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  1. but... why did Dear Leader tell me masks work? Why is Sean Hannity doing PSAs? Why was Laura Ingraham wearing a mask at one of the rallies to the chagrin of Donald Trump? Why is this is sooooo confusing? Is there a net positive? A net negative? Neutral? And whatever happened to hydroxychloroquine? So, the USA could build a nuclear bomb back when we didnt have color TV... but we cant figure this shit out? Our Reality TV President couldnt hire Myth Busters to get on the case for fuck sake
  2. at least trump could say he didnt really care going into 2016 b/c he thought he'd lose anyway
  3. huh.... maybe someone is desperate? wonder who that is....
  4. Joined 2008 and only 519 posts.. SMH. should be like 15,000 lmao This place was great back then.. good times. probably one of a few places like it at the time
  5. do we have the high school records of every other POTUS? Since when is it mandatory to release these things.. anything could be in there. Why would someone release private records like that unless they were leaked? Which would be pretty messed up
  6. trump aint going down without a fight.. haha. it would probably be a constitutional crisis
  7. well.. if it's true he is broke, which would be pretty ridiculous and irresponsible considering he lives next to Ochocinco in Miami, then I'd say he may be pretty desperate. Might as well make a few hundred grand while you're relevant. Like he said, it's better to be infamous, than not be famous at all.
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