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  1. And I told you that there was no need - with a father like you they would probably kill themselves. Badaboom.
  2. Holy fucking shit! I drop in for a quick look, and old BEA is STILL shrieking about my owning his ass. He is still screaming hysterically at me MONTHS after I left! ROTFLMFAO!!! Who knew I had completely colonized his shriveled brain so totally! EVERYONE is me now!! LOLOL!!!!! I have to say, I am just a little bit PROUD of how permanently I have scarred his weak, inadequate, impotent little mind.
  3. Yep -I think with the Presidency, the Senate, and a stronger presence in Congress, and with Hillary knowing perfectly well that force is the only thing that will work with committed traitors like the cons, things will be significantly different. Actually he tried to bully her into signing a HANDWRITTEN list of divorce "agreements" that he had just written on a legal pad. Cons are scum. Lying Russian scum. She'll be effective in supporting the GOP agenda. Lying Russian scum. Unsuccessfully. The Senate and the American people jammed that fraudulent and traitorous bullshit
  4. No, he wasn't. Traitor cons' criminal attempt to have him removed from office on a trumped-up nothing FAILED. If it was unsuccessful, he would not have been impeached. No, that would have been an unsuccessful attempt to impeach. Stupid Russian whore. Who's paying you to ruin this forum? LOL. Cry us a river, you lying sack of shit. Bill Clinton was impeached. Unsuccessfully. Go read the Constitution to find out what that means. LOL - a paid Russian whore trying to lecture us about the Constitution. ROTFLMFAO. Go eat some more golubtsy, communist whore.
  5. Lying whore. Liberals LOVE her - despite your decades of lies and slander. Boo hoo, comrade. Yes - unsuccessfully - and then the Senate and the American people jammed the traitorous cons' attempt to remove a popular and successful President with lies just to regain political power right back in their traitorous, lying douchebag faces. If you don't have strong support from your own party, you're in trouble. Clinton has enormous support for the Democratic party, which is why the traitor cons' fraudulent impeachment attempt got jammed right down their lying throats. Ly
  6. Waah! She's probably BLEEDING all over the COURTHOUSE! Waaaaaah!
  7. Support your claim that the Constitution would have to be amended.
  8. Once the cons' treason in refusing to confirm SC judges is broken, I am sure Ginsberg will retire. She has been incredibly heroic in staying in the job to save America from monster cons. Oh yeah - good point! Oh my god! Look at his expression - that is EXACTLY what he is doing! ROTFL.
  9. How many of them will have the balls to show up? Yeah - I was just about to say that. ------------ OK 123 - you've been warned about this relentless spamming, trying to make the thread unusable for other posters. You've already had a day off for this stupid shit. Keep it up, and you will be suspended during the election. Is that what you want?
  10. You mean that thing that you cons constantly pretend you have ever read or know the first thing about.
  11. And eliminate a lot of criminal con treason and election rigging.
  12. They are calling it the HillaRally. LOL. Even money hates Trump's crazy fucking ass.
  13. It's quite clear that you do, you disgusting pervert. After all, you ADORE that child rapist Trump, and you obsess over and stalk a poster here whom you think is underage - following her from thread to thread, demanding that she expose personal information to you, threatening her by saying that you will try to have her banned unless she confirms your fantasies about her age. How many times did you stalk her and beg and demand and threaten her to make her tell you personal information? Thirty? Forty?
  14. LOL. Oh, yeah. Well, that's his brilliant double dog dare tactic because you won't indulge his pointless bullshit. -------------------------------- Isabel: Just a relentlessly lying whore and coward, who runs and hides from opponents who kick his ass. Like that. ROTFL.
  15. You mean: "Sure. The only one who's really pretending to be concerned about it is you." You could be 13. I think we should ban you for your own safety.
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