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  1. Whats even more distrusting is every channel they the Dummyrats trust are all saying the exact same thing every day, The flock has no clue that one man is running the show of what they hear.
  2. That fruitloop stupid cunt goes around claiming she is a Indian, and those retarted Dummyrats take her seriously....you just cant make this crap up!
  3. Some woman just like to be man handled, not degraded.
  4. Looks like she would smell like fish. Not attractive at all to me.
  5. I have a joke that is tasteless.(its what makes it funny) Cia is hiring, 3 applicants are scheduled to appear, all the men were asked to bring their wives. All wive were in a separate room, in front of that room was a chair their husband sat in. The first applicant was handed a gun, was told if he was really serious about being in the cia, he would need to take the firearm and go shoot his wife.The husband declined, so he was removed. Same to the second applicant, he saw what happened to the first so he thought about it, and then meekly said no,so he was removed. Before they could get half way to the third applicant he jumped up out of his chair and met the firearm handler half way across the room, ripped the gun away from the handler, ran into his wifes room and emptied the gun at her.Then a struggling was heard from the room, then silence. The man came out and said "Dang, I had to strangle her, some idiot put blanks in that gun."
  6. Why the hell would you advocate hitting them with a wheelchair?
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