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  1. Democrats approved of Saddam Hussein using them on the Kurds that they say Saddam didnt have...GO FIGURE!
  2. I am not Christ, I am a sinner, but Im not a stupid one.I dont see one Demorat anywhere trying to imitate Christ, they deny his existence, they are not brothers according to Christ.I treat brothers the exact opposite of the way I treat Demon controlled asshole Demonrats.
  3. So A good Christian rolls over for the Demons to destroy the innocent,.Thats what Demonrats think a "Good Christian" should be...No thanks,I'm not gonna stand by and watch demonrats imprison us all.
  4. So he ran to the cops, or was he being detained cause he is a serial offender?
  5. She makes the Demorats cower .She turns their lies and propaganda right back on them.She is brilliant and good.
  6. Big time chrome, old school look, smooth as a sewing machine.Awesome bikes!
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