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  1. MORE PATHETIC LIES FROM THE PATHETIC ASSHOLES!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. They sent in unsolicited ballots that cant be verified once they destroy the envelope it came in. We need to go door to door with the ballot to see who submitted it.
  3. You are the science illiterate. Show the fossils that Darweird said should be there along with thousands of other scientist. They would show the progression of the evolutionist wacko theories, but yet there is not one. Now go back to fucking that goat you inbred retard.
  4. as I recall, the meaning of the word "try" in this case means to actually do it, try is a nice way of putting "you'll be fucked if you do"
  5. STFU bill you have no authority in this room. Dammit ,you area nothing burger.You do something to anyone in the room and you are gone.that is your final warning
  6. Dummyrats, you dont want us to play dirt like you? It takes an adult to set the bar, and we have for the last 50 years, now its time to play dirty like you bastardized children.
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