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  1. Thanks so much for responding....It felt good to stop by.
  2. I had visited a few times and noticed changes were being made to the forum. I came later and this room was gone. There was a Safe Space if I recall correctly. Now this room is back. Can someone fill me in on who owns the forum and why this room disappeared for a while. Is back indefinitely or not ? Thanks....
  3. In the past it was said that Republicans were the party of the rich and Democrats were for working people. Now the political Right has successfully managed to portray Democrats as the party of media, academic, and entertainment elites who are hostile to ordinary Americans and their values. In reality both parties are dominated by the wealthy and corporate interests who give large sums of money to elected officials and candidates for office. This is especially problematic for liberal and left leaning Democrats who believe in a fair economy built on shared prosperity that benefits working people
  4. This may be leftist but it's not liberal. Liberalism is about individual freedom and democracy. It can't be true to itself if it harms or suppresses it's opponents. Rather liberalism works within the system and uses the democratic process to achieve it goals. Moreover the liberal recognizes the existence of many different and conflicting values, lifestyles, and views in society and politics. This pluralism rests on tolerance which means we can't kill or coerce one another. Liberals value persuasion and voluntary action. Moreover we know that we can't always win debates or elections. We won't g
  5. Literally the word connotates generosity and openness. Flexible rather than ridged. As a political tradition it has and continues to evolve over time and circumstance which makes defining liberalism difficult. But it's basic commitment is to ensure individual liberty. I think this is very important to political and social life.
  6. It was a thought provoking and insightful article. Far too often diversity and tokenism are substitutes for policies that address the economic dimension of racial inequality. At the same time the corporate elite can be any race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation it doesn't matter. The aim is keep all working people down.
  7. I always enjoyed him for focussing on the economy and telling it like is unlike most progressives on television. RIP Ed.
  8. I don't have a problem with all moderates. Some are better than others and living in a red state like Kentucky I've voted for plenty of them. At the same time I'm a liberal who wants to see the party do big bold things that lead to shared prosperity and freedom for all. Far too often the moderates seem to be against policies that ensure these goals. While many think the center is safe. The Republicans have ran far right while falsely portraying centrists as extreme leftists and beating them with conservative voters who are Democrat in name only. These centrists who form the big money donor cla
  9. Here's what I hope more Democrats will start saying : 1. Work should pay enough to live and improve your life. Right now it doesn't do this. That must change. 2. You can't tout the virtues of individual freedom and responsibility in an economy where working people lack paid leave, adequate retirement benefits, or they get crushed by high healthcare costs. 3. Too much money and power for the wealthiest people shrinks the middle class and increases poverty. 4. We are losing our political freedom and democracy is being eroded by the ability of rich
  10. This is a really good point. I continue to believe that liberals and leftists within and outside the Democratic Party must connect and work with ordinary people at the local/state level who are fighting. It will take years but the payoff will be tremendous not only for a more progressive party but people all over the country.
  11. Thanks so much for responding. I was wondering if you have a Democratic Moderate who you see as promising to confront plutocracy ?
  12. Moderate Democrats tend to favor less market regulation and oppose redistribution. Can we really expect them to fight plutocracy ? Moreover their social conservatism on things like guns and abortion must compete with GOP Conservatives so are they viable ? A lot of Liberals are for gender equity, LGBT Rights, protecting the environment, and fighting climate change. Political Liberalism the kind that tames capitalism, moderates economic inequality, and deals with social issues is lacking. Can we get it back ? Big money is deeply entrenched within the Democratic Party. I
  13. I think you may be on to a good idea here but there are real obstacles to getting there. Whether we blame rightwing propaganda, stupidity, or hate people tend to see enemies in liberals, activist government, and people who are different. Furthermore a lot of working and middle class people idolize successful business people. They don't think of wealthy business owners, major investors, or corporate CEOs as responsible for wage stagnation, busting unions, damaging the environment, or using money to rig politics in their favor. They simply will not see the negative side to big money predator cap
  14. It's important to understand the difference between Social Democracy and Democratic Socialism. The former at some point in the early to mid 20th century diverged from Socialism. Social Democracy accepted capitalism while Socialism does not. Social Democracy wants to make capitalism work through democratic politics. It does not envision a classless society where workers control the means of production. Furthermore it allows for dissent and civil liberties. Socialism even when it claims to be democratic has a problem with democracy and dissent because it wants to preserve collective control of t
  15. Elitism always leads to things like oligarchy, theocracy, plutocracy, or aristocracy. It's never amenable to democracy or the compromises that go with it. I'm not for equal rewards or incomes and we need to listen to gifted and wise people. But no one is right about everything or merits having unchecked power. No free and prosperous society can endure where the ordinary majority is ignored or repressed in favor of a so called " enlightened few. " Moreover we need to challenge the Rightwing notion of elitism rather than defending it.
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