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  1. It's about time. The Supreme Court is no place for politics.
  2. You foreigners stop trying to divide my country. It doesn't matter what party was in charge during WW2. If Japan had developed the bomb first they may have used it on us. Remember Pearl Harbor.
  3. I'm just guessing that hand guns outnumber hammers by a mile. No stats, but I catch up on the news reports every day. I bet the wild life in the forest would like to see rifles banned though.
  4. I see, said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw.
  5. They end up being democrats? Oh WOW, does this mean we democrats are stuck with these crazy people now?
  6. One of the few times I listened to Rush on the radio he was talking about a recent flight he had been on. The man sitting next to him had spilled a drink on Rush's electronic device. While Rush was pointing out all of the dude's flaws he mentioned the fact that the man was short. I said in amazement WHAT? Being short is a reason for criticism? One other time he called Ted Kennedy an alcoholic and made a big deal of it. A week later Rush was arrested for doctor shopping drugs.
  7. Every President since Richard Nixon have made their tax returns public except Donald Trump and Gerald Ford.
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