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  1. biden and sanders are both too old. John Kerry and Indiana mayor would be better candidates. Dumbo rats should focus on American workers and those making less than $100,000 per year, the forgotten and forelorn wandering around following the moron con artist trump.
  2. PS: If dumbo rats want a woman VP, they should run Senator Klobachar who has experience in Congress. Put abrahms on prez Biden's cabinet.
  3. Biden's political morons choosing abrahms for VP is as stupid as: a. mccain choosing sarah palin for VP, one heartbeat away from being prez, b. repuke morons voting for and supporting the orange orangatan who is in love with kim fat so, the murder and torturer of north korea, c. the rumpster believing putin, mds, kim fat so, and other dictators, or d. all of the above. We have already had Dumbo rats choosing fat ass hillary as their candidate who just happened to hate working white men, calling them deplorable basement dwellers. Who the hell is running the demo rat party, a bunch of hateful fat assed women, hateful blacks, hispanics, a bunch of wussy white liberal males (not men)??????? Why can't white working men and union leaders grow a pair to put someone as a white, male, tough sonofabeech to beat the snot out of the trumpster who has worked against all working men and women???? Geez, this country is in a really bad way with the liar in chief ponochio cozying up to dictators.
  4. And the national debt grows by trillions each year because of republicans' tax cuts for the rich after the rich bribed them to do that. And one idiot congressman from OK said he thought a booming economy would make up the deficit even though the tax cuts for the rich have thrown the US into a jobless recession along with the rich moving all US factories to asia. And morons vote for trump and republicans. Ya can't fix their stupidity.
  5. Was watching politicians talk to mid west farmers WHINING about no markets to sell their soybeans. The family farmers of a hundred years ago worked their own farms with their own work. Now, it is all big agribusiness with welfare queen farm subsidies and farm equipment. Their lazy kids can't even lift a bale of hay anymore much less load a wagon physically. So, of course, the "farmers" of today vote for repuke phony christian politicians like trump.
  6. Jefferson owned slaves. repukes and southern and bible belt demo rats are ECONOMIC slave owners.
  7. trump and republicans are inviting illegal migrants into this country so they can have cheap slave labor. In the meantime, republicans are making the USA a third world dump of blacks and browns and even changing the culture to one of laziness and changing the language to spanish. trump and republicans are enlarging to the national debt with deficit spending with tax cuts for the rich until the income into the government will NOT even pay for the interest on the national debt. They will crash the economy into a depression worse than in the 1930s all for their greed. trump and republicans are burning the US Constitution giving billions to religions like the jews in Palestine and parochial schools, having guns multiply all over the country, putting religious beliefs that stopping a two day old pregnancy is murdering a baby even when it is OVERPOPULATION that is causing global warming and pollution. republicans are INTENTIONALLY STUPIDDDD. trump and republicans are kissing the butts of ALL of the corrupt dictators like putin, netanyahoo, kim fat so, maduro, mds, and making the US LESS SAFE. CRIMINAL repukes need to wake up and dump the trump CRIMINAL CRIME MAFIA FAMILY before they turn the entire USA into a dump
  8. William1444

    Ill Omar Critics

    The jews are eastern european thugs who are anti-semitic toward Palestinians who are truly of the semitic race. The jews are like the nazis, imprisoning Palestinians in the gaza ghetto like the nazis imprisoned the jews in the warsaw ghetto. The jews violate our US Constitution separation of religion and government when they force congressmen to give US tax dollars to their corrupt, illegal religious dictatorship in PALESTINE. When you tell the truth about the rotten jews, the jews jump up and down like little children and they label you anti-semitic so they can continue their corruption like on wall street and in government and the news media and stealing US tax dollars.
  9. Eisenhower was a great military leader who held together our allies against hitler and the nazis. trump went to a prep school, was a coward who dodged the Vietnam war like bush jr. and trump supporters, and trump disrespects our allies. Eisenhower fought against north korea and kim fat so's AH family and other dictators. trump is in love with north korea threatening japan and south korea, loves putin and other dictators. Eisenhower brought peace and taxed the rich at 95% in the 1950s, and we only worried about his golf game. trump brings constant aggravation, corruption, tax cuts for the rich, and trade wars. And all trump does is take "executive time out" to take vacations like bush, jr. trump the bombastic liar struts around and spews bull pucky to morons and is more like mussolini and hitler than he is like Eisenhower whom trump no doubt would have disrespected as he does other generals, admirals, senator mccain and the US military.
  10. If Colonel Adam West had been president when the kid was taken, he probably would have said give us the kid back now and healthy or you in north korea are all going to die in one week. That would have also solved the problem of north korea having nukes and missiles.
  11. texass with all its wealth and welfare oil billionaires and nasa money gets more of our tax dollars than it pays in taxes. texass is a welfare state with a bunch of welfare queens hiring illegals and aiding and abetting their crimes of coming here illegally.