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  1. Apparently, liberal forum has degraded into a piece of crap forum allowing ducky to post using other member's names. That, along with ducky and other idiots' posts of never posting anything of substance and posting insults makes this site a worthless place to visit and blog. Is there a site with more intelligent mods and better control of ass wipes like ducky and mid max? At any rate, I have been informed the mods like kfools finds ass wipes acceptable. So, I am leaving and will no longer post here. It is no wonder liberal forum is failing.
  2. There you go again posting your asinine posts using other member's names, you son of a whore,
  3. Ret. Admiral Wm McKraven was on morning joe today and explained the importance of having good values in order to establish and keep trust in the world about the USA. He also said his oath was to uphold the Constitution, and not to kiss trump's ass (like all the ass hole republicans, the latest of which is nikki haley, another candy ass carolinian like graham cracker.
  4. trump's speech is just an insider stock trading tool he has been using for some time now to manipulate wall street markets so he can ask for campaign bribes from wealthy a holes on wall street. trade deals going well and tariffs removed, stocks go up. trade deals stalled and tariffs to stay, stocks go down. you just need to be in the loop of trump's insider criminals so you can place your bets to win.
  5. trump is going to be impeached for his bribery, using taxpayer approved funds for the Ukraine for his own personal gain of dirt against biden, and his other high crimes and misdemeanors such as abandoning and deserting the Kurds in the middle of a war, for promoting russian and north korean communism, etc, but republicans have vowed to tell Americans to 1, go F themselves, 2, republicans are in office to protect the rich and not to represent all Americans, 3, trump is their lord and savior chosen one among their intensely stupid republican voters. and republicans intend to violate their sacred oath before god to uphold the US Constitution,
  6. trump should attend the russian military parade so he could personally ask putin for his help in the election, trump should attend the russian military parade so he could be honest for a change and show his treason, trump should attend the russian military parade so he could arrange to get a personal loan to build hotels and golf courses in russia, trump should attend the russian military parade so he could go whoring with putin and play hockey and ride horses and learn karate, THENNNNN, trump should attend a military parade in North Korea with kim fat so and pull down some propaganda posters.
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