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  1. criminals tunneling under those steel slats. Like duhhhhhhh, never thaught about that there. Stupid fvking republicans.
  2. When the Apaches were terrorizing the southwest, the US Army could not catch and subdue them UNTIL the Army got smart and used mountain top lookout posts and heliograph signaling to alert Army patrols to go to where the Apaches were spotted. But now, trump and republicans are too fvking stupid to use lookout cameras and drones instead of a stupid fvking wall (THAT MEXICO IS GOING TO PAY FOR). trump just wants to get out of nato, lay off TSA, DHS, Coast Guard, Border Patrol, FBI, and bring troops home from fighting isis. The stupidity of trump, republicans, and media talking morons takes on galactic proportions.
  3. trump made a stupid promise to his moronic base that Mexico would pay for the trump wall. The Mexicans threw a finger at trump and said they were not going to pay for that Fvking wall. And criminals are tunneling under existing walls on the border. Soooo, what does the brilliant businessman negotiator do????? Yup, trump punishes Americans because Mexico won't pay for TRUMP'S AND REPUBLICANS wall. waaaa, waaaa, waaaa, Nancy is not nice to trump. waaaaa waaaa waaa. What a bunch of crybaby jerks republicans and their media morons and their moron base are.
  4. trump takes his marching orders from rush, from ann, from netanyahoo, and from saudi murderer mds and from criminal putin and his henchmen. republicans are traitors to the USA and to working American men and women.
  5. The richest 1% of Americans hold more stocks than 90% of Americans and the rich pay less than what a secretary pays in income taxes. The richest Americans are traitors to the principles of a democracy. You can have a democratic country and government, or you can have the rich have all the wealth. But you can not have both. The rich only see you as a drone to work in their crap jobs for crap pay and to buy their crap made in their chinese factories.
  6. trump and republicans are traitors to the USA and would let working Americans starve and go bankrupt rather than balance the budget and open the government. trump and republicans are assets and agents of russia and their rich oligarchs whom trump and republicans want millions from to develop real estate in russia and elsewhere and to pocket. trump and republicans are traitors to the USA because they hate working Americans but love to kiss the asses of the rich russians and the rich in this country giving them tax cuts while dumping the debt for trump and republican deficit spending onto the poor and the middle class working Americans. let's face it, if you are for diarrhea dribble mouth mcconnell and trump and republicans, then you are against working Americans. And you are a POS scum. trump and republicans make this country LESS safe every day that FBI and DHS and TSA and border patrol agents are furloughed. trump and republicans make this country LESS safe by bringing back our soldiers fighting alongside the Kurds who are fighting ISIS.
  7. Maybe trump could tweet his state of the union like he does to run his presidential policies.
  8. trump, his staff, republicans, and trump's children are criminals and russian assets so they can get loans to build hotels and golf courses in russia.
  9. bush and cheney LIED to take the USA to war in iraq and afghanistan, the present president stupid said we need to pull out the two thousand US soldiers helping the kurds, the ONLY democracy in the mid east. It is a toss up between who is more stupid, president cheney and his village idiot puppet or president stupid now.