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  1. I will buy every Dummyrat a weapon, they should use it soon.
  2. Demorats are Neanderthals, they still havent figured out that Communism will get them killed,But that doesnt stop them from screaming all day long about how much they love it. FKTARDS!
  3. Every DemonRat should own a firearm,Especially like this one.
  4. Demorats always contradict themselves, they cant help being ignorant fools.Its in their DNA
  5. Demorats let them go, until they kill someone , them they let them go again or hire them a high profile attorney.
  6. You finally signed your name correctly.Nill, AINT THAT THE TRUTH......LOL!
  7. Demonrats are the ones that colluded with Russia, but dont worry, they are going to jail. On another note, the Russianfag should be ban from here.
  8. I watched about 15 black teenagers steal a bunch of jeans from a store in a mall one day. The mall finally had to close its doors because of all the theft. Its was pathetic!
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