media and turned it into propaganda arm of their party, Democrats have infiltrated the education system and bastardized it. Democrats created and funded baby killing and legalized it. Democrats have ruined everything good they touch. Mr. Demon boy, No one believe a word you say, you support and promote everything that is wrong and bad. I just gave you a very short list of what you and your sick party does. You will burn in hell even if Darwin says you wont.
  8. Nothing is going to save them, not even their God Charles Darwin.
  9. There is going to be a correction. One way or the other, Americans are not going to put up with the Democrat Bullshit.
  10. Everyone knows this election was rigged and cheated, How can you Demonrats be so disgusting and sick?
  11. George Soros is a Domestic terrorist. He is behind all the riots, the fixed media, the fixed elections.Its all been tied together and proven a long time ago. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Him and his network of terror need obliterated. Then can we get back to the American way of voting? 1 vote for 1 person, vote in person (except military personnel) On November 3rd, with a valid ID. WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS NOT WHO WE ARE.
  12. There is no sure cause of the error, but its believed the numbers were transposed. The county involved, Antrim, is known to be a GOP stronghold. Additionally, errors in another county were reported. Biden's massive increase in Michigan's poll numbers was also because Shiawassee county noted 153,710 for Biden, when their number should have been 15,371. With those numbers adjusted, Decision Desk HQ puts Biden at 49.51 percent, and Trump at 48.93 percent. Still a very close race. Hmmm transposed numbers in potentially 33 counties? An accidental 100,000 votes for Biden? ERROR MY ASS, THE BASTARDS ARE CHEATING ASSHOLES.
  13. Call it whatever you want , there is no fucking way we are going to let you Nazi bastards get away with a coup, mark my words.
  14. Im sure you are, but you are insane enough to not know what this means, burn in hell Demon!
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