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  1. It is very probable that all Demorats have been infected with the brain eating amoeba, they are surely starving.
  2. Man, she is another filthy Demorat cunt, DISGUSTING!
  3. But you guntards will definitely get something, I can 100% guarantee you that.
  4. Demotards (American Nazi`s) hate America, plain and simple. If they didnt, they would never dream of doing and saying such ignorant things.
  5. When you Demoturds start doing something on your own, I may take it that you are serious about this laughable joke you call climate change, and of course you retards never will.The only thing this is about is money and power for the Demonrats.
  6. Russianfool threatens me all the time,He is a problem child, Id love to fix his problem but he aint worth the effort , he has a childs mind in a old filthy body.
  7. Conservatives attacked America with civilian planes that killed innocent civilians? Try again Bozo brain.
  8. My price will be about .50 cents, the price of a round to the head of the taker of my constitutional rights.
  9. He is so smart he licks another mans butt hole...good call moron.
  10. Been to southbend many times, he wont get elected again, he is a moron, like you. So you are sure swallows ,right?
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