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  1. Thanks for the update. Nothing lasts for ever.
  2. Is this room dead? I'm ready to defend what I consider to be the 'moderate' wing of the 'liberal' faction. I oppose defunding the police, big-tech censorship, critical race theory, and massive deficit spending on soft infrastructure. I don't understand why voter ID requirements are the worst thing since the Civil War. Anyone want to talk?
  3. I would tell her: Don't label yourself. Don't buy into groupthink. Don't be a liberal or a conservative. Don't be a Democrat or a Republican. Be you. Take each issue, each policy, each action, and each election as its own thing to be researched, evaluated, and decided based on its own merits. Keep an open mind. Over time, you'll find that you agree with one side more often than the other, but there's still the need for debate and compromise among people who are generally like-minded. Believing one 'side' has all the pure motives and right answers while the other side is always wrong with evil/selfish motives is intellectually lazy and, when enough people do it, dangerous. Democrat vs. Republican is not the same as good vs. evil, no matter how many times the partisans tell us it is. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. Unfortunately, with today's media, there's nothing for a developing mind to 'drink' except Kool-Aid. I don't see how any young person can grow up without being brainwashed by one side or the other.
  4. You have a very generous interpretation of the OP.
  5. No. Have compassion for your (misguided) fellow Americans. Embrace, educate, and persuade. You'll find that 90% of them want 90% of the same things all of us want; they just disagree on how to do it. Compassion, understanding, compromise...It's the only way forward that doesn't lead to authoritarian government.
  6. Law enforcement is still doing its job. Federal criminal investigations, arrests, and prosecutions have not been stopped. Over 400 people have been arrested and charged (Yahoo says 500). CBS News: Around 440 defendants have been arrested in the federal investigation, the Justice Department said on May 6, and CBS News has reviewed court documents for 430 cases that have been unsealed. Of those, at least 175 defendants were also indicted by grand juries. More than 125 defendants have been charged with assaulting, resisting or impeding officers or employees, and at least 35 of those were charged with using a deadly or dangerous weapon, the Department of Justice said. On the other hand, politicians are not doing their jobs. In Washington today, most politicians (of both parties) only want investigations that make the other party look bad. They're absolutely opposed to any investigation that would embarrass their own party, no matter how serious the issue. That's what partisanship gets us.
  7. All terrible presidents will. And, in my experience, this phenomenon is not just confined to presidents.
  8. You're saying corporations and high-income donors are just pretending to be liberal? Perhaps. But, when it comes to political donations, those are cold hard dollars (not empty posturing) and they're mostly going to Democrats. Republicans have lost the rich.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Personally, I absolutely hate throwing away something that's still useful. Garage sales don't raise a lot of money, but I do it anyway. I'd rather sell my old stuff for 50 cents to someone who will actually use it. We could cut back production, I suppose. But, manufacturers wouldn't be producing all those new sweaters unless someone wanted to pay for them. Some of the people buying new sweaters actually need a sweater because they're cold. On the production end of things, you don't know whether the buyer is really cold, or if they're just looking for a new style so they can throw the old one away. If we cut back production, then cold people will have to compete with the upgrade people and prices will rise. Truly cold people would have a hard time finding a sweater. I think it's a better solution to fix demand. That's where the problem lies. Producers should produce enough sweaters to keep everyone warm. What we need to do is convince the purchasers to refrain if they have a perfectly good sweater, or to donate their old sweater to someone who needs it. How do you prevent someone from buying a new sweater when they have a perfectly good one?
  10. There's also considerable vaccine reluctance among black Americans. Tuskegee isn't the only reason why some Black people are hesitant to get the coronavirus vaccine
  11. Perhaps none. Maybe we don't need that pesky Supreme Court at all. When the next Trump is elected, he can have his own justices and do whatever the hell he wants. But, when it happens, don't say you weren't warned. I overstated things a bit. I like the infrastructure funding. I believe in green power. But, what's the $400 billion for the "care economy" and $100 billion for workforce improvement? We already had the $1.9 trillion 'Covid' relief package. I expect the debt forgiveness and universal healthcare will be coming soon. All of this is being done hastily, without deliberation. Like his border actions, I'm sure there will be unintended consequences to poorly planned policies. The President has also picked fights that didn't need to be fought. The House Judiciary Committee (with Biden's backing) has approved a committee to figure out how to pay reparations for slavery. He refuses to enforce immigration law. He's taking on the 2nd Amendment. He has supported a boycott against the state of Georgia based on lies (repeatedly saying the polls must close at 5, saying it's worse than Jim Crow). I'm sure I've left a lot out. It seems like every day I say to myself..."I thought he was a moderate". I could look past a lot of this. But, when he (and those he supposedly leads) do their best to undermine one of the three branches of government, it's too much to take. So how exactly would you 'fix and heal' this? Sweep it under the rug and pretend it doesn't exist? I thought we were fixing it. It seemed to me like we made a lot of progress in my lifetime. Now, I believe race relations have been set back 50 years. If I was President, I'd tell the rioters to go home and let the courts work. Looting the Dollar General store doesn't help your cause. Rushing to judgement based on a video is not much better than modern day lynching. If the laws are wrong, we will change them. If the people in charge aren't enforcing the laws fairly, we will replace them. But, we will respect the law, for without law we have nothing but chaos and anarchy. Very few (any?) Democrats have the guts to stand up and lead us back from the brink. I thought Joe would at least try. I do believe we're dealing with rational people. But, the problem is that many on both sides don't think the other side is rational. Calling your counterpart irrational is a cop out. It's an easy way to ignore their concerns instead of dealing with them. Both sides do this. Both sides are wrong. Both sides are mostly composed of rational people with good intentions who have had their passion whipped up by exploitative politicians. All true, up to a point. Yes, there would be pushback. You didn't appoint the right people. You didn't look in the right places. Findings would be twisted. That's what politicians do. They're doing it anyway. They say that the lack of any investigation of their claims proves the coverup. But, they would lose much of their audience if there was a serious investigation. A lot of concerned people could be reassured. You're assuming everyone with concerns is a total loon. That's not the case. Shine a bright light on the issue and all the smoke and shadows will dissipate. The Warren Commission didn't end speculation about Kennedy's assassination, but it did much to restore the public faith. I tend to agree, but I don't have your certainty. I see gray. At what point does the risk of Covid become acceptable? When can we go back to normal? The disease is with us forever like tuberculosis, flu, and others. People die from disease all the time. This one was worse, so I understand the need for extraordinary measures. But, as more people have antibodies and the infection rate drops...when can we go back to normal life? The risk will never go to 0. At some point the risk becomes acceptable. For some, that point is now. From looking at the data, I can't say they're wrong.
  12. Everyone needs to stop with the 'whatabout...' arguments. Mitch's boneheaded and destructive actions don't give anyone else a free pass. Just because one idiot does something harmful, that doesn't mean everyone else should act just as bad. Why is it so hard for people to recognize that BOTH sides are working together to tear our country apart? We have to call out all the boneheads, not just the ones on the 'other' side.
  13. Packing the court refers to increasing the number of justices in order to get the results you want. No one has been "boneheaded" and destructive enough to do that in over 150 years.
  14. You're dodging the question. How would you have felt if Republicans had tried to expand the court with 4 more Trump appointees? What if Reagan or Bush had sought to pack the court in order to overturn Roe v. Wade? The court has no purpose if it's just another extension of the last popular vote. Every judge is an individual. Very few are hard-core liberal like Sotomayor or far-right like Thomas. For example, Roberts has voted against the wishes of right-wingers on countless occasions. A supposedly "unbalanced" court gave us Obergefell v. Hodges (correctly ruled). A supposedly "unbalanced" court continues to support abortion rights. Obama started the trend of appointing young supreme court justices. Kagan was only a year older than Barrett when she was appointed. Packing the court is a short-term (and short-sighted) 'fix' for your problem. It only lasts until the next Republican majority. It destroys the credibility and independence of the court and essentially makes it an extension of the legislature. Biden calls for unity, yet he's chosen to advance the most divisive policies possible. As an independent, I voted for Biden in my state's open primary. I donated to his campaign. After 4 years of Trump, I hoped he would restore normal. Instead, he's launching a revolution that would make Bernie blush. He promised bipartisanship and yet he's made no effort in that direction that I have seen (Republicans don't cooperate, I know. But he's not even trying). His lies (yes lies, repeatedly) about the Georgia voting law certainly don't help unite the country. If he decides to go after wealthy elites, it will be a welcome development. However, I'd lay odds that he won't. Corporations and "wealthy elites" donate far more money to Democrats than Republicans. The will demand return on their investment. Have you noticed that his proposed corporate tax increase only takes away half of Trump's cut? I don't believe I was that wrong about Biden. If you look at what he has said about court packing ("bonehead idea") in the past, it's hard to square that with his actions today. I just think he no longer has the ability to stand up against the left wing of his party. I didn't say "caused", I said "hyping racism". Now, everything from highways to Dr. Seuss is 'racist'. Voter ID...racist. Filibuster...racist. Climate change...racist. No statehood for DC...racist. I can't think of a single issue Democrats are pushing that doesn't use the 'racist' justification. Perhaps you're right and Dems are just going with the flow. Perhaps they're just reading which way the wind is blowing and changing with the times. Even if that's true, they're still part of the problem. Instead of trying to fix and heal, they're just fanning the flames for political gain. If the whole country gets torched, at least they'll be in charge of the ashes. Great question. First, here's how NOT to do it. Don't tell them they're nutjob conspiracy theorists. That never works. Republicans are afraid. They're afraid that hordes of nasty evil Democrats are going to (if they haven't already) pack the ballot boxes with fraudulent votes. You don't fix that by telling them they're stupid. You fix it by proving to them that voting is safe and secure. You prove there are no aliens in Area 51 by opening the doors. Safe and secure votes should make everyone happy. It wasn't that long ago that Democrats were tremendously concerned about the integrity of voting machines and their software. Don't they still care? Instead of a 'pack the court' commission, the President should form an 'election integrity' commission to investigate and reassure the public that our elections are secure....secure from Russia, Q, fraudsters, hackers and every other threat. That would be a start on uniting the country and restoring trust. Why is that controversial? When the response is "shut up and go away, there's nothing to see here", it just makes conspiracy theorists more paranoid. Lockdowns are a harder subject. Leave that one to the states. In my opinion, it's just a matter of risk tolerance. Some people can't tolerate any risk at all. They won't walk through the rain because they might catch cold. Other people don't care about risk. They drive without seatbelts and smoke cigarettes. I don't think a 'one size fits all' federal approach is going to unite us on a subject like lockdowns.
  15. Certainly, consent is not mandatory. My interpretation is that they either consent or explain why not. If your daughter is making a bad decision, you owe her more than a "no". You need to explain what she's doing wrong. The intent of "advise" is that the Senate tells the President why his selection is unsuitable so he can make a better choice that will get approved. Republican criticism of Garland's appointment centered on the timing and not his merit or lack thereof. By your logic, the Senate could refuse to hold hearings forever. Is it now a requirement that the Senate and President be of the same party before SCOTUS judges can be approved? This partisanship is corroding the standards of respect and decency that allow our government to function.
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