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  1. Here's why trump's tariffs are idiotic: 1. If his intention is to return jobs to America, then, his tariffs are too low. Why? Because the tariffs have to be high enough that the cost of the same individual goods produced here will equal at least the price to produce the same goods in china, mexico or elsewhere PLUS the cost of shipping the goods to the USA. That will make it more logical and politically correct for trump to brag that he is bringing jobs and factories back to the USA. Otherwise, trump's tariffs are nothing but a tax on working Americans because WE pay the increase of the amount of tariffs and NOT the Chinese. 2. If trump's aim his to make the Chinese play fair with not dumping goods here or not devaluing their currency or to clean up their pollution or to treat workers fairly, then, he has missed the target completely and is a complete failure because the Chinese have no incentive to do anything with the little trump tariffs. trump and his supporters and republicans are complete morons.
  2. maybe fat ass hole, billy bob barr is one of JEs co conspirators in his sex traffic criminal enterprise, or his fat ass buddies like trump.
  3. trump and republican supporters and faux news talking heads and rush are still slurping up trump crap.
  4. no sense in worrying about a recession is coming because it is here, the big slowdown in the economy given to you by trump and republicans' tax cuts for the rich corporation owners and enlarging government spending, plus trump tariff taxes on the working middle class Americans. Next is coming the 1930s type depression with soup lines and no jobs and broken marriages and bankrupt family farmers. Hey but you dumb ass millennial morons still have your cell phones and violent movies and video games and living in yo momma's basements like ducksh*t.
  5. Yup, tax cuts for the rich corporations' owners and trump tariff taxes on the middle class working man and woman have caused the trump and republican supporters' recession. How's your 401k now stupid with the DOW down another 600 points and everyone running for the exits to hide their money in their mattresses. Well, your 1930s depression and dust bowl of bankrupt farmers is right around the corner. trump and republicans have given you nothing but fear, fear itself and well drugs like all of the moscow mitch supporters in KY on opiods, heroin, meth, cocaine. you trump and republican supporters and phony christians and anti-semitic jews are really a bunch of stupid fvcks.
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