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  1. I think it's positively adorable the way they are all hopping up and down, screaming in their high-pitched falsettos and shaking their tiny fists at us.
  2. North Carolina GOP admits it illegally stashed completed absentee ballots in firebombed office [and now denies it] By Daily News Bin | October 17, 2016 | 20  In the hours since a North Carolina Republican Party office was firebombed while no one was in it, reactions have been flying from all sides. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton offered words of support, while Republican nominee insisted (without a shred of evidence) that Clinton’s supporters were behind it. Trump’s suspicious response has led to the question of whether he himself was behind it. But now comes a shocking revelation of a different kind: the GOP was illegally stashing completed absentee ballots in that office. The admission came from North Carolina Republican Party spokeswoman Emily Weeks herself, when she told NBC News that the items destroyed in the burned office included “completed absentee ballots.” It immediately came off as an attempt at claiming the election was being rigged by whoever burned down the office, wiping away some people’s votes in the process. But that quickly led to the revelation across social media that stashing completed absentee ballots in such an office would have been illegal to begin with, she then changed her story, insisting that “the ballots were not stored at that office.” So her position now appears to be that completed absentee ballots were destroyed in that office even though they weren’t in that office. In other words, was she lying when she claimed the ballots were destroyed in the fire, or was she lying when she subsequently claimed there were no such ballots in the office? She can’t have been telling the truth both times.
  3. Yes, I think so. Did you hear that they had hoarded a bunch of absentee ballots there? Three will get you 20 that they were holding back any ballots that voted for Clinton, then burned their own office to cover it up.
  4. Nevermind. I went back and looked. They didn't use the "quote" function.

  5. I started a thread in the health forum. Is there a reason I don't get notifications when someone replies to a post in it? I've happened to catch them in the "my content" page, but not as soon as I could have.

  6. Although I like WHAT you often have to say, I've given up reading your LONG posts at least because it's too difficult to follow who is say what. Please consider doing what our friend "RollingRock" does in a post just before one of yours, in this thread, namely #237 in http://www.liberalforum.org/index.php?/topic/191190-abortion-part-ii-margaret-sanger/page-10&do=findComment&comment=1059463999

  7. Isabel, my friend, Several people have been trying to reach you, and I don't think you are viewing their messages, because you may be unfamiliar with the “profile feed”. To contact anyone off-line, click on their profile pic, then on “profile feed”. To start a new message” click on “leave a message”. To respond to a message already there, click on "add a comment”.

  8. A. If he saw it all then he had plenty of time to get the license plate number, so it's not as though the shooter would have gotten away with it, and B. If you HAVE A GUN, there is no need to be close enough for someone to disarm you.
  9. Forced childbirth, then no childcare, no extended maternity leave, no SNAP, no assistance of any kind = kids suffer and starve. You do it, then deny you are doing it. Good plan.
  10. "the left" does nothing the kind, you endlessly and shamlessly lying con stooge. Like there weren't any number of choices that occurred prior to that. So your position is that prior, legal choices somehow magically mean you can be deprived of your choices and freedom later? I'd love to see you defend that idiotic pile of shit. As far as I can remember, there was only one immaculate conception. The idiotic, nonsensical crap you make up is your problem.
  11. Quote me, lying whore. I'll add it to the list of all those other lies you told and can't support.
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