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  1. William1444

    Will trump grab Pelosi below her waist?

    Nancy holding up the gavel looks like she just said, hey donald, put your balls here on the table."
  2. Fortunately, we have leading repuki cons on this very question: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2019/05/12/snl_mocks_sens_mcconnell_graham_and_collins_for_supporting_president_trump.html
  3. I can just hear trump's rednecks at his next rally: "execute them, execute them, execute them."
  4. William1444

    Weinstein Reaches $44M Deal With Accusers

    Different rules and laws for rich people. You can even murder people if you are as rich as trump or if you have "affluenza" and run over 4 people with your car.