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  1. He will kill them with poverty if nothing else.But he aint gonna be president.cheating elections doesn't put you in the white house.
  2. You may not have that option with only 70 posts yet. Im not sure how that is set. ill fix it for ya.
  3. No, we have decided that since you criminals love to illegally count votes after the election, we are just going to count them for the next 4 years. We will do ya like you do us. You disgusting freaks.
  4. Those retards cant see past their nose, they are so stupid it is sickening.
  5. Trump is the lone wolf in the swamp. We understand and see this. Demorats cant wait to run their crime sprees again.We the people need to take care of this in my opinion.It is our constitutional duty.
  6. Dont pay any attention to Bill the Shill, he is a reject.
  7. Demonrats turned our elections into a train wreck, that is true.
  8. The reality is something I have known for years, Demonrats are criminals.You are the clueless one.
  9. LOL they cant protect you, nor would they if they wanted to.Military is 99% trump retard.
  10. Evolution is complete nonsense and proven completely wrong and idiotic by several different ways. You own a home? Thats a waste according to you.Talk about stupid!
  11. Their base knows damn well they cheated and are just fine with it. The authorities do know. You people are fucking pigs.
  12. The things you retards think are funny, are not funny. UROUT
  13. But I can prove it. I also can prove Trump won.
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