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  1. No we should not, Demorats are in bed with Russians, communist, and they are rigging elections.
  2. Ill get it back this bet is a no brainer but I would just let him keep it any way.
  3. He probably pumped his brother full of drugs that killed him,So he could treat his brothers wife like the 2 bit whore that she was.
  4. When are we going to charge Russia and china for their illegal donations to the DNC, Joe ,and Hildabitch?
  5. He was probably fiddling with buttons that he knew nothing about and crashed it.
  6. I do , but where does it go to if kfools is out? Teacher?
  7. Ok whew....BlewDevil is a bud, I havent seen him here lately come to think of it, All the Demonicrat activity in here lately probably made him ill.
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