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  1. I never said I was a millionaire, Although my net worth is well above that, BIG DEAL. a lot of people are easily worth that. I left home when I was 17 with nothing but a 500 dollar car and a few clothes in a bag to make my own way. No help from no one.I didnt want help, i wanted to earn what may or may not come on my own.I dont have to go to work if I dont want to, i own the company, Not going to work when called would cost me big time ., but I still dont have to go if I dont want to, and sometimes I dont. The reason is I worked and saved when I was young, i lived like a dog for 15 years . It really pisses me off when others think they are entitled to my blood and sweat, missing time from my family, and all that it cost me to get ahead.They deserve NOTHING from me. These fool democrats are morons and that is all there is to it, they actually think that a person like me who has actually been there and done that cant see right through them as easily as can be.Ive been conned by the best of the best, done business with some of the worst lying greedy bastards the world has ever known.I have never ever screwed anyone over, ever! I have also worked with some of the finest humans this earth has to offer.I know wtf is going on around me, I have been there and done that numerous times, you dont pull the wool over my eyes, it just isnt ever going to happen any more.Same for Trump, I know what type of filth he has had to deal with, I know how much he has to know to even get one of the hundreds of projects done that he has completed,you arent going to pull the wool over his eyes either, he has been there and done that and all this Dummyrat lip service thay have backed by ZERO experience is going to cause them to get what they deserve....NOTHING!
  2. Same, I dont know why I bother with you.Your inflated ego of yourself thinking you are above me is a joke.
  3. Well dude, You flat out made up lies about me, you then said you were the "most honest " in here.Maybe its time to do a real self evaluation?
  4. So when i name call its not an opinion?All right for you but not me? if you dont take the forum seriously why are you wasting your time?
  5. I dont disagree, but "Impartial" observer was accusing me of name calling right after he called me names and lied again...LOL
  6. I saw Laimeman earlier, he was lying and posting ignorant crap again.
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