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  1. trump abandoned the kurds so he could build more hotels in turkey with billions in loan money from turkish banks. but with trump and the turks abandoning and killing the kurds, trump has wrecked the US national security because now there is simply no country or group of people in the world who will ever trust the USA until trump and his crap crowd are gone.
  2. trump has already proposed the use of snakes and alligators in a moat between us and mexico which is a joke that was circulated around campfires. The other joke is to put troops on the border with machine guns and mow down the illegals. He said the Army could shoot the illegals. trump is so easy, you can propose any idiotic idea to him. And he is so desperate for attention, he will agree to and say anything. And his neo nazis at his rallies will applaud anything.
  3. The one good thing trump will do very soon is to start a nuclear war. We need a world wide culling of the herd because the world population is 7 billion and counting. If trump would start a nuclear war, it might kill 6 billion people which most definitely help to curb climate change and global warming.
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