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  1. The filthy liar can't even keep his lies straight. Now he's saying that he never accused me of deleting a whole bunch of threads, only my own signature thread (which is still here BTW). But this is what he said back in 2014 in my signature thread, you know, the one that I supposedly deleted. I never did anything to wreck this site and he fucking knows it. And David_R knew it too, which is why he asked me to come back and said he would make me a Moderator again. And as far as the starting of the new site.....the lying bastard was all in on it..
  2. And that is exactly where it was, which is why it is still here on this forum. https://www.liberalforum.org/topic/101121-flying-monkeys-a-misty-joint/ From my signature thread. You know the one you said I deleted, which is still here? That is NOT what you said you degenerate liar. You told everyone that I deleted a whole bunch of threads. And you posted a bunch of doctored screenshots from the Moderator logs as your bogus proof. I still have them.
  3. Forgive my bad manners teacher. Normally I wouldn't set foot in this shithole, but I was informed that once again I was being slandered here, so I just came to defend myself. I hope you are doing well.
  4. You are a sad pathetic little man and a world class liar to boot. I left a little something for you in another thread.
  5. I did NOT delete my signature thread. I parked it somewhere where it could be retrieved, and I did retrieve it. If I had permanently deleted it, why is it still here? I see you have changed your story now from she deleted thousands of 'threads' to she deleted thousands of 'posts' that were contained in her signature thread. That is not what you said at the time. You blamed me for deleting thousands of threads, and you used doctored screenshots as your phony proof. In February, 2013 you asked me to clean up a bunch of old unapproved threads. I worked o
  6. Bit of revisionist history there don'tcha think Chuck? The forum was having server/hosting problems, but then David got his act together? Really? That's not what you said at the time you filthy liar. You told everyone that I deleted thousands of threads and destroyed the forum. I had nothing to do with the creation of .org and was not involved in your fight with GW and CP, but for some reason you decided to slander me. And don't forget, you were all in on that 'fake ass copy site' until you weren't. None of us have forgotten
  7. Tell him yourself. I don't take sides. I like both of you.
  8. I don't see your name on the banned users list. Try and make a post. I don't take sides. LOL Later teacher.
  9. I didn't expect you to take sides. Take care teacher.
  10. We do have a lot in common. I have always enjoyed reading old threads. I was very upset when all that content was lost from here, and that's why it was so hurtful to be blamed for it. I lost most of my content too.
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