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  1. Exactly. That would make a good thread. In my opinion, 'good American' is a 'good human being'. A person's political views, religion, national origin, skin color, or (whatever PC term has taken the place of sexual orientation) do not automatically qualify them for membership. Neither are they disqualifying. A good American ... respects and cares for other Americans, even when they're wrong, even when they make mistakes, even when they're lazy or greedy. These people aren't all bad and you're not perfect. Really, this is the only indispensable rule.
  2. I am not a fan of mail-in voting. I know it's necessary in some cases and desirable in others, but there's no question that less secure and less reliable. I just helped my wife complete her mail-in ballot. She doesn't usually vote, but I 'helped' her register her online and request a ballot. Without my help, she wouldn't have bothered with it as the two pages of instructions and three different envelopes were too much trouble for her. In normal times, we would need to notarize her signature on one of the envelopes, but with COVID, a copy of a driver's license will suffice.
  3. I agree. I believe the polls are honest. My issue is with people who only like polls when they support their point of view. The same people who will quote polls saying Bernie is doing well will denounce the same polling organizations as lying corporate media when a poll says Bernie is doing poorly. I really hate this trend of declaring everything disagreeable as 'fake news'. When I first started coming to this site, you could get people to accept facts (or at least get them to present their own facts) even in NHB. Those same polls that show Bernie has a lead over
  4. These days, Trump seems to have made it acceptable to declare any data we don't like as 'fake news' or 'a myth'. Bernie's 40 years have certainly earned him many supporters. Polls say more Americans would rather have Bernie as President than Trump. Or, is that a corporate myth too?
  5. USMCA is a step forward, not back. My point is that, in the 1980's, you take dial-up modems and say 'thank you!' because they were good. You don't refuse them, and spend decades without a connection, just because you know gigabit LTE will be better. Take the good while you work on better. There will always be better. At some point, you have to freeze the design and send it to production, otherwise you never leave the drawing board and nothing gets accomplished. Bernie should support clear progress like the USMCA. But, that's not his personality. He's
  6. So far it looks like there were no casualties and no "salvo". The Iranians will no doubt seek to do us harm in the future, but that's no different from the past. Did the answers to your questions "make a difference"? I'm torn on this one. Part of me says Suleimani was the designated agent of his nation's government...not a stateless terrorist. Any issues we had with him should have been pressed in negotiations at a government to government level, not imposed by a missile. On the other hand, Presidents have tried that (without success) since Carter.
  7. #5 Bernie opposes the USMCA The House of Representatives voted 385 to 41 in favor of the revised trade agreement with Mexico and Canada after Democrats won changes to labor, environment, enforcement, and pharmaceutical provisions. This agreement is now supported by organized labor unions...but not Bernie Sanders. Bernie won't support it because the positive changes don't go far enough. It's not perfect, so he's against it. I could go into the specifics of the bill but, given its overwhelming bipartisan support, that shouldn't be necessary. Instead, t
  8. They say he's spent over $200 million so far. During the football games yesterday, I must have seen the same Bloomberg commercial 20 times and we don't normally see campaign ads here this early. He doesn't have even a sliver of a chance at the Democratic nomination. I think he's just trying to lay the groundwork for a 3rd party run. By campaigning as a Democrat, he's trying to blur the public's memory of his Republican past.
  9. Not exactly. Some folks want to blow the house up instead of putting out the fire. I get your point, but I have so much more material! Maybe I should make each point a separate thread like some people do? Nah... I don't want to be like them. You are right. I will shut up.
  10. Yes, Biden will win my state's primary. Bloomberg will probably be on my ballot, but I don't know that for a fact. Normally, I don't go negative on a person (Bernie) like I have in this thread. I prefer to take things one issue at a time. There's actually a lot about him (sincerity, commitment) that I like. But, I got ticked off when someone started an attack thread on Biden. I don't have a 'plan', but I really like Yang's Freedom Dividend. If I get some time, I'll think about starting a thread with my thoughts on wealth redistribution. Generally, I
  11. We could phase out coal twice as fast if we aren't simultaneously trying to phase out nuclear. I understand why it's needed. Wind and solar tend to be concentrated in regions far from where the power is consumed and our current power grid doesn't support that kind of inter-regional transfer. But, how does that "recoup 20% easy"? Long distance transmission of power results in additional 'leakage'. Nuclear power plants are actually located relatively close to where the power is used.
  12. #4 Bernie's policy on nuclear power He not only wants to prevent the construction of any new nuclear plants, he wants to shut down all those currently operating. He also calls climate change "an existential threat to the entire planet". If he really believes climate change is that serious, why would he want to shut down plants that provide almost 20% of our power without burning fossil fuels? Wind and solar are definitely the first choice. But, we still don't have an efficient way to store solar energy from day to night, let alone summer to winter. Wind has s
  13. I owe some apologizing/explaining on that. That's not exactly what I said, but I certainly didn't express myself very well. I was trying to explain the thought process that a moderate would go through in making that decision. I was trying to convey that it's not a slam dunk decision and some people will decide to not vote or vote 3rd party. I did say that I would vote for Bernie if I believed his more extreme policies would be softened by Congress (not my exact words, but something to that effect). It wasn't meant to say "this is what I'm going to do". I could have written it better.
  14. Bernie will definitely bring out some non-voters...on both sides. But, the Republicans need that extra motivation. The Democrat gets to run against Trump, so there's no lack of motivation on that side. On the other hand, if you match Trump against a boring Biden, many right-leaning voters won't be motivated enough to vote.
  15. Then we are doomed. On one end, there's the Progressive wing that won't vote for moderates. On the other end, there are the independents and swing voters who won't vote for a progressive socialist. In 2016, the Republicans were as divided as the Democrats. Cruz and Kasich and the never-Trump group fought Trump at least as hard as Bernie fought Hillary. This year, the Republicans are united.
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