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    Firefighting as an avocation, Designing roads and bridges as a vocation, Building a body fit enough to fight fires and save lives as well as fight another human being to the death. My kids are the only thing you can offend me on, so fire away, I eat sacred cows.
  1. You were yelling? I'm about 99.99% that none of the politicians took the 'test', and that their posistions on the chart were found by proxy from previous stands on issues, etc. If the results are inaccurate, this is easy...move on. If they are accurate however, it might be worth looking into why we elect people that are so out of touch with us. If that's not interesting to you, then why sticky the compass, and 'yell'? Who gives a shit about plotting a chart of data that you don't analyse?
  2. Oddly enough when you plot a best fit curve for famous politicians on authoritarian side you get: It's like those of us that would never be in the running are on the bottom U, and the politicians that keep winning are in the upper U. Makes you wonder if we argue amongst ourselves over petty things so they can do whatever they want....
  3. This post is not to flame any member here. Just following the forum rules and not posting in the sticky. Went back and looked at the Political Compass site, and they had this interesting plotted graph of politicians circa 2008: (Fig. A) I thought it seemed rather odd since most of the key politicians were featured in the upper right quadrant. How could this be? It didn't seem to mesh with the data set we have on LF. So to see how we all fit in really quickly, I calculated the centroids of the left side and right based on the vertical center line. From that I found the "Unicorn" middle ground poster (based on the linear average of the centroids) to be just slightly left of center, and moderately Libertarian. This made sense in terms of the forum, it is a 'Liberal Forum' after all. But, it made absolutely no sense in relationship with the plotted politicians in Fig A. (Fig. B - Blue Dot: centroid of Liberal Posters, Red Dot: centroid of Conservative Posters, Purple Dot: The Average Poster on Liberal Forum...the Unicorn.) Then I plotted best-fit curves: Red for conservatives Blue for Liberals. Purple for all Posters. (Fig. C) (Fig. D - C overlaid on A) I'm working on my theory right now, but feel free to chime in on what you think the above info means in the meantime.
  4. "The Nation that makes a great distinction between its scholars and its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools."
  5. You are the only one inciting violence. This is what happens when tyrants show up and confront people that can't defend themselves:
  6. No, you are twisting words, and you know it. People tend to be far more diplomatic when there is no monoploy of force. Again, look to the Kent State massacre. Those unarmed kids were butchered by the state - unarmed Liberals slaughtered for protesting a war. Bullies, whether uniformed or not are looking for easy targets, not credible deterents. The presence of armed citizens in the face of the armed state tends keep state violence at bay. Shintao, get a gun, get training, and don't give the Right a monopoly on force. You'll notice they become much more diplomatic when they can't bully. Don't neglect your unarmed combatives, like Krav Maga, you may have to fight your way to your CCW if attacked by surprise.
  7. America is great because of her People, not because of government. I highly doubt the Bush administration (government) enjoyed the same fealty from you as this current administration; I highly doubt you defined dissent during the Bush years as traitorous. I dissented strongly against Iraq and the Patriot Act; I dissent strongly against the executive branch for infringing against the Second Amendment through executive/bureaucratic back door methods today. You are loyal to a Party, evince. Not to America or her Constitution. That is not Patriotic.
  8. I remember watching that story, thinking man those Davidians must have been some loonies at the time Then I got older, wiser, and realized it didn't matter, and this wasn't a raid that went south. This was an example of how the press and government work together, they did the same for Bush in the lead up to that quixotic war in Iraq. It was an operation flat out telling Americans, "obey, or burn". Koresh could have been nabbed, easily. That operation was about chilling dissent, enforcing the fultility of resistance, and marginalizing those who support the Second Amendment as loonies.
  9. Not lying. Havn't done that, I respect myself too much to do so. Whether you believe that or not means absolutely zero to me. You are on board with the OP likening support of the 2A to McVeigh. Whether you can follow logic or not is not my concern. So you are stupid traitor. evince, you NEVER debate, you accuse and berate and obfuscate.
  10. My DD214 says otherwise. My volunteer work as an active Fire Fighter says otherwise. My volunteer work at Habitat says otherwise. My fellow members of the local VFW says otherwise. Flat out evince, I'm not the one that doesn't trust my Fellow American's to a Natural Right. That is you, and this current government. This current government is not America. Just like the Bush regime was not when they spat on the 4th Amendment. I hate neither, I don't hate, it's not in my nature. But you are traitorous evince, whether complicitly, or by your support of traitors, you are a traitor.
  11. http://www.liberalforum.org/index.php?/topic/174986-if-you-think-the-government-is-your-enemy-this-is-you/?p=1059112701 Here you are fully on board, implicity, that those of us who support the intent of the 2A are terrorists, just like McVeigh. You are labeling Americans that support the Constitution as terrorists for some political motive. You are not a Liberal, you are a lap dog for Tyrants. Comense weasel-words that the 'they' you are refering to was only the perpetrators of OKC and not supporters of the 2A.
  12. The Bill of Rights is sacrosanct, I'm not the one trying to change it or limit it. Doing so is the very definition of a traitor, especially you, comparing those of us who value the Bill of Rights, in toto, to Timothy McVeigh. There is no Party or Ideology that I'll toe the line for if it means altering our Rights as Citizens. I'm the Liberal, you are the Tyrant's lap dog. You permanently lost my respect on that.
  13. I'm not running for election. You are a traitor, that is no lie.
  14. Do you even know what a Minuteman is? Kennedy was a great President, and your stupidity puts you at odds with him. You fucking modern day Tory. Kiss the ring.
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