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  1. Plain ignorance, when a sperm and a egg join there is a another life at conception, the woman does not have the right to kill it, very easy and simple to understand unless you are a godless maggot.
  2. were you banned or anything? Let the narc go he aint worth your time.
  3. They called Bush "W" but had a cow when you called the muslim boi by his middle name"Hussein"
  4. Freedom has restrictions, You do not have the freedom to do whatever you want to another human, that is what law is for, a remedy from the harm either monetary or otherwise from injustice of another.Killing innocent is a injustice and the remedy would be the same punishment to the offensive party.
  5. The baby is a person, with its own heartbeat, figure it out dummy.The baby just lives in the home of the woman for a short time, no reason to commit murder of a baby now is there?
  6. Hillary for prison! the real Russian informant!
  7. I had great affordable insurance until the Demorats ruined the health care industry.its finally getting back to normal now the moron is gone.
  8. No it isnt, you will kill a baby=not freedom, and empower criminals by restricting the rights of innocent. You are a very confused individual.
  9. Bastard child had 8 years, what deal was there other than give them everything and us nothing.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  10. No i do not like the idea of abortion being legal, and you dont like the thought of freedom.