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  1. Dont pin this, we need information from Demonrats more. LOL
  2. 700,000 members and growing fast. Too bad Liberal forum wasnt told about or involved with it earlier huh? Too many Liberals in this cesspool , @kfools WWW.joeamericacommunity.com
  3. https://www.blazetv.com/watch/channel/series/series/bZ55M0eK8zTh-levintv-latest-episodes/episode/6-dnjlfw1vbm4d-institutionalized-fraud-ep-762
  4. Its not over yet, gloat all ya want, laughable.
  5. Not one person on the left cares about the crimes Demonicrats commit.
  6. We are not going to get over election fraud and many other of the lefts criminal activities, and thats all there is to it.
  7. Biden is not the president elect. Crack is not a good thing, and neither are criminals.You overdose on both.
  8. Well we have to give diplomacy a chance, if it fails, I am afraid of whats going to happen.
  9. This is 100% correct, these Demorats think they are going to be the "privileged" few, They know not what they ask for. Further more Twitter and facebook did not stop all the russia investigation information from being released,which was all proven to be false nor did they stop Adamn schitts complete fabrication of lies.
  10. True, but if you actually were concerned enough to know, Trump isnt lying, if he was I would be the very first one to pounce on him. I did not want Trump as president, I wanted cruz. But I know my politics, I been around this swamp for almost 40 years now.
  11. Its not just K that ran a few of you off, if it were up to me I would ban everyone of you cowardice traitors, but I dont have that power.So go fuck yourself.
  12. Not if the American patriots have anything to do with it.We have found out how they tried to rig this election, we have all the facts, and unless it goes to a Demonrat run kangaroo court, they are toast.
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