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  1. did ya ever notice goofy butt boy can not seem to put together a note. All the ass hole can do is whine and bitch like a little golf boy caddy.
  2. Is Trump's Wife a Mail Order Bride?

    Wow, I would like to get someone like her in my mail. All I get is spam.
  3. I really believe that hillary NEVER needs to worry about The Rump, or anyone, groping her. eeeeeewwwweeeee, their hand would rot off.
  4. Phoenix Protestors

    Without police protection of The Rump supporters from the antifa communist fascists, they would be attacked with weapons and in your face screaming by pieces of shit yelling that trump supporters are nazis. The antifa trump haters are criminals committing assault and battery and aggravated batteries. They are not peaceably assembling to protest trump supporters.
  5. When Eisenhower was president, taxes on the rich were at 95%. And the MI oil CIA USAF complex had not completely taken over the government (until after they murdered JFK.) Right now, congress and republicans enacting HUGE deficits spending are "mortgaging the wealth and political democracy futures of young Americans and future generations instead of taxing the rich at 95% of all of their incomes and wealth. When such huge majority of wealth is concentrated in the hands of so few, there is no more democracy, there is only a dictatorship by the wealthy over working Americans and small business men and women in one person businesses.
  6. clapper, a former bureaucrat of national (govt) "intelligence" says The Rump is not fit for office. WTF??? First, the moron is not smart enough to change his name describing an STD. Second, shouldn't clapper compare The Rump to bushit and dick head cheney who LIED us into two unending wars of killing our soldiers so the MI oil complex can steal trillions?? Orrrr, how about sleezy rice and moron townsend and rummy rumsfeld? Were they fit for national intel? Third, does it matter to clapper or cnn or anyone that one third of Americans support The Rump while only 10% of Americans think that congress is doing a good job??????????????????? Fourth, does it occur to anyone that it is congress which is supposed to pass legislation to enable The Rump to carry out his plans such as building a wall, such as putting import taxes on crap from china and mexico in order to return manufacturing and jobs to this country as well as raise revenue for the govt instead of just enriching the rich who bribe congressmen with campaign contribution bribes???????????????? It is true that The Rump is a bombastic LIAR. But so is every politician and bureaucrat, like clapper LIED to congress, as well as every rich and upper middle class ass hole sociopath and religious ass hole who says he knows what the god of the universe thinks and wants. WTF??????
  7. all day on faux news stations, I hear suckup congressmen and republicans whining and wailing about tax reform and how it is going to help businessmen steal more money from moron 'merican middle class workers. So, what is tax reform anyway. Already, anyone who is rich enough can pay NO taxes and just live on interest earned from buying municipal bonds. That is correct, NO taxes on the incomes of the rich on a lifelong vacation. Anyone who is rich enough can live on dividends or capital gains and pay a small fraction of taxes that a secretary or carpenter has to pay. That is correct, VERY LOW taxes on the incomes of the rich on a lifelong vacation. Already, republicans and congressmen who are bribed by the rich increase taxes every year on the middle class working man and woman by using deficit spending. That is correct, deficit spending is a tax on the middle class because it causes inflation. And working men and women do not get a corresponding increase in their wages to keep up with inflation. Sooooo, more and more of their incomes go to pay for government. Boy oh boy, are you voters ever fucking stupid voting for anyone taking large campaign contributions bribes from the rich ass holes who never seem to steal enough money from everyone.