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  1. I love America, so I donated everyone of these in production to the Democrap party.
  2. Beanie is paid propaganda for the Dnc/Communist party, No wonder the dnc is fkn broke and irrelevant.
  3. Wiki leaks tattled on Hilary for Colluding with Russia and you didnt care. Yeah I tattled on you, I caught you being a filthy animal, its your fault not mine .
  4. Its a good thing, it controls the "stupid" population
  5. They are stupid, beanie the vacuum head is worried about some dead animals in the river, whilst the communist epa demands that chlorine be pumped in drinking water in every city. They Pump it the well water at the city closest to me, Cant drink the crap , it was just fine before they ruined it.Liberals are a disaster to everything on the planet and in the universe.
  6. Oh....ok LOL...lets pretend the Democrats are not broke and they arent going to sue anyone then,Liberals in a pretend world, pretending to be relevant.
  7. Are you suggesting the democrat party is morally bankrupt?
  8. All bills written by democrats They didnt do a honest days work, if they would have upheld the agreement between the 2 parties, trump wouldnt have had to sue them for their lies and failures. Let your bleeding heart propaganda go by the wayside with your ideals!
  9. We have them figured out, their America destroying policy is in the open to all for see. The only ones that refuse to see it is the herds of idiots that keep supporting them.
  11. Liberals in the military shoot people in the military. FKN HUSSEIN OBAMA IS A FKN DISGRACE!