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    Slapping cons around who are usually wrong. And congrats to Liberals who are usually right.

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  1. Mueller will present his evidence; Trump will resign I doubt he will resign, he will fight this until he is in a straight jacket setting in a padded cell.
  2. LMAO. Please do. It will end up like Benghazi and making fools of the right.
  3. Yeah, the center piece you refer to has republican legs spread in every abortion clinic across America. How can you live with yourself supporting these rightwinger masacering babies for their votes? And god forbid when they are born you protect the rightwing child abusers like Tramp and others. Yes, talk to us about morals that you lack.
  4. Your thread is hidden for using the word "Ass" in the title. Please refrain from derogatory words in the titles. David doesn't want to see it, and the people who supply these boards don't either. Thanks.

  5. You will have to refrain from using suggestive language in titles. The tread is being hidden.

    1. rick55


      So how can I change the title to get it re-posted?


      ...cop a touch...grab a bush...

      ...touch a breast...surround the crotch...

      ...fondle the chest...grope the undercarriage...

      ...handle a boob...fondle a beaver...

      ...milk a teat...cup a vulva...

      ...lift a milk bag...embrace the divergence...

      ...manipulate a bulbous protrusion...support the fork...

      ...squeeze a mammary...caress the genitalia...

      ...dandle a milk gland...cradle the equipment...


      How about any combination of the above?

      Or do you have another alternative?

      Or was it the part about getting to third base?


      Frankly, I think it's going a little overboard hiding my post because there are probably no kids viewing this site, and if there is and they are old enough to understand the title, they would likely think it funny. Hell, they start sex education in elementary school at what age?

      But that's just me.




  6. But he is a con. Cons Lie. Cons deceive. Cons' make up BS. It's downright laughable.
  7. Trying to run away and distract from your own debate? I assume you realize I am right. The Retards have done so much damage to America, who would vote for them?
  8. To most Americans it will be crumbs. Do you think they will notice a few cents lower on their deductions? They won't even be thinking about it when the pull the lever for a Democrat.
  9. Stay within 5 threads a day. If you lived in Alaska you might get by saying it is a long day.

  10. Whooo Boy!!! :D  You are only allowed to start 5 threads a day.


    Familiarize yourself with these rules.



  11. There have been many clams to the medical property's of MaryJane, and some seem valid for pain suffers. Michael J. Fox uses it to control his Parkinson's disease, and perhaps the best evidence I have seen is this vid below, well worth a watch. I think in a haste to tie MJ to everything like has been done with coconut oil, several claims are over rated and false. I obtained a license several years back to buy MJ for medical purposes. I was interested in the claim it cure some skin aliments, and MJ didn't do the job. I don't begrudge users, wish them well. I would note the safest way to use MJ i
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